Apr 30, 2012


Elizabeth Norris
Publisher:Balzar + Bray.
Publication Date:April 24,2012.
Genre:YA Fantasy,Mystery.
Format/Pages:E book|464.
Challenge:Debut Author.


Unraveling was fantastic; it was one of best fantasy, mystery books I read this year. This novel was filled with a lot of action, mystery and I found myself anything about this book that I disliked. I felt myself getting drawn to the characters, mostly Janelle, Ben & Alex and each page, each sentence is what kept me on reading, I wanted to see what’s going to happen next, I needed to know. I always enjoyed mystery novels and Unraveling had a lot of mystery and found myself wondering same things that Janelle was while trying to solve it. Elizabeth Norris’s debut was addicting, entertaining read and I would highly recommend reading it.

Girl’s fight to save herself, her world, and the boy she never saw coming. 
Two days before the beginning of junior year, Janelle Tenner is hit by pickup truck while on her way from work and is killed. Moments later, she feels her life flashing before her and then sees nothing. When she wakes up, she sees Ben Michaels, a stoner kid from her school kneeling in front of her, and even though she knows it’s not possible, she knows that he was the one who had healed her. Soon Janelle finds out that is least of her worries. 

While snooping in her father’s FBI files, for clues for her accident and comes across countdown clock but she’s not sure what it’s countdown to. When someone close to Janelle is killed, Janelle puts the pieces together and realizes that the accident, the murder, Ben’s sudden appearance in her life, countdown clock is all part of plan, and it all leads up to one thing, end of world. Will she be able to stop it, before the time runs out?

Norris’s writing style was unique, I thought that it was original fact how each chapter was written by how many days. At first I wasn’t sure what those numbers meant, I thought it was hours but I wasn’t sure hours to what, till I read more of the novel and then I understood. I haven’t seen any writing style before and at each day, I felt anxious myself because I wasn’t sure if it was something that Janelle would be able to stop. I was praying for her to succeed. I think if it wasn’t for others helping her, Ben, Alex she wouldn’t be able to do it, she wouldn’t be able to solve the mystery of her father’s murder.

Ben & Janelle: I enjoyed the fact that relationship between them were different, how they felt about each other, considering fact that Janelle haven’t even spoken to Ben, not till after Ben brought her back to life. It did make me curious what would happen if that truck never hit her in first place, if she noticed and realized that world is coming to end. The tension between the two of them what made it seem more realistic then having them fall in love right away. I knew Ben cared for Janelle the moment he began healing her, the way he was telling her to hold on, from that moment on, I knew there would end being something between them. That’s why I was sad when he left at the end, it made me cry, even thought I knew why he had leave. I do hope that he comes back for her one day.

Alex :; Besides Janelle & Ben, he was my favorite character, I loved everything about him. He was loyal, especially with his friendship with Janelle. He even sneaked out, lied to his mother so he can help Janelle solve the mystery. I even found myself agreeing with him when he told her to go with FBI with this. That’s why I wasn’t happy when they killed him at the end, I was hoping that Ben would be able to heal him and when he didn’t, I found myself crying, along with Janelle. Her dad was already killed, hasn’t she been through enough. I was really hoping Alex would make it.

The novel was action packed and it had so much mystery, it kept me guessing more, as the book progressed. It also had twists that I did not see coming, with Reid, with Janelle’s father and Alex’s murder. This was an amazing debut and I was glad that I picked it up. This is type of novel I have feeling I be reading more of, in future. I can’t wait till Norris writes more novels; I look forward to reading them.

Stay With Me

Stay With Me
Paul Griffin
Publication Date:September 8,2011
Genre:YA Romance,Crime.


Stay With Me was one of the novels, which I was glad that I came across. Stay With Me came as recommendation to me on Goodreads, so when I saw it in library, I checked it out. I was hooked from first sentence, making me curious right away what happened with the couple. The writing style was unique and filled with so much emotion, action. It made me fall in love with characters and found myself rooting for characters.

