Feb 27, 2018

The Vampire War (Dark World: Vampire Wish,#5)

the vampire War.
Dark World : The Vampire Wish, #5
 michelle madow.

Publisher  Dreamscape
Publication Date: December 22,2017.
Genre:YA Fantasy |Romance.
Format|Pages: Ebook|217.
 Source:  Goodreads|Bought


Find the Holy Grail. Win the war. Save the world.

A lot has changed for Annika since being kidnapped by vampires to become a blood slave in their hidden kingdom of the Vale. Not only has she learned she’s a Nephilim—a race that’s supposedly extinct—but she’s found herself on a dangerous quest for the Holy Grail. Luckily, she has the vampire Prince Jacen by her side, and the two of them feel ready for anything—especially now that they trust each other more than ever.

But finding the Grail is only the beginning. Because when Annika learns that a demon is leading a pack of wolves to war against the vampires, she must stop him before it’s too late. If she can’t, he’ll open a Gate to Hell… and the world as she knows it will be lost forever. 


Is it over? I don’t want this series to come to an end. I know that the characters aren’t real, and yet I feel like I am saying goodbye to long time friends. I got to know Annika, Jacen, Noah, Karina. I felt as I went along on journey, faced their struggles along with them. To me, they were real. A part of me wanted to see how it would end, but there was another part of me that didn’t want reach that last page, knowing that I would have say goodbye. As I mentioned before, I have read few of MICHELLE MADOW novels and I love them all. However, Vampire Wish is unlike any of the other books that she written, and the story, I couldn’t help but fall in love with it. Each chapter, each book had me falling in love story more. That’s one of reasons I read it so fast. I couldn’t seem to be able to stop reading it once I started it. Vampire Wish is one of those series that you won’t be able to forget once you read it, A story that you will end up going back to, I know that I will be returning back to it at some point in the future.

Annika, an angel. I haven’t expected that. Then I haven’t expected an Angel and Vampire together, it’s not type of mix that I ever imagined would be together. However, Jacen and Annika are unique in their own way. The two of them have been through a lot together, and there almost always seemed something that kept on getting in a way, of them being together. Despite that, and what they had go through in order to get the Holy Grail, the two of them were always there for another, always trying to protect each other. I was glad that they finally could be together. I know that THE VAMPIRE WAR is the last book in Vampire Wish series, I can’t help but wonder what is to come for Annika and Jacen next. I know there is so much more they have to face. However I have feeling that as long as they have each other, they can overcome anything.

A beautiful, magical, breathtaking story. I don’t think I have words how much I love this series. MICHELLE MADOW such talented, inspiring writer. Anytime that I read any of books, I feel inspired. That wasn’t any different with Vampire Wish. I can’t wait to read Noah and Raven’s story in THE ANGEL TRIALS . I loved Noah in Vampire Wish and can’t wait what adventure awaits him next. I am not sure if I can wait until March 19 to see what happens. If you love vampires, wolves, angels. The Vampire Wish is a series that you need to pick now. You will be hooked instantly.

Feb 25, 2018

The Vampire Fate (Dark World: Vampire Wish,#4)

the vampire Fate.
Dark World : The Vampire Wish, #4
 michelle madow.

Publisher  Dreamscape
Publication Date: October 5,2017.
Genre:YA Fantasy |Romance.
Format|Pages: Ebook|208.
 Source:  Goodreads|Bought


The vampire queen is dead.

Annika shouldn’t have been able to kill the vampire queen Laila—such a task can only be done by the Nephilim, whose race is extinct. But somehow, she did kill the queen. Now she’s the number one target on multiple hit lists, and she’s only alive because she’s a fugitive at the neutral kingdom of the Haven.

As if that weren’t enough to deal with, the world is in danger and she’s the one prophesied to save it. But she doesn’t have to do it alone. When fate brings her and Prince Jacen together again, they team up on a quest to find the only object that can save the world as they know it—the Holy Grail itself. 


