Jan 19, 2012

No One You Know.

No One You Know.
Michelle Richmond.
Publisher:Delcorate Press.
Publication Date: June 24, 2008.


Michelle Richmond is officially one of my favorite authors. No One You Know is the second novel that I read by Michelle Richmond and I plan reading rest of her novels. Just like The Year of Fog that I first read back in 2010, No One You Know hooked me from very first page till the last page. I read the book in only 3 days because the more I read, the more I wanted to see what happens with Ellie, with Peter and everyone else in book. The more I read, the harder it got for me to put down the book. I fell in love with all of characters. I love Michelle’s writing.

Tells a story about Ellie Enderlin whose older sister, Lila, a top math student gets murdered and Ellie’s world turns upside down. Aftermath of her sister’s death, Ellie tells her feelings, the story about her sister to Andrew Thorpe, unaware of his intentions. Ellie’s world falls even more apart when Thrope turns Lila’s murder in best selling nonfiction crime novel, even though she begs him not to. The book identifies one of Lila’s colleagues as the killer.

Now, 20 years later, Ellie is professional coffee buyer who has trouble trusting anyone. While traveling she comes face to face with Peter, a man accused of the murder. Afterwards she comes in possession of Lila’s notebook filled with Lila’s mathematical equations. Ellie returns to San Francisco, in attempt to find out the truth, what really happened to her sister that night

Book hooked me from beginning, where Ellie said: When I found him at last, I have long ago given up search I was hooked right from there. It made me wonder who she was talking about, and why she was searching for him. I loved the fact that the book started from Present and not right when the murder appeared where most of books like this seem to start. Writing book from Ellie’s point of view always worked well for this book. You could see and feel what Ellie was feelings, about the murder, her sister, Thorpe for writing the book in first place.

I was really unhappy with Thrope for writing the book in first place, especially after she begged him not to. I think if he really cared about her the way he seemed to, he wouldn’t published it. If he could say No to movie, I’m pretty sure he could have done the same with the book. However, I could tell that Ellie still cared about him, after all those years, even though he had betrayed her trust. Because if she didn’t care, she wouldn’t came to his house. I also could tell that Thrope really cared for Ellie as well.

This book had mystery for most of the book. I didn’t not see the real killer coming. For a while, I thought that there is possibility maybe it was Thrope himself who killed her. I was curious how it really happened, how she was killed. I was unhappy with Will for hiding the body instead of going to hospital but then I couldn’t really blame him either. But I did not see it coming; I didn’t even suspect him as killer. That was another thing that I loved about this book, it was hard to figure who killer really was, till the very end. I would recommend this book to everyone, especially if you into mystery. This book is worth reading. I can’t wait to read more of Richmond’s work.


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