Nov 28, 2018


   Courtney summers.

Publisher  Wednesday Books.
Publication Date:September 4 ,2018.
Genre: YA Contemporary| Mystery. 
Format|Pages: Hardcover|311..
 Source:  Goodreads|Owned.


Sadie hasn't had an easy life. Growing up on her own, she's been raising her sister Mattie in an isolated small town, trying her best to provide a normal life and keep their heads above water.

But when Mattie is found dead, Sadie's entire world crumbles. After a somewhat botched police investigation, Sadie is determined to bring her sister's killer to justice and hits the road following a few meager clues to find him.

When West McCray―a radio personality working on a segment about small, forgotten towns in America―overhears Sadie's story at a local gas station, he becomes obsessed with finding the missing girl. He starts his own podcast as he tracks Sadie's journey, trying to figure out what happened, hoping to find her before it's too late. 


Haunting. Heart aching. Truthful. Inspirational.

There are so many other words that I can describe this book, but that might take me a while. SADIE was a story that filled me with a lot of emotions, touching me in so many ways. I had it on hold at library, expect it had a lot holds and was taking a while, so I ended up buying it. I’m so glad that I did. It didn’t take me long to fall in love with the story, the characters. I loved both Sadie and West and like West I wanted to find Sadie. I couldn’t get enough of Sadie’s story and from start, I wonder if Mattie’s murder was only reason she left, she went after Keith. I wonder if she would succeed. I did have this feeling that Sadie wouldn’t stop, not until she did, not until she got revenge. SADIE will have you on edge of your seat, from start until the end. That ending though, it left me with more questions then answers. I wondered, What happened next? how could you not with an ending like that? Sadie is a fictional character, but to me she felt real. I couldn’t help but wondered what happened with her next.

SADIE was a bit different then the other young adult books I read this year, and that’s one of the things that I loved about this book. I like listening to podcasts, and I thought it was great idea to have book written from Sadie’s point of view and West’s podcast and of course I loved the name, The Girls which fit the theme of podcast so well. It was interesting to read it, to see what West would discover, and people he would meet and interview along the way. I know that West didn’t want to do this at first, and I loved fact that once he started, he didn’t give up. Despite not having met Sadie, I felt as he started to care about her, in his search of her. I loved Sadie, I felt horrible for her, I can’t imagine losing a sibling the way that she lost her sister. Though I don’t think I would been able do what she did. Sadie is brave, with everything that happened and that she went through. I loved how determined she was, not once did she give up. I did wonder, once it came down to it, if she would be able to go through it. I was rooting for her, and I hoped that once she did what she needed to, she would come home.

SADIE was the first novel that I read by COURTNEY SUMMERS and once I read it, I wondered why it took me this long to read her books. Now that I have, I can’t wait to discover her other books, to go on more adventures. I already know that she is going be an author I am going love, I already do. Her book, it was hard to read at time, but it felt real and it was inspiring. SADIE will break your heart, but at same time I feel as if it’s a book that everyone should read. A story that will stay with you, long after you turn the last page.

Nov 25, 2018

Every Breath.

every breath.
   Nicholas sparks. 

Publisher  Grand Central Publishing.
Publication Date: October 16,2018.
Genre:  Romance. 
Format|Pages: Hardcover|320.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.


Hope Anderson is at a crossroads. At thirty-six, she's been dating her boyfriend, an orthopedic surgeon, for six years. With no wedding plans in sight, and her father recently diagnosed with ALS, she decides to use a week at her family's cottage in Sunset Beach, North Carolina, to ready the house for sale and mull over some difficult decisions about her future.

Tru Walls has never visited North Carolina but is summoned to Sunset Beach by a letter from a man claiming to be his father. A safari guide, born and raised in Zimbabwe, Tru hopes to unravel some of the mysteries surrounding his mother's early life and recapture memories lost with her death. When the two strangers cross paths, their connection is as electric as it is unfathomable . . . but in the immersive days that follow, their feelings for each other will give way to choices that pit family duty against personal happiness in devastating ways. 


My heart, my emotions. I can’t stop thinking about Hope and Tru’s story. Such heartbreaking and beautiful story.