THE VAMPIRE FATE , the fourth book in Vampire Wish . I didn’t think it was possible for the books to get any better, any more addictive. I should known by now. It keeps getting better as the series progresses. Just when you think it can’t get more addictive, MICHELLE MADOW finds a way to pull you back in. I love all her series, but I think that this one is one of my favorite series that she had written. I love the fact that it’s about Vampires, but not just that, I love how she put such unique twist to vampires in this series. I have read a few vampire series through the years, but none of them were anything like this one. As her other books in the end, there was another twist and I have a feeling that it cannot end well, not for Karina, not for Peter. Especially once he finds out the feelings that she has for Noah. I had feeling that there would be trouble when Fae asked Karina for her memories of Peter, in exchange of bringing back Peter from the dead. I had a bad feeling about it.

Annika, being a Nephilim when all of them supposed to be gone. That’s another unexpected twist. It does explain why Jacen couldn’t compel her when he just met her. I wonder if she slowly started to come into her powers then, without realizing it. Annika had been through so much, killing the Queen and then finding out what she was, I don’t know how she was able to handle it all. If I were in her situation, I would have a breakdown a long time ago. There only someone one person would be able to handle. Even Angel. I was happy that Jacen and Annika was finally be able to reunite and finally be together. I was hoping they would. After everything that the two of them went throught, it seemed as if something always seemed to get in a way. It made me happy that they could finally be with each other. I just hope that nothing gets in their way, to tear them apart.

Geneva, I had a like/dislike relationship with that character. There were times I liked her, but at times I felt that there was something off about her. Like Annika I wondered how she was getting that blood that Annika to keep her appearance. I guess I wasn’t too surprised to find that she kidnapped a Vampire Princess and two humans. What surprised me, was her and Laila. I did not see that coming, considering that she had agreed to help Annika get rid of the Queen. Once Annika killed her, I couldn’t figure out why all of sudden she became so cruel towards Annika. Now it all makes sense. Like Annika, I was in complete shock. Now that Laila is dead, I wonder what will happen with Geneva, if she will want to seek revenge. I am eager to see how all of this will come to an end. Yet, at the same time I don’t want to end.

Another astonishing addition to the Vampire Wish series.

The Vampire Trick (Dark World: Vampire Wish,#3)

the vampire Trick.
Dark World : The Vampire Wish, #3
 michelle madow.

Publisher  Dreamscape
Publication Date: September 7,2017.
Genre:YA Fantasy |Romance.
Format|Pages: Ebook|242.
 Source:  Goodreads|Bought


In a kingdom full of secrets, no one can be trusted.

Annika’s life was flipped upside down when she was kidnapped by vampires to become a blood slave in their hidden kingdom of the Vale. Now, the powerful witch Geneva has disguised her as a vampire princess, and Annika’s living in the palace to compete for Prince Jacen’s hand in marriage. But her quest to become his bride is just a facade. Her real goal? Kill the vampire queen Laila so the kingdom crumbles and she can set the human blood slaves free.

When rebellious wolves attack the town, they leave a trail of vampire corpses in their wake, declaring war upon the Vale. But the wolves didn’t act alone. Someone on the inside is helping them, making everyone a suspect. And one major player won’t make it out alive 


Wow. I don’t even know what to think right now. There is a lot emotion that going through me at this moment. It was…intriguing.

I am aware by now that Vampire Wish series has twists. Even I did not see that ending coming, I feel like I am in shock, along with everyone else. When Laila gave her that stake after Annika told her what her plan was, it never entered my mind that she would actually kill her. I was sure it would be end of Annika, last what I or anyone else expected for her to succeed. There was a part of me, that re-read the sentence couple times as to make sure that I read it right. I was in shock. I found myself thinking about it for a while after I finished the book. I couldn’t help but wonder, What will happen now that she’s dead? What does Jacen think of all this? I knew that I had to pick up next book in series right away. I wanted to see what would happen with everyone else next, especially Annika.