  Fifteen year old Cece & Mack never planned to fall in love. While Cece is A student, Mack in high school dropout, yet he knows that he wants to be with her the moment he meets her. Even though he knows that he isn’t good for her. Soon Cece and Mack find themselves spending most of their time with each other. They find themselves bonding over rescue dog, telling each other secrets and even planning their future together.

That is all taken away, when Mack loses his temper and makes a horrible mistake, sending Mack behind bars, only leaving Cece of memories of their time together. Will their love survive?

  Griffin’s writing their style was unique; I found it entraining that he wrote the novel by days and fact that he wrote both from Cece and Mack’s point of view. I felt like I got to know both of them more, better and felt as I could imagine what they both were going through, feeling. I loved the relationship between the two of them. It surprised me to find Mack falling in love with Cece so fast, he just didn’t seem the type of guy to fall in love, and that fast too. I also found it cute how much he cared about Cece. I could see how different person Mack was when Cece was around, he was able to control his anger more while she was around. It made me wonder if things turned out differently if Cece was around when Mack lost his temper.

  I felt like I wanted to kill Larry too after he killed Boo. I love animals, especially dogs as much as Mack did. I think maybe Mack should though of Cece when he went out to get revenge, to me it felt like he didn’t even care about anyone at that moment, only about getting revenge. I wasn’t happy how he treated Cece when she visited him either, even thought I understood why he acted, way he did. Bond between him and one of the Guards, I thought that was something different, not someone that you see often, I was glad to see that he at least got to make one friend, a loyal one.

The ending made me cry, especially when Cece went running after the bus, to say goodbye. I wanted to stop the bus myself, just so she could get to say her goodbye. I was happy when Mack came to his senses, apologizing for his actions and when they finally got to say their goodbyes. It made me smile and cry at same time. It was the right ending. It’s a book worth reading.

Apr 25, 2012

North Of Beautiful.

North Of Beautiful.
Justina Chen Headley.
Publisher:Little Brown Books.
Publication Date:February17,2010.
Genre:YA Adventure,Romance


I came across North Of Beautiful by accident, while I was in library getting another book. Cover was actually what attracted my attention, it’s beautiful and appealing and I had a feeling I was going enjoy it. I found myself checking out the book without even reading the back. I’m glad I did, this book was fantastic, the writing, the story was unique and realistic and I felt like I could relate to Terra, even thought I didn’t have what she had, I did have low self esteem and I got teased at school so I felt myself relating to her. The characters were well developed, every single one of them, even Terra’s father who I wasn’t fond of. I found myself unable to put the book down, everything was capturing.

  Everyone notices Terra Cooper, however all that people really see is her flawed cheek where her birthmark is. Terra plans to escape the town, away from everyone, especially her controlling father to East College. Her plans get set off course when her father sees the acceptance letter and refuses to let her go. Terra now feels even more trapped.

Unexpected collision puts her path in front of Goth, yet handsome Jacob. He challenges her assumptions about herself, others and life. Even though she’s in relationship with Erik, as time passes and Jacob and Terra gets closer, she finds herself getting attracted towards him, and looking forward to spending time with him. Terra finds herself put in another direction; will Terra finally be able to find her true path?

Style of North of Beautiful was unique and unlike any other style I had read before. Each chapter had an entraining title. I loved Terra right from beginning, and felt bad for her and hated anyone who judged her, just because she has the birthmark doesn’t mean that they should judge her. I could tell that Terra tried to not let it bother her, it still did. I know that if I was in her situation I’d feel the same way. I was glad when she found Jacob, he seemed to be only one who still found her beautiful, who expected her for who she was and got her to accept for who she was, unlike Erik who was embarrassed for her cousin to see her with her birthmark. I loved the friendship between two of them.