By now, you all know how big fan I am of NICHOLAS SPARKS , I always look forward to his new books and re-read most of his other one’s multiple times. When I found out about EVERY BREATH I was excited and couldn’t wait to read it. I would read it sooner, if it wasn’t for all the holds at the library. Once I started it, as with all his books, I fell in love with it. I felt as EVERY BREATH was a bit different then his other books, but in a good way. I loved that parts of it took in Africa and you could tell that he did a lot research for this book. Reading it, all the descriptions and what Tru told Hope about animals, makes me want go there and go on Safari. All his descriptions, including Sunset Beach in North Carolina, sound incredible. While reading EVERY BREATH I felt as I was there, along with Tru and Hope. I could picture it all. Did not take me long, to fall in love with Tru and Hope story. I read it in 2 days because I couldn’t put it down. There were couple nights that I ended up reading until 1:00am. I already know that it will be a book that I will be re-read in the future.

Tru and Hope, I loved them both, I loved their story. I was disappointed when she didn’t choose Tru. I didn’t want him to marry Josh. I wanted her to realize that Tru is the one for her. As you read their story, it won’t take you long to see the connection between the two of them. I believe that it changed both. I was heartbroken for both Tru and Hope when I found out Hope’s secret. At the same time, I was glad that they were able to reunite, even if it’s for short time. Now, that a true love, only regret is that I wish it didn’t take them so many years. What I loved, despite years apart, once they were together again, it was as if they weren’t apart at all. I smiled. I was rooting for them, I wanted for them find their way back to one another. Of course, my favorite part was the ending. I have read all NICHOLAS SPARKS books through the years, and own most of them, and after reading this one, EVERY BREATH became one of my favorites. A story that will always stay with me. A story that I would recommend to every romance fan.

Besides the story, the characters. I always loved the titles and the covers. I love the one for EVERY BREATH and it fits the story perfectly, don’t you think? I loved fact that Kindred Spirit exists and his inspiration for Tru and Hope’s story. Reading about it, I want to go to North Carolina one day and see it for myself. I think that it such amazing idea, and you can read about so many stories just from letters, postcards. I am still thinking about this story, I can’t seem to get out of my mind. EVERY BREATH touched me, touched my heart. There is a part of me that wants to re-read it all over again. Even if you haven’t read NICHOLAS SPARKS , you should check out. Once you do, be ready to fall in love.

Nov 21, 2018

Waking In Time.

waking in time.
   angie stanton.
Publisher  Switch Press.
Publication Date: March 1,2017.
Genre: YA Science Fiction|Romance.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|362.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.


Still mourning the loss of her beloved grandmother and shaken by her mysterious, dying request to “find the baby,” Abbi has just arrived at UW Madison for her freshman year. But on her second day, she wakes up to a different world: 1983. That is just the first stop on Abbi’s journey backward through time.

Will is a charming college freshman from 1927 who travels forward through time. When Abbi and Will meet in the middle, love adds another complication to their lives. Communicating across time through a buried time capsule, they try to decode the mystery of their travel, find the lost baby, and plead with their champion, a kindly physics professor, to help them find each other again ... even though the professor gets younger each time Abbi meets him. 


Magical, Mysterious.

I have always been a huge fan of time travel stories. There is always something exciting and mysterious about time travel and keeps you on the edge of your seat. When I came across WAKING IN TIME while at the library, the title captured my attention, and once I found that it was about time travel, I knew that I had to check it out. I am glad that I did! There wasn’t a single page where I wasn’t on edge of my seat, there was quite few mysterious and each page and chapter will have you wondering what was going to happen next. Plus the twists, that even I didn’t see coming. I have read few books about time travel through the years, WAKING IN TIME has became one of my favorites, it was different from the others, mostly of how both Abbi and Will traveled. I wondered about the title and once Abbi started time traveling, it all made sense. It did seem that anytime that she would fall asleep, she would wake up in a different time. I can’t imagine going through something like that, and not knowing why it was happening and where might end up next.

I did think that it was amazing that Abbi ended up with her grandmother, Sharon for while. For all roommates that she had, she was my favorite. Sharon seemed, the type of roommate and a friend that I would loved to have. She was outgoing and just brightened up the room and everyone around her. I was heartbroken for Abbi when she woke up and Sharon was gone, she probably felt as she just lost her grandmother all over again. I am glad that she had Professor Smith, and how he tried to help her, both her and Will and figure out why it was happening to them. Besides Abbi and Will, he was my favorite character in the book. I loved the bond that he had with Abbi, no matter what year he seemed to come across Abbi. I am glad that Abbi at least had one friend that knew what was going on, that she was a time traveler.