I loved the first two book in Vampire Wish series, but out of books I read so far, THE VAMPIRE TRICK was my favorite one, at least so far. I think it has the most stunning, mysterious cover than the other two had. Just the cover, and the title will drawn you into the story right away. I have that feeling that each book pulls you more into a story, to the point where you must force yourself to pull away from the story. I couldn’t. 2 more chapters turned into me reading for five more hours. I was glad that I started this on Friday night so I could read longer. Before I even realized I had reached the end out and was picking up the next book in series. There are few vampire series in past that I fell in love with. I know that Vampire Wish made it to the list as one of my all time favorite series. It’s a series that I know I will end up re-reading multiple times in the future.

Now, I can’t help but wonder what will happen between Annika and Jacen. She lied to him, I understood why she did. I could see that he was hurt that she didn’t, once it was revealed who Princess Ana was. I do hope that the two of them will reunite and find a way to each other. Even before Jacen found out that Princess Ana was Annika, there was a connection there. The two of them had a special bond since the two of them met. I am eager to see what happens between the two of them next. I wish that I read this series earlier than I have. If you love books about Vampires, you should check out Vampire Wish , it’s unlike any vampire book you read before. You will be hooked.

Be ready for thrilling ride.

Feb 24, 2018

The Vampire Prince ( Dark World: Vampire Wish,#2)

the vampire prince.
Dark World : The Vampire Wish, #2
 michelle madow.

Publisher  Dreamscape
Publication Date: August 3,2017.
Genre:YA Fantasy |Romance.
Format|Pages: Ebook|262.
 Source:  Goodreads|Bought


To destroy the enemy, she will become the enemy.

Everything has been taken from Annika — her family, her friends, and even her freedom — by the vampires who enslaved her in the hidden kingdom of The Vale. But now she possesses a magical ring that contains Geneva, the most powerful witch in the world, and she’s ready for revenge.

When Prince Jacen invites vampire princesses from all over the world to the palace to compete for his hand in marriage, Annika finds her chance. By commanding Geneva to turn her into a vampire princess, she can try to win the cold heart of the prince who betrayed her and left her for dead. Can she keep the emotions she used to feel for Jacen in check? Because if her deception works and she becomes his bride, she’ll have full access to the palace... and she can destroy The Vale from the inside.

But with powerful players vying for control of the ring, and a dark magic
rising outside the kingdom, there’s far more at stake than just the crown. 


By now you already aware that I love vampire books. I loved the first book in the series, THE VAMPIRE WISH and after that cliffhanger in the end, I couldn’t wait to pick up THE VAMPIRE PRINCE and I wasn’t disappointed, I think that the 2nd book in the series had me falling with characters even more. I couldn’t get enough of the characters, of the story. I feel as if I feel more connected with character after reading this one, especially Annika, she is my favorite character in the series. Annika is impossible to not love, she is fierce, determined and once she sets her mind on something, she won’t give up. Annika has been through a lot, but she keeps on going, she doesn’t give up. I think that she is one of the bravest characters in the book. She goes as far as to pose as vampire princess, in order to attempt to kill Queen Laila. That’s a dangerous mission, especially if she was discovered that she wasn’t a vampire princess but a human. Annika was risking a lot. I don’t know if I would have enough courage to go through what she did.

Out of all princess, I liked Princess Karina the most. I know that she came on completely different mission than others did, but I loved her determination. I know that her main reason for doing it was because she could get Geneva to bring Peter back. Her heart is going be broken all over again. I wonder what Prince Jacen would think of her, once he finds out that it was her that is working with the wolves. I have a feeling that he might like her aleready, maybe not way that he feels about Annika, but I still get a feeling that he enjoys her company. There was a lot more happening in THE VAMPIRE PRINCE then the first book. Considiring what Annika was trying to do, you couldn’t help but be on the edge of your seat. There was always a thought in my head, where I wondered if she would succeed or if she would get caught. If Jacen would find out truth of who she was. There was a part of me, that hoped that she would eventually tell him on her own. I knew that if she didn’t, that it might not end well for her.