Terra’s mother is another character I loved. Mostly because I saw the way she progressed through the novel, way she changed after the trip her and Terra took to China. I was glad to see her standing up to Grant after she came back from trip, finally taking a stand. I was surprises that he didn’t do anything violent during it, in case he actually went grocery shopping. I loved relationship between Terra and her mother and way they seemed to get closer with their trip to China; I could see how much they cared for one another.

  I never saw myself visiting China, till I read this novel, everything seemed so fascinating and now I see myself researching more about China and visiting one day. The descriptions Headley created were amazing and I felt like I was there, along with Terra, Norah, Jacob and Lois. Now the ending, fantastic, I was hoping that she and Jacob would end up by the end. This is type of novel I see myself reading again, in the future. There isn’t a single bad thing I can say about this book, it was one of best books I read.If i could give it more then 5 stars, i would.

Apr 21, 2012

The Iron Knight, Iron Fey, #4.

The Iron Knight.
Julie Kagawa.
Publisher:Harlequin Teen
Publication Date:October 26,2011
Genre:YA Fantasy,Romance,Adventure.
Series:Iron Fey,#4.


The Iron Knight was amazing end to Iron Fey series. I’m sad that it had reached its end but glad that I had discovered it, it was one of best series I have read, it had became one of my favorites and I see myself reading other Julie Kagawa books. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how much I would like this book since it’s from Ash’s point of view, but ended up loving as much as the other books in series. I felt like I got to know Ash even more and see how much he changed through the entire journey and besides Meghan, he been my favorite character. The ending made me smile, what an epic ending to amazing fairytale. This series is worth checking out; you won’t be able to put it down till the end.

  Ash, the prince of winter court, gave up everything for one girl, Meghan Chase, his title, his loyalty for court and his home. So that he could be with Meghan, but now she’s Iron Queen in Iron realm where Ash couldn’t go without getting sick. Only way that Ash can be with her is to get a soul, to become mortal.

With unwelcome company Puck, and Grimalkin, they set out to reach end of the world, to undergo series of tests, in order for him to get a mortal body and soul, tests that nobody had lived through before. But Ash will do anything to be with Megan, to keep his promise.

Out of all Iron Fey books, I believe that this one was most intense. It was filled with adventure and so much more challenges then the other novels. I saw how much Ash grew up just by reading The Iron Knight, how he changed from uncaring, cold prince of winter court to someone who would do anything to be with Meghan, even if that included becoming Mortal so he can be with her. All through his adventures, his tests I wanted for him to succeeded, I wanted for him to find his way to Meghan again.

I felt as I got to know Ash more, just by his thoughts, I was always curious what Ash was feeling. I was curious when Arielle came in picture again if he would still go through it or if he would stay with Ariella, way Meghan told him he should when they met through dream. I loved that scene between Ash and Meghan but I did feel sad for Ariella, I could tell that she still loved Ash. It made me cry when she sacrificed herself at end so Ash could get a soul.

I was glad to see Puck and Ash’s feud come to end, and as much as they denied it, I knew that they cared for one another. Just by the way they stood side by side on the journey; even if they had their moments and I was surprises that neither of them killed one another, I was sure by end of journey Puck or Ash would end up killing one another.

  Ending was epic, it made me smile and the fact that Ash wasn’t completely mortal was amazing. Perfect ending for them. Yet when I turned the last page, I was sad for it to come to end. Julie Kagawa created such magical world, even thought I know it wasn’t real to me it felt real, she brought it to life. I know that I am going miss the characters and reading about their adventures.

Apr 20, 2012

Distant Shores.

Distant Shores
Kristin Hannah
Publisher:Random House Publishing.
Publication Date: June 28,2011


Kristin Hannah’s novels always captured my attention, always kept me on going to the end. Distant Shores wasn’t any different, even though beginning was slow and I wasn’t sure if I was going enjoy, and that’s why I only gave it 4 stars. However, it picked up within few pages and at that point I didn’t want to stop till I reached the end. Distant Shores seemed different from other Hannah’s books that I have read, but as her others it made curious what’s going happen, it kept me wondering how things would turn out for Jack and Elizabeth. I found myself rooting for them both.