Will and Abbi, I couldn’t get enough of two of them. They were adorable together, and it was clear how much in love they were. One good thing did come out of fact that they time traveled, they met each other. I loved the two of them together, and fact they figured out how they can stay with one another, without time traveling. I feel as the two of them were meant to meet. I did hope that if Abbi managed to end up in her current time, that she would come across Will again. Once I found out that Will happened to be Colton’s roommate, I couldn’t stop smiling. I hoped that now the two of them could be with each other. I was also happy to find out that Professor Smith was alive. WAKING IN TIME was a cute story that was filled with suspense and twists. Once you start reading it, you will find yourself turning pages for hours, unable to put it down. WAKING IN TIME is a 2nd book that I read by ANGIE STANTON and it won’t be the last.


Nov 16, 2018

A Spark Of Light.

A spark of light.
   jodi picoult. 

Publisher  Ballantine Books.
Publication Date: October 2,2018.
Genre:  Contemporary|Suspense. 
Format|Pages: Hardcover|352.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.


The warm fall day starts like any other at the Center—a women’s reproductive health services clinic—its staff offering care to anyone who passes through its doors. Then, in late morning, a desperate and distraught gunman bursts in and opens fire, taking all inside hostage.

After rushing to the scene, Hugh McElroy, a police hostage negotiator, sets up a perimeter and begins making a plan to communicate with the gunman. As his phone vibrates with incoming text messages he glances at it and, to his horror, finds out that his fifteen-year-old daughter, Wren, is inside the clinic.

But Wren is not alone. She will share the next and tensest few hours of her young life with a cast of unforgettable characters: A nurse who calms her own panic in order save the life of a wounded woman. A doctor who does his work not in spite of his faith but because of it, and who will find that faith tested as never before. A pro-life protester disguised as a patient, who now stands in the cross hairs of the same rage she herself has felt. A young woman who has come to terminate her pregnancy. And the disturbed individual himself, vowing to be heard.

Told in a daring and enthralling narrative structure that counts backward through the hours of the standoff, this is a story that traces its way back to what brought each of these very different individuals to the same place on this fateful day.


Once again, I was blown away by this book.

A SPARK OF LIGHT hooked me from first sentence and more I read, harder it was to put it down. JODI PICOULT did it again! This was written and told a bit differently and that was one of things that I loved about it. A SPARK OF LIGHT was like a timeline, of how to led to it, what happened in between. That’s what I wondered from moment that I started reading the book, and of course I wondered how it would end. Would they make it out of there? How far was Hugh wiling to go, in order to make sure that his daughter made it out of there? I understood why he didn’t tell that his daughter was in there, he understood what would happen if he did. I wonder if he though if he could talk him out, or talk to him into sending his daughter out there. Of course I can’t imagine how he must felt when he first got messages from Wren and found out why she was there in first place. I know that he was a bit hurt that she didn’t mention it to him. To me, it seemed like Hugh and Wren seemed to have close relationship. It’s not often I read about father/ daughter relationship like the one that they have. It reminds me of me and my dad, since we have a close relationship as well.

A SPARK OF LIGHT is a beautiful title, don’t you think and cover as well. Even if you haven’t read any JODI PICOULT books previously, I know that the cover itself and the title will have any reader pick up. A SPARK OF LIGHT is a story that will be on your mind after you reach the last page. I am still thinking about it and I finished it hours ago. I know that I would finished it faster then I had if I didn’t have to work. I was always looking forward to when I was off, so I can dig into the story again. I loved how the book was written from different people who were at the Center that day, and George’s daughter, Beth. This way you got to see how they felt and how they were feeling and of course, how they ended up at the center that day. Everyone had their own story to tell. I am not sure if I will be able to pick which character I liked most, all of them had their own story to tell. Expect for George, I couldn’t like him. Despite what his reasons might be, what he did just because what happened with his daughter. I wonder if he would feel differently if he knew the truth of how she got the abortion. At first I wasn’t even aware that Beth was his daughter, not until the end anyways. I know that she had her own troubles but I wonder if she knew about what her father done, and I couldn’t help but wonder how she felt about it, or if she never found out about it. I can’t even begin to imagine how she felt about it once she did.

A SPARK OF LIGHT was filled with a lot of drama. It had quite few twists that I didn’t see coming, especially towards the end. That’s one of things that I love about JODI PICOULT books is that she always adds something that you won’t even see coming. I love her writing, she knows what she writing about, you can tell that she does a lot of research. She knows a way to hook her readers in and to fall in love with her characters. Her stories, they are real. Any time that I read her books, I feel inspired to write, to work on my book. JODI PICOULT is a writer that everyone should check out, and once you do, you will want read rest of her books.