I think only person that was suspicious of Annika was Queen Laila. Could you blame her? Considering that Annika picked the kingdom, that was rumored to be non existent. I feel like Annika should have though on it more. I have a feeling that her guard, Tess might suspected that something was off about Annika too. Just the way that she seemed to react towards Annika most of time. At least that is feeling I got. The story, the characters weren’t all that I loved about this book. Did you see the cover for the THE VAMPIRE PRINCE ? It’s breathtaking. If anything, the cover will make you pick up the book. Once again, MICHELLE MADOW created another magical world, that you cannot help but fall in love with. I did.

Feb 22, 2018

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows(Harry Potter, #7)

harry potter and the deathly hallows.
Harry Potter,#7
 j.k rowling.

Publisher  Arthur A Levine Books.
Publication Date: July 21,2007
Genre:YA Fantasy.
Format|Pages: EBook|652.
 Source:  Goodreads|Own.

It's no longer safe for Harry at Hogwarts, so he and his best friends, Ron and Hermione, are on the run. Professor Dumbledore has given them clues about what they need to do to defeat the dark wizard, Lord Voldemort, once and for all, but it's up to them to figure out what these hints and suggestions really mean.

Their cross-country odyssey has them searching desperately for the answers, while evading capture or death at every turn. At the same time, their friendship, fortitude, and sense of right and wrong are tested in ways they never could have imagined.

The ultimate battle between good and evil that closes out this final chapter of the epic series takes place where Harry's Wizarding life began: at Hogwarts. The satisfying conclusion offers shocking last-minute twists, incredible acts of courage, powerful new forms of magic, and the resolution of many mysteries. 


What an incredible, enchanted journey.

Despite fact that I have re- read Harry Potter multiple times, I still cannot get over how incredible the series is. Witches, Werewolves, Magic, Dark Wizards, School for witches and wizards. What is there not to love? I have finished re-reading the series a while, I still can’t stop thinking about it. I know that I will end up returning to it a few more times in the future. I loved all the books, HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS were the book from the series who had you edge of your seat, had you wondering : What would happen? Who would win? Those were the thoughts that ran through me when I read HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS first time around. I knew that this were the book that Voldermort and Harry Potter would face each other and fight, until one of them was dead. I feel like that the part that everyone was looking forward to. It wasn’t what I expected to be, there were twists that I didn’t see coming. It didn’t disappoint me.

I didn’t think it would happen. Of course considering how this series was, with unexpected twists, I should seen it coming. Severus Snape, on Harry’s side all this time. Harry was wrong. Once I found out the truth about Snape, I was in shock, like Harry, that was the twist even I didn’t see coming. It’s too bad that Harry didn’t find out about it while Snape was still alive. I couldn’t help but feel heartbroken for him, that now he wouldn’t even get to know him. What Snape did, for Harry’s mother, for Dumbledore, that’s courage. Snape put himself in constant danger, he could been caught, Voldermort could found about it. Of course, I start to like him after he is killed. After everything he done to protect Harry, I can’t possibly hate him. Snape didn’t deserve to die, especially the way he did. I can’t imagine how Harry must felt, to have another person who tried protect him, die. There is only so many deaths, that one person can handle.

Battle of Hogwarts, Battle with Voldermort, of course that was pretty awesome. I was sad that so many characters that I liked died, especially Fred, I loved him. I loved the twins. I can’t even begin to imagine how his family, how George felt. What a terrible loss. At same it is expected for people to died, during a battle as this one. That was one of the parts that I couldn’t stop reading. I wanted to see how it would end, who would win. That’s the part that I kept on reading until I reached the end. Afterwards I was smiling. There was a part of me that wanted to pick up the books and re-read them again. I fell in love with Harry Potter all over again.