  Jack and Elizabeth ‘Birdie’ Shore had been married for 24 years, now with two grown children. It might seem like they have the perfect marriage, but when the girls go away to college, Jack and Elizabeth begin to drift apart. When Jack accepts a job he been waiting for, as always, Elizabeth follows him, supporting him even though New York is the last place she wants to be.

After her father’s unexpected death, Elizabeth begins to question herself, including her choices, her dreams and even her marriage. What Elizabeth does next, shocks her husband and her friends, when she decides to not go back to New York but back home, and follows her dreams, not Jack’s.

I thought Hannah’s writing style was unique, I liked it how it was from both Elizabeth and Jack’s point of view, the way it kept going back and forth, I felt as I got to know them both better. To be honest, I wasn’t fond of Jack till almost to very end, I felt that he didn’t treat Elizabeth a way husband should treat a wife. I understand that he got his dream job, but he should at least talk with Elizabeth when he first got interview in New York, and maybe the aftermath could ended differently. To me, it seemed that he only cared about what he wanted and not what Elizabeth wanted.

Elizabeth, I loved her character from beginning. Even thought I didn’t agree with some of her choices, I believed she should talked to Jack more about how she felt, and not through a letter, and she should given Anita more of a chance in beginning, especially considering fact that she did nothing but be nice to her. I was proud of her, how much she grew through the book and finally had courage to follow her dreams and finally give Anita a chance, way she should have all those years ago.

The ending was romantic; it put a smile on my face. I thought it was a great happy ever after ending. I ‘m happy that I picked this novel up. It made me smile, cry and even get angry at some characters at time but it was worth it.

Apr 19, 2012

Two Truths And A Lie, The Lying Game, # 3

Two Truths And A Lie.
Sara Shepard.
Publisher:Harper Teen.
Publication Date:February 7,2012.
Genre:YA Mystery,Thriller.
Series:The Lying Game,#3.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|295.


The Lying Game has became one of my favorite series, especially after reading Two Truths And A Lie , it seems as if each book in series keeps getting more intense, more interesting and just when you think that you resolved the mystery, Sara Sheppard put another twist. What I enjoy about this series is the fact that you don’t even see it coming till very end, it just the type of mysteries I enjoy. Two Truths and a Lie were like that, but it was filled with more action and danger, I enjoyed it more than the last. Out of all 3 books, so far Two Truths and a Lie were my favorite. It kept me on my edge, even at the end.

Two Truths and a Lie start off where Never Have I Ever leaves off.
The mysterious Thayer Vega returns to town after being gone for months. The first place he comes to is to Sutton’s bedroom which scares Emma especially since he becomes one of the suspects. He ends up in jail soon after since Mr. Mercer decides to press charges which causes a drift between Emma and Laurel, and Emma & Madeline.

Emma begins to wonder if Thayer came back for revenge, if he’s aware of her real identity and begins to investigate, what sort of relationship Sutton and Thayer had a relationship and if came back for Emma.

There so many parts of this book I loved. There was so much mystery and it kept me wondering, from beginning and even at the end I kept myself wondering. I was sure, especially after Emma visited Thayer at jail that he was the killer because of the way that he was talking to Emma, it seemed, dangerous, in general he seemed pretty dangerous to me. I found myself scared for Emma; I was hoping that he wouldn’t be released from jail. After Sutton’s first few flashback, I was found myself feeling more scared for Emma.

I loved Sutton’s flashback, I felt as I got to know not only Sutton but Thayer more even if in beginning I wasn’t fond of him, till it was revealed in Sutton’s flashback that Thayer saved her, and it confused me because now it left me with yet another mystery. It made me wonder if it wasn’t Thayer who seemed dangerous enough before, then who could possibly killed Sutton? But that what makes the book so entertaining, it keeps you guessing.

