Apr 19, 2012

Two Truths And A Lie, The Lying Game, # 3

Two Truths And A Lie.
Sara Shepard.
Publisher:Harper Teen.
Publication Date:February 7,2012.
Genre:YA Mystery,Thriller.
Series:The Lying Game,#3.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|295.


The Lying Game has became one of my favorite series, especially after reading Two Truths And A Lie , it seems as if each book in series keeps getting more intense, more interesting and just when you think that you resolved the mystery, Sara Sheppard put another twist. What I enjoy about this series is the fact that you don’t even see it coming till very end, it just the type of mysteries I enjoy. Two Truths and a Lie were like that, but it was filled with more action and danger, I enjoyed it more than the last. Out of all 3 books, so far Two Truths and a Lie were my favorite. It kept me on my edge, even at the end.

Two Truths and a Lie start off where Never Have I Ever leaves off.
The mysterious Thayer Vega returns to town after being gone for months. The first place he comes to is to Sutton’s bedroom which scares Emma especially since he becomes one of the suspects. He ends up in jail soon after since Mr. Mercer decides to press charges which causes a drift between Emma and Laurel, and Emma & Madeline.

Emma begins to wonder if Thayer came back for revenge, if he’s aware of her real identity and begins to investigate, what sort of relationship Sutton and Thayer had a relationship and if came back for Emma.

There so many parts of this book I loved. There was so much mystery and it kept me wondering, from beginning and even at the end I kept myself wondering. I was sure, especially after Emma visited Thayer at jail that he was the killer because of the way that he was talking to Emma, it seemed, dangerous, in general he seemed pretty dangerous to me. I found myself scared for Emma; I was hoping that he wouldn’t be released from jail. After Sutton’s first few flashback, I was found myself feeling more scared for Emma.

I loved Sutton’s flashback, I felt as I got to know not only Sutton but Thayer more even if in beginning I wasn’t fond of him, till it was revealed in Sutton’s flashback that Thayer saved her, and it confused me because now it left me with yet another mystery. It made me wonder if it wasn’t Thayer who seemed dangerous enough before, then who could possibly killed Sutton? But that what makes the book so entertaining, it keeps you guessing.

Laurel, I liked her in other books but this book not so much, she seemed like a complete bitch to Emma the whole time. If Madeline could forgive her, so could she. Even before the ending was revealed, I had the feeling that she was hiding something, by way she treated Emma, way she hasn’t for while, there was always something dangerous in that look. I did not see ending coming, which was so intense and scary, I felt as I was there and the look Laurel gave Emma, terrified me. Laurel is not only person I am suspicious about, Ethan too, there were something that not right about him, especially the way he took off when Thayer showed up, like he was afraid.

Two Truths and a Lie were filled with a lot of emotions, with flashbacks between Thayer & Sutton and between Emma and Ethan. I’m not sure if I can wait till end of July for Hide And Seek , I want see what happens right now, I want see if the killer will be revealed in next book and what Laurel and Ethan hiding and if Emma will finally be able get some peace. If you are into Mysteries, this is book for you.


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