Love witches? Wizards? Action, suspense stories? If you haven’t already, pick up your copy of Harry Potter today. You won’t regret it. Once you pick up, you will be on edge of you seat until the last book. You will be blown away by this magic world.

Feb 15, 2018

Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince (Harry Potter, #6)

harry potter and the half blood prince.
Harry Potter,#6
 j.k rowling.

Publisher  Scholastic.
Publication Date: July 16,2005
Genre:YA Fantasy.
Format|Pages: EBook|652.
 Source:  Goodreads|Own.


Harry, Ron, and Hermione, having passed their O.W.L. level exams, start on their specialist N.E.W.T. courses. Sixth-year students learn to Apparate, losing a few eyebrows in the process. Teenagers flirt and fight and fall in love. Harry becomes captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, while Draco Malfoy pursues his own dark ends. And classes are as fascinating and confounding as ever, as Harry receives some extraordinary help in Potions from the mysterious Half-Blood Prince.

Most importantly, Dumbledore and Harry work together to uncover the full and complex story of a boy once named Tom Riddle—the boy who became Lord Voldemort. Like Harry, he was the son of one Muggle-born and one Wizarding parent, raised unloved, and a speaker of Parseltongue. But the similarities end there, as the teenaged Riddle became deeply interested in the Dark objects known as Horcruxes: objects in which a wizard can hide part of his soul, if he dares splinter that soul through murder.

Harry must use all the tools at his disposal to draw a final secret out of one of Riddle’s teachers, the sly Potions professor Horace Slughorn. Finally Harry and Dumbledore hold the key to the Dark Lord’s weaknesses... until a shocking reversal exposes Dumbledore’s own vulnerabilities, and casts Harry’s—and Hogwarts’s—future in shadow. 



I can’t get over that ending, the last few chapters. At this moment, I have a lot emotions going through me, despite being a re-read. That last few chapters get to me every time. I think that HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE Is one of the most emotional deaths, for me. I was sad when Sirus died too, but with Dumbledore, I feel as I formed an attachment to character through the series. He was always there, and I loved him from start. Now he’s not. Dumbledore cannot be gone, can he? It’s question I found myself asking every time that I re-read HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE . I can’t even seem to imagine it, not without Dumbledore in the series. I already miss him. He’s one of the characters from the book that will stay with me, for years to come. If I did not dislike Snape before, after what happened, after what he done, my dislike turned to hate. He betrayed Dumbledore. He trusted him. Dumbledore’s funeral had me going, good thing I was in my room when I read that part. I can’t picture Hogwarts, not without Dumbledore in it, even if it reopens, I know that it won’t be the same.

As for Draco, I always disliked him. Now, I am more like Harry I dislike him, at same time feeling pity towards him. I know that he was most likely got forced into this, due to fact that Draco’s father got caught and was in Azkaban. That’s why Draco was having such hard time about it, I don’t believe that he wanted to kill Dumbledore, but Voldermort gave him no choice. Voldemort is not who you say no to. He threatened to kill him, his family. I know it sounds like I feel sorry for Draco, and I do a bit. I can’t imagine how afraid he must been. Then seeing Snape kill Dumbledore. I’m curious what’s going to happen with him now, considering that he couldn’t complete his task. Even if Snape managed to kill him, I can’t imagine that Voldermort is happy with Draco, since he couldn’t seem to finish the only task that he was assighed to do. The emotions were so well displayed in the book, I could feel Draco’s fear, hesitation when he attempted to kill Dumbledore. Now, if Snape did not appear, Dumbledore might still be alive, I don’t think Draco would killed him.

Half Blood Prince, I had this feeling that there was something off about him from moment that Harry came across his copy of book in Potions. But never did I even picture Snape as the Half Blood Prince. No wonder that he figured out that something was up when he used the spell on Draco, and fact that he was getting best marks in Potions. If I were him, I would get suspicious too. I was in shock though, like Harry was I am sure. Fact that he been using Snape’s ideas all this time.