Laurel, I liked her in other books but this book not so much, she seemed like a complete bitch to Emma the whole time. If Madeline could forgive her, so could she. Even before the ending was revealed, I had the feeling that she was hiding something, by way she treated Emma, way she hasn’t for while, there was always something dangerous in that look. I did not see ending coming, which was so intense and scary, I felt as I was there and the look Laurel gave Emma, terrified me. Laurel is not only person I am suspicious about, Ethan too, there were something that not right about him, especially the way he took off when Thayer showed up, like he was afraid.

Two Truths and a Lie were filled with a lot of emotions, with flashbacks between Thayer & Sutton and between Emma and Ethan. I’m not sure if I can wait till end of July for Hide And Seek , I want see what happens right now, I want see if the killer will be revealed in next book and what Laurel and Ethan hiding and if Emma will finally be able get some peace. If you are into Mysteries, this is book for you.

Apr 14, 2012

Never Have I Ever, Lying Game, #2

Never Have I Ever.
Sara Shepard.
Publication Date:August 2nd,2012.
Genre:YA Mystery.
Series:The Lying Game,#2.
Format|Pages:Hardcover| 309.


Never Have I Ever is a second book in The Lying Game Series and even thought enjoyed The Lying Game, but Never Have I Ever captured my attention more and was more appealing for me to read. The story was filled with more exploration and there was mystery through the entire book, even at the end. Each page kept me on edge of my seat, keeping me wondering what’s going to happen with Emma next, if she finally resolve the mystery.

Never Have I Ever , takes place where Lying Game left off. Emma Paxton, still pretending to be her twin sister, Sutton Mercer and digs deeper into mystery of her sister’s murder. With help of Ethan, the only one who is aware of her identity. However, the deeper she digs, the more secrets she discovers about Sutton, about her friends. Soon, Emma feels as someone is following her, watching her every move.

When Emma discovers about Sutton’s prank on train tracks, which lands Gabby in the hospital, pretty sure that Twitter twins are out for revenge, the twins become Emma’s number one suspects. Will Emma be able to prove that they killed Sutton? Before she’s next?

Sara Sheppard did it again, just when you think that you know who killer is, only to find out that it’s only the beginning. I was a 100 % sure that Twitter Twins were Sutton killers, especially after the flashback that Sutton had, after the train tracks prank, way that Lilli texted Sutton, telling her she kill her if anything was wrong with her sister. I felt anxious anytime twins were around Emma, especially when they offered her a ride, I found myself holding my breath, positive that they were going do something. I did not see the end result coming, prank didn’t even cross my mind, I thought that would be end for Emma.

I could see how much Emma’s character developed since last book. It seemed as if she was more determined in figuring out, who Sutton’s killer was, even as it got dangerous for her. I also noticed that Emma got much better at pretending of being Sutton and actually bonding not just with Sutton’s friends but Laurel as well, and how we got see more of Sutton’s home life then in the last book.

I’m happy for Emma and Ethan, I could tell that he cares for her and I am glad she found someone, who’s aware of her real identity, which she can come to when needed. I did want talk some sense into Emma when she rejected Ethan, saying it be complicated if they got into a relationship. If she liked him, then she wouldn’t care about that, even if she was pretending to be Sutton.

Now, the ending, Wow. It was intense, I didn’t see that coming, I didn’t expected Thayer to come back and I had a feeling that there was something not right about him, something dangerous. It left with such Cliffhanger, making me eager to read Two Truths And A Lie , wanting find out what happens next, where Thayer been this entire time.

Apr 13, 2012

A Temptation Of Angels.

A Temptation Of Angels
Michelle Zink.
Publisher:Penquin Group.
Publication Date:March 20,2012.
Genre:YA Fantasy,Adventure,Romance
Format|Pages:E Book|448.