Nov 12, 2018

People Kill People.

people kill people.
   ellen hopkins.

Publisher  Margaret K. McElderry.
Publication Date: September 4,2018.
Genre: YA Contemporary|Poetry.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|431.
 Source:  Goodreads|Own.


Someone will shoot. And someone will die.

#1 New York Times bestselling author Ellen Hopkins tackles gun violence and white supremacy in this compelling and complex novel.

People kill people. Guns just make it easier.

A gun is sold in the classifieds after killing a spouse, bought by a teenager for needed protection. But which was it? Each has the incentive to pick up a gun, to fire it. Was it Rand or Cami, married teenagers with a young son? Was it Silas or Ashlyn, members of a white supremacist youth organization? Daniel, who fears retaliation because of his race, who possessively clings to Grace, the love of his life? Or Noelle, who lost everything after a devastating accident, and has sunk quietly into depression?

One tense week brings all six people into close contact in a town wrought with political and personal tensions. Someone will fire. And someone will die. But who? 


Incredible. Powerful.

I think that this was my favorite ELLEN HOPKINS book, so far. I was lucky enough to receive ARC at the National Book Festival and get to meet the author who was a complete sweetheart. PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE can be a hard book to read, considering the subject, and it brings a powerful message. From first page, I was hooked to the story, and before I even realized it, hours had passed since I started reading it. I have read few books through years about both gun violence and white supremacy and none of them were like PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE and the title fits the book perfectly, and it is the truth. This book was different from the other ELLEN HOPKINS novels that I have read in the past, it was written a bit different then the others but in good way. I liked how all the characters, Rand, Cami, Silas, Ashlyn, Daniel, Grace and Noelle were introduced, how you got to get into each of their minds. Introducing character that way, I believe that it helps reader connect with the character. At least it worked for me. I felt as I slipped into each of their minds. Of course, I couldn’t help which one would end up shooting, which of them might be in danger. I never imagine the actual outcome. Accidental but a lot of times that how it happens.

Out of all characters, I think that both Grace and Noelle were my favorites. Grace seemed the most stable, but Noelle was also type of person that you would love to have as your friend. I would. I feel bad for Noelle, just when the two of them started to get their friendship back on track. I didn’t like Silas, but Daniel, sometimes I wonder what Tim said if it was true or if he just made up. The way that Daniel would get angry so fast, over anything. It had me wondering that maybe Tim was right. There were times where I worried for Grace’s safety where he would lose his temper. I had a feeling that she wouldn’t put up with it for long, considering what happened with Silas. I wondered if two of them would last. I wondered how long Cami’s marijuana habit would last until someone found out, until Rand found out. Despite the arguments between two of them, in end they were there for each other. They loved each other. I loved Ashlyn, she seemed strong to me and didn’t let anyone tell her what to do and I like that about her. Considering what she went through, what she seen, I don’t blame her. All of those characters had their struggles. It changed some, others not so much. I enjoyed reading about each one of them, I wanted to see how it would end. It didn’t end how I hoped. I did like at end where it told what happened to each of characters after.

PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE is a book, that will have you thinking about it long after you turn the last page. A story that you won’t forget. I didn’t. I wish that I could give this book more than five stars, it deserves a lot more. ELLEN HOPKINS did it again, and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

Nov 10, 2018

You Will Be Mine.


    you will be mine.
   natasha preston.

Publisher  Sourcebooks Fire.
Publication Date: February 6,2018.
Genre: NA Thriller
Format|Pages: Paperback|292
 Source:  Goodreads|Library


                       I'M COMING FOR YOU

Lylah and her friends can't wait to spend a night out together. Partying is the perfect way to let loose from the stress of life and school, and Lylah hopes that hitting the dance floor with Chace, her best friend, will bring them closer together. She's been crushing on him since they met. If only he thought of her the same way...

The girls are touching up their makeup and the guys are sliding on their coats when the doorbell rings. No one is there. An envelope sits on the doormat. It's an anonymous note addressed to their friend Sonny. A secret admirer? Maybe. They all laugh it off.

Except Sonny never comes home. And a new note arrives:



Heartbreaking. Thrilling. Terrifying. What a roller coaster ride.

