Jan 31, 2012

Don Of The Dead, Pepper Martin, #1.

Don Of The Dead.
Casey Daniels
Publication Date:June 1,2006.
Genre:Paranormal Mystery,Fantasy.
Series:Pepper Martin,#1.
Format|Pages:Mass Market Paperback|325


I have read this novel multiple times since discovering the series back in 2009. Yet, every single time that I have read it, I remember the reason that this is one of my favorite series. This novel kept my attention from very beginning, to the very end of the novel. There is so much action in this novel, so much adventure. At each page, it kept me wondering what’s going to happen with Pepper next. I loved her attitude, her dedication to case, no matter what. This is type of mystery novel that keeps you guessing till the very end, I love those type of novels.

 Don of the Dead
is the first book in Pepper Martin Series. Pepper Martin is a tour guide in cemetery in Cleveland, having got a job after her father goes to jail for Medicare fraud, her mom goes to Florida and her fiancĂ©e dumps her. While one on one of her tours, Pepper trips and hits her head on tombstone. Not long after her incident while doing another tour does Pepper come across Gus Scarpetti who she knows for fact was shot over 30 years ago. Trying to convince herself that she’s just hallucinating, she goes back to ER and the doctor reassures her that she’s okay. That’s where Pepper meets Dan, another doctor who seems really fascinated with her brain.

When Pepper finally realized that Gus is real, she begins to investigate, in attempt to figure who shot Gus all those years ago so that Gus can rest in peace. It’s during those investigations that she meets a cop; Quinn who tells Pepper to mind her own business, dealing with this is dangerous. However, as always, Pepper doesn’t listen and begin interviewing people who were around the time that Gus was alive. However not everyone is happy with all these questions, putting Pepper in danger.

I first came across this novel while volunteering at library in 2009. From the moment that I read the description, I knew that I would like this novel. I was right, I loved it. In beginning, I wasn’t sure if I really liked Pepper, she had that spoiled rich girl sort of attitude and she was pretty stubborn as well. I grew fond of her as the book progressed and I could tell that by end of the book, Pepper had changed, her attitude. Well maybe not towards the ghosts but in general, she seemed like a completely different person. Yet, I knew she was still stubborn, mostly because no matter how many times Quinn warned her, she still kept on going. Pepper seems the sort of girl who won’t let a guy tell her what to do and I like that about her. Even though Pepper complained a lot with Gus, I could tell that after time, she actually grew fond of him, even if he was from mob and a ghost.

Gus, now him I had mixed feelings about. I hated and loved him at same time. I hated him in beginning, in way that he treated and talk to Pepper and way he kept popping up at most unexpected times. I loved him, pretty much after he rescued Pepper, even though he didn’t do it for her, I knew that he did, I knew that he cared about her. That was confirmed in middle of book when he got upset, telling her that she wasn’t supposed get hurt, it was then I knew that he cared about her.

Quinn & Dan, I loved them both. Dan surprised more though, especially towards the end, I did not see him coming, I would never imagine him being able to do that. That was another thing that I loved about the book, there were a lot of unexpected twists. I loved the cliffhanger in the book, when I read the first time, it came as surprise because I had no idea it was series when I first read this novel. I couldn’t wait to read the next book. I would recommend this book to anyone who’s into ghosts and mysteries, it keep you guessing till very end. Pepper Martin is worth reading.


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