Apr 30, 2017

The Forbidden Wish( Forbidden Wish,#1)

the forbidden wish.
Forbidden Wish,#1
jessica khoury.

Publisher  Razorbill.
Publication Date: February 23,201.6
Genre: YA  Fantasy| Romance
Format|Pages:  Hardcover|352.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.

She is the most powerful Jinni of all. He is a boy from the streets. Their love will shake the world...

When Aladdin discovers Zahra's jinni lamp, Zahra is thrust back into a world she hasn't seen in hundreds of years—a world where magic is forbidden and Zahra's very existence is illegal. She must disguise herself to stay alive, using ancient shape-shifting magic, until her new master has selected his three wishes.

But when the King of the Jinn offers Zahra a chance to be free of her lamp forever, she seizes the opportunity—only to discover she is falling in love with Aladdin. When saving herself means betraying him, Zahra must decide once and for all: is winning her freedom worth losing her heart? 


Retelling of Aladdin like you’ll never imagined before. Forbidden love, a villain, a princess. THE FORBIDDEN WISH is action packed, filled with danger and the twists that you won’t see coming.

At first I was hesitant about picking up THE FORBIDDEN WISH when I found out that it was retelling Of Aladdin, a story that I loved most of my childhood. The cover, the title was what had drawn me to the story. Now that I have read it, I am glad that I decided to give it a chance. I was absorbed from the first page till the last. I adored Zahra’s and Aladdin’s story and even found myself wondering what will come next for them. I loved the fact that Jinni was a girl in this retelling, a jinni that ends up falling in love with a human, Aladdin. Their love, it surprised me and that Zahra even gave up her freedom at one point, so that she could save him, even convincing the princess to help her. I loved the bond that two of them created. I could see how much Zahra cared about Aladdin before she did, before he did. Zahra was the one that he wanted, not the princess. I was actually happy when he put wedding to stop, that he could not go through with it. The two of them were constantly saving one another, even if she wouldn’t admit it at first. They belonged with one another.

I love the princess, Caspida and her friends. All of them always stood by each other, looked out for one another no matter what. It’s hard to not like her. Fact that she believed Zahra and helped her save Aladdin, fought a war. She is strong and I think that she will make a great Queen, even if she seemed to have trouble believing that at a moment. Besides Zahra and Aladdin she was one of my favorite characters in this book. There wasn’t anything that I didn’t enjoy in this book. Every chapter, every page there was always something going on, keeping you from putting the book down because you wonder how it all will end. Will they Win? Will Zahra finally be free and be with Aladdin where she belongs? How can you stop at that? I couldn’t, and I didn’t till I reached the end. Even once I reached the end, I found myself craving for more. I wanted to know what will happen after, and are they truly safe and free?

THE FORBIDDEN WISH is an action packed love story, will stay with you long after you turn the last page. It’s magical.

Love, Lucy.

april lindner.

Publisher Poppy.
Publication Date: January 27,2015.
Genre:  YA  Contemporary Romance.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|304.
          Source:  Goodreads|Library

While backpacking through Florence, Italy, during the summer before she heads off to college, Lucy Sommersworth finds herself falling in love with the culture, the architecture, the food...and Jesse Palladino, a handsome street musician.

After a whirlwind romance, Lucy returns home, determined to move on from her "vacation flirtation." But just because summer is over doesn't mean Lucy and Jesse have to be, does it?

In this stunning novel, April Lindner perfectly captures the highs and lows of a summer love that might just be meant to last beyond the season.

When I came across this novel on Goodreads, the description had sparked my interest enough that I was curious about it. I did not have high expectations about the book because I had never read book by this author. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t stop and I wished that I had picked it up sooner that I had. LOVE, LUCY was breathtaking, and half of it took place in Italy, one of places that I love to see in the future. Now that I have read LOVE, LUCY I am eager to see it even more. When Lucy was in Italy and when she was exploring it with Jesse, and way that she describes the sights that they seen, those sights I could picture them despite never being in Italy. Can it be more romantic then fall in love in Italy? I think it’s one of most romantic places for love. I couldn’t get enough of Jesse and Lucy, the two of them were almost always on the move, and it had me wondering what adventure they would come across them next. APRIL LINDNER has a way to have you feel that you took the adventure along with Lucy and Jesse, as if you were part of a story.