I tend not to read a lot of horror books. I do enjoy ones with a suspense on occasion. When I came across YOU WILL BE MINE , the cover and the title both caught my attention and I got curious. It wasn’t what I expected it to be, there were some scenes that grossed me out, it was very graphic, and at the same time I couldn’t seem to put it down. I think it’s because I am not much of horror person, those details tend to be a bit too much for me. It was mostly the way that they were killed, their hearts cut out. I did enjoy the idea around, and fact that it happened so close to Valentine’s Day. I felt as I was the one experiencing this, like Lylah, scared. Like her and her friends, I want for the killer to be caught, and for all this to stop. I just wished that so many people didn’t get murdered before he was caught. I was in shock when the truth came out, I couldn’t believe that it was Lylah’s brother, Riley along. I wasn’t too sure if it was Jake all along, just because he went missing, that didn’t mean he was murderer. It seems as minute he was accused, soon everyone else started to believe it too.

I can’t remember last time I read book this intense. I knew that it was fictional, but all those details. It felt real to me. I am very vivid person, so I could picture all of it happening. Like Lylah and her friends, I felt their fear and their anger at killer not being found yet. I can’t begin to imagine, to finding their friends dead the way they did. One would be enough for me to lose it. I can’t believe Riley did all that, just so that Lylah would need him again. That is not normal behavior, killing is not normal. Riley, did seemed like he was being bit controlling, and kept trying convince her to come home. Even I did not picture as a killer, that was a shock. Also that ending…It makes you wonder…What’s next? I am just glad that Lylah had her friends, and Chace through it all, I can’t imagine have go through something like that alone. I enjoyed most of the details, which made the story come to live. It’s a type of story that I would be afraid to read at night. That’s what makes it such great story. I was on edge of my seat until the end and even that I was.

YOU WILL BE MINE is a third book that I read by NATASHA PRESTON and it has been few years since I read the last one. This one has been my favorite one, so far. I can see myself reading her other books. NATASHA PRESTON has a way to hook you into story from start to end.

Nov 8, 2018

All That Was.

    All That Was.
   karen rivers.

Publisher  Farrar Straus Giroux.
Publication Date: January 16,2018.
Genre: YA Contemporary
Format|Pages: Hardcover|384.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.


Piper and Sloane were best friends. They grew up together, from childhood to first love, and in spite of how different they were, their friendship was supposed to last forever. That is, until Piper caught Sloane kissing her boyfriend—and just days later, Piper was found dead, washed ashore on a beach.

Sloane was torn with grief and guilt. How do you make amends for hurting someone you love, if that person is no longer around? And how can you ever move on and love again? 


This book, my emotions… I’m not even sure if I will be able to fully explain them. They were all over the place while reading the book, and afterwards. I believe that ALL THAT WAS was one of most dramatic, intense novels that I read this year. I never read book by author before, and yet it pulled me right in. ALL THAT WAS is one of those novels, even though it intense at times, you can’t help but fall in love with it, and next thing you know, you spent hours reading it. That’s how I felt. Most days, few more pages turned into hours of reading and that’s why I read it so fast. The start is what pulls you in, since it starts from Piper’s point of view and as reader, you can’t and wonder, who did it, and was there a reason behind it? I know that Piper wasn’t always an easy person to get along with, but nobody deserves what happened to her. I can’t even begin to imagine what must gone through her mind, once she knew that she was going to die. Plus the way she died. I don’t even want to imagine. From start, I wondered, what lead to Piper’s murder.

Piper and Sloane’s friendship was intense. Sometimes I felt as two of them were more of frenemies then best friends. I felt as Piper pushed Sloane a bit too much at times. I wondered how Sloane put up with Piper sometimes. But then she was also there for Sloane when she needed her. Fact that she went after Soup, even though she knew how she felt about him, I didn’t like that. I know that Soup liked Piper, but I do believe that he went out with wrong person, he didn’t seem to have same connection with Piper then Sloane. I know that it was the reason that the two of them kissed. I know that Sloane blamed it on drinking. I do believe that they wouldn’t kissed if there was no attraction between the two of them. To me, it seemed as the two of them got along better than Soup and Piper did, up until she died. I know that the reason that Soup wanted to connect with Sloane, not long after Piper’s death. It had been her all along, not Piper. I know the reason she tried to avoid it, because she felt as she was betraying Piper all over again, even though she was gone. I would loved to have a friend like Sloane. I can’t even begin to imagine losing a best friend, the way that she lost Piper. It’s heartbreaking.