I came across A Temptation Of Angels on Goodreads, while surfing the site for some books. Cover is what captured my attention, the girl looked so mysterious. I love books about Angels and I had check this book out, and glad that I did, it was fantastic! The book was filled with action, adventure and mystery from the first page. This is a first book that I read by Michelle Zink, and after reading A Temptation of Angels, I plan on reading rest of her books. I would highly recommend checking out this book, you’ll find yourself unable to put it down.


Even angels make mistakes
When her parents are murdered before her eyes, sixteen-year-old Helen Cartwright finds herself launched into an underground London where a mysterious organization called the Dictata controls the balance of good and evil. Helen learns that she is one of three remaining angelic descendants charged with protecting the world’s past, present, and future.

Unbeknownst to her, she has been trained her whole life to accept this responsibility. Now, as she finds herself torn between the angelic brothers protecting her and the devastatingly handsome childhood friend who wants to destroy her, she must prepare to be brave, to be hunted, and above all to be strong, because temptation will be hard to resist, even for an angel.

Michelle Zink captured my attention from first sentence. Temptation Of Angels started out with sixteen year old, Helen escaping her house when her parents are attacked. From moment Helen woke up, heard noises, I knew that something was going to happen and not anything good. In beginning, I wasn’t sure what was going on but I found myself rooting for Helen, to escape, especially when the house started burning. Way Helen handled herself, while having no idea what was going on, made me admire her. Even though at times she seemed stubborn to me, not following the brother’s directions, I saw the way she progressed, how much stronger she grew through the journey.

The Brothers, I honestly fond of them both from beginning, the fact how different they were but yet, both of them were willing to do anything, to protect Helen. Griffin, now him I adored, he was so sweet towards Helen from moment they met, and even he didn’t know Helen, he wanted to protect her. I knew right then, that something would happen between two of them, so of course I wasn’t surprised when they had fallen in love. I loved the scenes between two of them, it always filled with so much passion.

History of angels that was told within the story fascinated me, I was always into historic fiction within novels too. There wasn’t a moment in this novel that was dull, there was always something going on, some action. Now, there was also a surprise within book. Raum. I did not see the end coming, even though I had a feelings that he had feelings for her, I never imagined that she would have feelings for him, I thought that was kind of sudden twist and it was only for that reason that I gave it 4.8 stars. To me, it just seemed kind of rushed. Otherwise, Michelle added a nice ending to the book, but it did kind wish me it was series, to see what next in store for Helen, Griffin. This was enjoyable read.

Apr 12, 2012

Silence, Hush, Hush, #3

Becca Fitzpatrick.
Publisher:Simon &Schuster.
Publication Date:October4,2011
Genre:YA Fantasy,Romance.
Series:Hush,Hush #3


Hush; Hush Saga officially became one of my favorite series, and one of the most addicting series that I have read so far. Becca Fitzpatrick has such unique writing style that draws you into the story, from beginning. I felt as I was right besides Nora the entire time, and not just Nora but other characters as well. Not a single book in this series has disappointed me, Silence wasn’t any different, it took my breath away, it made me crave for more.

 Silence takes place where Crescendo left off. Nora Grey wakes up in cemetery with no memory how she got there, only to find out that she been missing for 3 months, with nobody knowing where she been or who has been with her. What Nora can’t seem to understand is why she can’t remember the last 5 months of her life. Only find out that her mother been dating Hank Millar, who she doesn’t like right from very start.

Nora tries return to her normal life, get back to school, hang out with her best friend and try her best, to avoid Hank. Then Nora starts getting visions of Angel wings, of mysterious guy that she has a feeling has something to do with her former life, which she can’t remember. Then she meets mysterious guy, Jev who she feels a strong connection to, anytime she’s around him, she fells happy and an urge to be closer to him and soon come to realization that she might be falling in love.

Nora is desperate to find answers, of her kidnapper and once she finds what he’s capable of, she won’t stop at nothing, to get her revenge.