At first I assumed that Jesse and Lucy will be nothing but summer fling, considering that Lucy would be leaving her vacation. There was this feeling that maybe the two of them were falling for each other too fast, it didn’t feel realistic at first. I also didn’t think it was nice of Lucy to ditch her friend who she met recently. I know she tried to include her, but at the same time I didn’t feel like she meant it. However, I loved the scenes between Lucy and Jesse, the sights that they seen. It did not take long for me to see how Jesse cared about Lucy, especially when he asked her to stay. I wasn’t sure if he loved her or not, I did know that he cared about her, more than a summer romance. After Lucy left, I wondered if they would keep touch, if it would be the same. I was angry with Jesse for not keeping touch with her, at same time I wondered if there was reason behind it.

I loved that Jesse and Lucy ended up back with each other. I did not like how the two of them ended together. I did not like that Lucy cheated on Shane. I think that she should broken up with him, moment that Jesse showed up and kissed her. Shane did nothing but try to please her, he even offered to stay with him, help her found a job when he found out about her father. He might not been in love with her, but he cared about her. My heart broke for him. He did not deserve that. There was one character I could not like and that was Lucy’s father. Mostly I did not like how he treated her, and tried bully her in doing something that she did not even like. Way he threatened to stop paying for her college, just because she joined one play. Aren’t parents supposed support her children? I am glad that she at least had her mom to support her. I was glad that in end everything worked out for her. I was thinking about story long after I finished it.

A beautiful love story.

Apr 23, 2017


kody kiplinger.

Publisher Scholastic Press
Publication Date: June 28,2016.
Genre:  YA  Contemporary Romance.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|288.
          Source:  Goodreads|Library.

Bo Dickinson is a girl with a wild reputation, a deadbeat dad, and a mama who’s not exactly sober most of the time. Everyone in town knows the Dickinsons are a bad lot, but Bo doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

Agnes Atwood has never gone on a date, never even stayed out past ten, and never broken any of her parents’ overbearing rules. Rules that are meant to protect their legally blind daughter—protect her from what, Agnes isn’t quite sure.

Despite everything, Bo and Agnes become best friends. And it’s the sort of friendship that runs truer and deeper than anything else.

So when Bo shows up in the middle of the night, with police sirens wailing in the distance, desperate to get out of town, Agnes doesn’t hesitate to take off with her. But running away and not getting caught will require stealing a car, tracking down Bo’s dad, staying ahead of the authorities, and—worst of all—confronting some ugly secrets. 

I have been wanting to read RUN since it came out. It wasn’t what I had expected it to be, it was even better. Don’t you love books like these? I am big fan of love stories, as you already aware. What I loved about this book is a fact that it dealt more with friendship then love. There were few scenes that mentioned a relationship but that wasn’t a focus of it. Majority of novel was based on Bo and Agnes friendship. Their friendship was unlike any other friendship, it was real. The friendship between Bo Dickinson and Agnes Atwood was unique because the two of them were different and Agnes was blind. That didn’t stop the two of them create a bond, despite what others tried to tell Agnes about Bo. Their friendship, it reminded me of my best friend.

I loved that story was written from Agnes and Bo’s point of view, and one went when they just met, while other to the current time when two of them went on a run. There wasn’t a single dull moment for me while I read this book, there was always something going on. It had me on the edge of my seat every page, every chapter. I couldn’t seem to get enough of their story and was eager to see how their story was going to end. I loved how the two of them trusted one another, depended one another and despite what happened, were always there for each other. There were multiple emotions that were going through me while I was reading this novel. Once again I fell in love with story, and the characters.

RUN was a third book that I read byKODY KIPLINGER and it won’t be the last one. I am eager to see what other adventures she will come up with next. A beautifully written story about family, love, new beginnings and the meaning of true friendship. If I could give it more than five stars, I would. Be sure to check this one out, you won’t regret it.

Apr 15, 2017

How It Feels To Fly.

how it feels to fly.
kathryn holmes.

Publisher HarperTeen.
Publication Date: June 14,2016.
Genre:  YA  Contemporary Romance.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|368.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.

The movement is all that matters.

For as long as Samantha can remember, she’s wanted to be a professional ballerina. She’s lived for perfect pirouettes, sky-high extensions, and soaring leaps across the stage. Then her body betrayed her.

The change was gradual. Stealthy.