I loved the writing style, I loved Before and Now, so you got to know Piper and Sloane more, and get to see how their friendship was. Way that it was written, the way that she described Sloane’s feelings after her death. It felt almost Poetic. I knew that it wasn’t happening, while reading ALL THAT WAS I started to believe as it was. I felt the sadness, the grief and the guilt that Sloane felt after Piper’s death. I wanted to take Sloane into my arms and hold her. I am glad that she added Soup’s point of view there eventually, that was something that I wonder from beginning of the book, how was he feeling about all this? Considering all of it happened a day after Piper caught Sloane and Soup kissing. What he thought about the guy who killed her. I had a feeling that something wasn’t right with James, just the way he acted with Sloane. He seemed a bit violent, but I didn’t think he was that violent. I wonder if part of him, did it as revenge since he knew Piper was her best friend. Despite the subject, I couldn’t get enough of this book. You won’t stop turning the pages until the end.

Now that I read ALL THAT WAS , I can’t wait to check out other books by KAREN RIVERS . I already can tell that she is going be one of those writers that I will fall in love with. Her story felt so real. A story that I was still thinking about after I turned the last page. I want to see what other adventures she has in story. Be ready for a thrilling, emotional ride.

Nov 1, 2018

Monday's Not Coming.

       Monday's not coming.
   Tiffany d. Jackson

Publisher  Katherine Tegen.
Publication Date: May 22,2018.
Genre: YA Contemporary | Suspense.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|448.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.


Monday Charles is missing, and only Claudia seems to notice. Claudia and Monday have always been inseparable—more sisters than friends. So when Monday doesn’t turn up for the first day of school, Claudia’s worried. When she doesn’t show for the second day, or second week, Claudia knows that something is wrong. Monday wouldn’t just leave her to endure tests and bullies alone. Not after last year’s rumors and not with her grades on the line. Now Claudia needs her best—and only—friend more than ever. But Monday’s mother refuses to give Claudia a straight answer, and Monday’s sister April is even less help.

As Claudia digs deeper into her friend’s disappearance, she discovers that no one seems to remember the last time they saw Monday. How can a teenage girl just vanish without anyone noticing that she’s gone? 


Wow! What a story. Heartbreaking. Realistic. Brilliant.

I’m not sure if I be able to explain how much I loved this book. MONDAY’S NOT COMING felt so real, I could actually imagine it happening. Like Claudia, I wonder how nobody noticed or seemed to care that Monday didn’t come back to school. I probably wouldn’t been worried the first couple days like Claudia was, but by second week, I was. Considering that Monday seemed to love school. After what happened to her, it made sense why she did. It was her escape. I had the feeling that there were something wrong with Monday’s mother, way she wouldn’t even let Claudia in, slammed door in her face. Her behavior made me wonder, was she hiding something? Did she know something? There were red flags there, and Claudia wasn’t the only one to notice that something was off with Mrs. Charles. She wasn’t the only one who was acting weird, Monday’s sister, April was too. The way she acted anytime that Claudia brought up Monday, gave me a feeling that she knew something about Monday.

I liked Claudia, I loved fact that she was one of people who knew something wasn’t right. She never gave up looking for Monday. I knew that she felt lost without her best friend by her side. I don’t want to even imagine losing my best friend, the way that Claudia lost Monday. How could any parent, done what Mrs. Charles done to August and Monday? It no wonder that Monday lost it when Claudia kept asking her where August was. I wondered why she freaked out like that. Now it all made sense. I couldn’t even imagine keeping something like that a secret, I wouldn’t been able to. MONDAY’S NOT COMING was a hard book to read at times. Like Claudia, I knew something was off, about Monday before she even went missing. It seemed as Claudia was the only one who was concerned that Monday was missing. How could nobody notice a teen missing? For weeks?

Even I didn’t see that twist coming. Like Claudia, I was in shock. 2 years? How could she forget fact that Monday’s death happened over 2 years ago. It made sense why her parents weren’t worried. Question was, why didn’t they tell her earlier then they did? The twists like those is what makes the book even more interesting. I couldn’t get enough of this story, I practically spend most of the day reading it. I wanted to know how it would all end. MONDAY’S NOT COMING is the first book that I read by TIFFANY D. JACKSON and I am already excited her others. I am in love, with the story, the characters.



Story For Dessert Published @ 2014 by Ipietoon