Silence was intense from beginning when Patch was making deal with Hank. I was wondering why Nora couldn’t remember the last 5 months of her life, instead of the time she was missing. It made me curious if Nora would remember what happened, if she remembered that Hank was the one who took her, that Jev was Patch. I felt as if I could feel Nora’s pain when she couldn’t remember, I think I freak out too if I found I was abducted but couldn’t remember how or when, honestly I would be more freaked out. I did hope that she would remember, and soon.

I hated Hank in last book but this book I hated him more. Especially when I found out what effect he was putting on Nora’s mother, I hoped that Nora would be one to finish him off, I want revenge as much as Nora did. What pissed me off about Hank is how he pretended with his mom, I had feeling right from beginning that he was using Nora’s mom, to get to her, yet he still acted as he could control Nora. At end I knew that Hank would try something when he found Nora wouldn’t kill him, and in way I’m glad he did since it got him killed. I am curious if her mom would remember, if she be curious what happened to him and if he was one who kidnapped Nora.

Relationship between Nora & Scott was cute, even though I knew that she loved Patch, I could feel how much she cared for Scott. Considering she took Patch’s clothes and cash from his house, to give to Scott and way she always wanted to
make sure that he was okay. This book kept me on reading and I can’t wait till Becca’s next installment, I want see how Nora handles her new power, and she can really avoid the war.

Apr 1, 2012

Lone Wolf.

Lone Wolf.
Jodi Picoult.
Publisher:Atria/Emily Bestler Books.
Publication Date:February 28,2012.
Genre:Family Realthionships,Drama.


I had been fan of Jodi Picoult since 2008, when a friend of mine told me about her and I decided to check it out. So far I enjoyed most of her novels; there was couple books that I didn’t enjoy as much as others but most of her books kept my attention, my interest. Lone Wolf was one of those books, keeping my attention from beginning to end. Each page was filled with action; unexpected twists which made me want more, made me curious what’s going to happen next, how it all will end.

Six years ago, at age 18 Edward Warren left the family after a fight with his father, Luke. Now, Edward been living in Thailand, teaching, till he gets a frantatic phone call from his mother, telling his that his father and sister, Cara been in accident. Edward finds himself on the next plane out; to see the family he hasn’t seen in years. Once there, he finds his father Comatose and his sister injured.

Once it looks like his father is not going to improve, a decision must be made. While Cara wants to wait for a miracle, sure that one will come soon; Edward wants to termite life support and donates his father’s organs. When Cara finds out what Edward wants to do, she’s sure that he is doing out of hate for his father. How far is Cara willing to go, to stop Edward?

 In my opinion, Lone Wolf was one of the most emotional novels that Jodi wrote. From the first page, from moment I heard Luke’s fate the first time, I had a feeling that this was going to be emotional read. I always enjoyed books about family relationships and Jodi always done a great job with those. Lone Wolf wasn’t any different and hearing from each character’s point of view, their thoughts, and their feelings worked very well for this novel, I felt as I could relate to each of characters even if I didn’t know what they were going through.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy Wolf aspect of the book, but that ended up being one of my favorite parts of the book, when wolf’s behaviors were described. Jodi did an amazing job with descriptions, I learned much more about wolves then I knew before I read the book. I especially enjoyed reading about Luke’s time with the wolves, way he lived with them and way they had accepted him as one of the pack. I was sure in beginning when he thought about doing it, that he would end up getting killed. Yet, I still wasn’t happy with him for leaving his family; I think if that ever happened in my family, I wouldn’t be too happy.

The intense relationship between the family, especially Cara and Edward was what made it more thrilling to read. I felt for Cara, yet I found myself agreeing with Edward too, especially after hearing the news of Luke’s condition. I actually found myself for Edward to win the case, to be able to decide his father’s fate. I loved the fact that this book consisted of mostly family relationship. This book made me cry few times, and I found myself angry at certain characters. I found myself rooting for Luke, to pull through. Jodi had found a way to bring story to life once again, I can’t wait till her next novel, and I always look forward to her novels each year.

Story For Dessert Published @ 2014 by Ipietoon