I loved the private lesson’s that Harry had with Dumbledore, I felt like we got a better glimpse at Tom Riddle’s life and how he became Voldermort. I believe that the bond between Dumbledore and Harry grew stronger then. It’s too bad that it got cut so tragically. There is still a part of me that cannot get over Dumbledore’s death.

HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE, is my favorite out of whole series, at least so far. A part of me did not want finish this book because I knew there was only one more book left after this one. Another magical edition to the Harry Potter series.


Feb 11, 2018

Harry Potter And The Order Of Phoenix (Harry Potter, #5)

harry potter and the order of phoenix.
Harry Potter,#5
 j.k rowling.

Publisher  Scholastic.
Publication Date: June 21,2003
Genre:YA Fantasy.
Format|Pages: EBook|870
 Source:  Goodreads|Own


It's official: the evil Lord Voldemort has returned. His influence is suddenly everywhere in the Wizarding world, and his former allies, the Death Eaters, are returning to his side in droves. In response, the Order of the Phoenix, which worked to stop him during his last rise to power, has reconvened. This time, all of the adults Harry trusts have joined in. And even though Harry is at the center of many of their plans—Voldemort is intent on killing him, after all—they want so badly to protect him that they are keeping him completely out of the loop.

Problems are cropping up at Hogwarts, too, where government officials are meddling in just about everything. And just because Voldemort and the Death Eaters are threatening open warfare does not mean that fifth-year students get out of their exams. Meanwhile, Harry's powerful connection to Voldemort seems to be growing even stronger, as he realizes that he has direct access to the Dark Lord's mind. It's time for Harry and his friends to take drastic action, but the course they choose will have terrible unforeseen consequences.


Brilliant. Magical. Breathtaking.

I know, I have read those before, multiple times. That doesn’t matter, it didn’t stop me from loving it any less, actually I fell in love with it more. I loved HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF PHOENIX few times that I read it before, but after finishing it this time, I think that it became one of my favorite books in the series. I loved all others, but from the books in series that I have read so far, HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF PHOENIX had a lot more happening, and Harry had so much more going on, and that he had to deal with. Now that Voldemort was back, he had to be much more careful. Though it seemed only selected amount of people seemed believe that he was back. Why would they make something like that up? Every page, every chapter in the book had you on the edge of your seat. HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF PHOENIX was a pretty long book, thought I wanted to be longer. There were so much going on, especially towards the end of book. I could not pull my eyes away, I did not want to put it down. I know that if it wasn’t for work, I would finished it faster than I had.

I didn’t think that I was impossible for me to dislike anyone, more than Snape and Draco. That proved to be wrong when Dolores Umbridge became a professor at Hogwarts. I had a feeling that she was trouble, from moment that she appeared. Even Snape seemed to dislike her, and it wasn’t like I blamed him. She tried to change Hogwarts too much, and not in an effective way. When she tried to get rid of Dumbledore, my dislike for her turned to hate. I always loved him. When she took over for him when he vanished, I hoped he come back soon or Hogwarts would be in a lot of trouble. I was hoping that Harry and his friends would find a way to get rid of her, before she would turn the whole school upside down. I feel that she took a certain dislike to Harry and Dumbledore. She was one of first people to not believe Harry that Voldemort was back. She got what was coming for her. However, you can’t help but wonder what will happen to her next.
That ending. No matter how many times I read the book, I end up crying every time at that scene. Of course they had to kill off Sirus, just when Harry found another family that actually cared for him. He gets murdered. I was in shock, at first I was like Harry and though that he would come back, more like hope. Sirus was one of my favorite characters, and just when him and Harry got to know each other, got close. He gets killed. I felt the shock, the anger and the grief that Harry felt. How many more deaths does Harry have to go through, before he reaches his breaking point? This book was breathtaking, it reminds me how magical Harry Potter series is. Another great addition. I am eager to pick up the next book in series. I can’t seem to pull myself away from this series.

Beautifully written.


Story For Dessert Published @ 2014 by Ipietoon