Failed diets. Disapproving looks. Whispers behind her back. The result: crippling anxiety about her appearance, which threatens to crush her dancing dreams entirely. On her dance teacher’s recommendation, Sam is sent to a summer treatment camp for teen artists and athletes who are struggling with mental and emotional obstacles. If she can make progress, she’ll be allowed to attend a crucial ballet intensive. But when asked to open up about her deepest insecurities, secret behaviors, and paralyzing fears to complete strangers, Sam can’t cope.

What I really need is a whole new body.

Sam forms an unlikely bond with Andrew, a former college football player who’s one of her camp counselors. As they grow closer, Andrew helps Sam see herself as he does—beautiful. But just as she starts to believe that there’s more between them than friendship, disappointing news from home sends her into a tailspin. With her future uncertain and her body against her, will Sam give in to the anxiety that imprisons her? 

Beautiful, heartbreaking story.

HOW IT FEELS TO FLY one of those stories that a lot of teens can relate to, at least parts of the stories, especially teen girls. I feel like almost every teen girl goes through this at some point, where they don’t like how they look. HOW IT FEELS TO FLY is a novel about that, and about learning to accept yourself and to love yourself for who you are. I could be wrong about this, but to me it felt like Sam had the hardest time accepting about how she felt about herself. I could tell by how she acted, anytime she had eat or anywhere where she knew that others might be looking at her. I don’t think that having Zoe insult her in beginning helped her either. I believe that if any person that helped her was Andrew, the way he was around her and all of that attention that he gave her, he made her feel beautiful. I am not surprised that she ended up falling for him. Andrew made her feel special, I think any girl would fall for a guy who did that.

I didn’t think that Andrew was in love with Sam or anything, but I did believe that he felt something for her. I was heartbroken for her, I can’t imagine how it must felt to be rejected like that especially since she believed that he felt same way. I could see it, there was a connection between the two of them, especially when he invited her for dancing later in the night. I was as sure like Sam was that there was something there. Apparently I read the signs wrong just like Sam did. If there was something there, even just a little bit, he would kissed her back but instead he pushed her away. I was sure that the two of them might end up together, though the age gap was big. I found myself disappointed that the two of them didn’t end up together. I think this was one of first books I read this year where the girl did not end up with they guy that she fell for and that made this book realistic

I hated how Sam’s mom treated Sam, it was like she cared more about ballet then she cared about her own daughter. She put her down half of the time. I have this feeling that’s why Sam started feeling the way she did. It feels like her mother was part of her panic attacks too. I noticed that she would feel anxious half of the time when she talked to her, or when she knew that she had talk to her. I don’t blame her for wanting to avoid her, to avoid the phone calls with her. I was glad when Sam finally told her how she felt. That’s something that she should done a long time ago. I am glad that she agreed to go to that camp, it helped me more that she thought it would. By end she done the things that she would never imagined herself doing at the beginning of the camp. I was proud of her. I was proud of everyone, most of them accomplished and overcame so much.

Astonishing story about friendship, and acceptance.

Apr 9, 2017

Everything, Everything.

everything, everything.
nicola yoon.

Publisher Delacorte Books.
Publication Date: September 1,2015.
Genre:  YA  Contemporary Romance.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|310.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.

My disease is as rare as it is famous. Basically, I’m allergic to the world. I don’t leave my house, have not left my house in seventeen years. The only people I ever see are my mom and my nurse, Carla.

But then one day, a moving truck arrives next door. I look out my window, and I see him. He’s tall, lean and wearing all black—black T-shirt, black jeans, black sneakers, and a black knit cap that covers his hair completely. He catches me looking and stares at me. I stare right back. His name is Olly.

Maybe we can’t predict the future, but we can predict some things. For example, I am certainly going to fall in love with Olly. It’s almost certainly going to be a disaster. 

Did that actually happen? That ending, it wasn’t what I expected it to be. It was far from how I though the book would end. Talk about an unexpected twist to the story. I believe that I was in as much shock like Madeline was.

A lot of emotions went through me while reading the book, but especially the ending. Be sure you prepare some tissues while reading EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING because you will cry and I did, multiple times. Several times I found myself that my lunch break at work was longer so I could keep on reading. I couldn’t get enough of Madeline and Olly’s adventure and I was eager to see how it would end. I wanted to see if there is possibility that Ollly and Madison’s relationship could survive. Considering her condition I wasn’t sure how it could. Me being me, I found myself hoping for best. I can’t even begin to imagine how it must felt like to be stuck inside house for that long. I would get bored if it were me, I don’t think I would been able to handle for years like Maddie had, I would want get out way before Maddie did.

Maddie and Olly’s relationship was different, it mostly started through chats considering that she couldn’t go out. Then turned to meetings, thanks to Maddie’s nurse, Carla. I knew that it couldn’t end well, with her hiding it from her mother. It couldn’t end well for neither of them, not for Madeline, not for Olly and not for Carla. Olly and Madeline had an instant bond, a connection that turned into love. I didn’t think it could last due to fact that they couldn’t touch. The two of them went through so much. They went all way to Hawaii because Madeline wanted to see. They finally found a way to be together. Despite their small separation, in the end they found a way to each other. How could that not be love? When they are willing to do anything for each other. The way the two of them were anytime, it had me smiling, every single time. Two of them belonged with each other.

I loved the illustrations through the book, it made the book even more fascinating. Now that I have read it, I know why a lot people were talking about it. A astonish, heartbreaking story. Now that I have read it, I can’t wait to go see the movie with my friends next month. I am blown away. It was magical.

Flight Patterns.

flight patterns.
karen white.

Publisher NAL.
Publication Date: May 24,2016
Genre:  Southern Fiction|Suspense.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|416.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.

Georgia Chambers has spent her life sifting through other people’s pasts while trying to forget her own. But then her work as an expert of fine china—especially of Limoges—requires her to return to the one place she swore she’d never revisit...

It’s been thirteen years since Georgia left her family home on the coast of Florida, and nothing much has changed, except that there are fewer oysters and more tourists. She finds solace seeing her grandfather still toiling away in the apiary where she spent much of her childhood, but encountering her estranged mother and sister leaves her rattled.

Seeing them after all this time makes Georgia realize that something has been missing—and unless she finds a way to heal these rifts, she will forever be living vicariously through other people’s remnants. To embrace her own life—mistakes and all—she will have to find the courage to confront the ghosts of her past and the secrets she was forced to keep... 

Engrossing, beautifully written story. A story that will pull you in from beginning to the end, and you find yourself unable to put it down till the end.

I have been a fan of KAREN WHITE for few years now and there haven’t been a book of hers that I didn’t fall in love with. White has a way that will suck you into the story when you read the first sentence, after that you might want make sure that you have a lot free time on your hands. Last night I ended reading till 1:00am due to how addictive it was, one chapter turned into five more. Out of all her books that I have read through the years, FLIGHT PATTERNS has been one of my favorites, at least so far . It was a bit different then her previous novels but I fell in love with story, the characters fast. There was this feeling that I was there along with Georgia, Maisy, Birdie, James, Becky and Lyle. Those characters became like my friends and I know that they are fictional, and at first they were and while I read the story, they became real. I tend to get attached to characters that I read about. What I loved about this novel, was the mystery behind it, those are my most favorite type of novels. That will keep you turning the pages, eager to see what will be discovered.

FLIGHT PATTERNS was unlike other book I read, at least in story sense. Plus the descriptions, the images I would get while I was reading the book, it was beautiful. While reading it, there were part of me that I felt that I was there and once I finished reading the book, I wished that I was there. Afterwards I couldn’t seem to get out of my mind, I wanted to go there even if it was fictional. Besides I love small towns, I lived in one before. The feud between Maisy and Georgia and their relationship seemed more of love hate relationship and of course I wondered the reason behind it. Once the truth came out, I wonder if things could possibly go back to way they were, if Maisy could ever forgive her and they could go back to being sisters. I was happy to see that at the end they seemed to work out things and at least try to get back to way that the things were.

James, I am not sure what it was about him. You know how you come across that one character that you can’t help but love? James was one of those characters for me. He also seemed to bring the best in Georgia and she in him. The two of them had a connection, even if she refused to acknowledge it. Georgia did what she always did when she faced a situation that scared her, she ran away, or at least tried to. I wanted to talk some sense into her, James is what she needed and what he needed, especially after what happened. Georgia was one of positive things in his life. I hoped that she would come to sense and not run away like she ran away from everything else. As you can probably guess, I was happy with how things turned out between James and Georgia, I couldn’t help but smile.

FLIGHT PATTERNS a beautiful story about family, friendships, second chances, forgiveness, and love. A story that will stay with me. Now I am excited to see what KAREN WHITE has in store next.


Story For Dessert Published @ 2014 by Ipietoon