Apr 30, 2012

Stay With Me

Stay With Me
Paul Griffin
Publication Date:September 8,2011
Genre:YA Romance,Crime.


Stay With Me was one of the novels, which I was glad that I came across. Stay With Me came as recommendation to me on Goodreads, so when I saw it in library, I checked it out. I was hooked from first sentence, making me curious right away what happened with the couple. The writing style was unique and filled with so much emotion, action. It made me fall in love with characters and found myself rooting for characters.

  Fifteen year old Cece & Mack never planned to fall in love. While Cece is A student, Mack in high school dropout, yet he knows that he wants to be with her the moment he meets her. Even though he knows that he isn’t good for her. Soon Cece and Mack find themselves spending most of their time with each other. They find themselves bonding over rescue dog, telling each other secrets and even planning their future together.

That is all taken away, when Mack loses his temper and makes a horrible mistake, sending Mack behind bars, only leaving Cece of memories of their time together. Will their love survive?

  Griffin’s writing their style was unique; I found it entraining that he wrote the novel by days and fact that he wrote both from Cece and Mack’s point of view. I felt like I got to know both of them more, better and felt as I could imagine what they both were going through, feeling. I loved the relationship between the two of them. It surprised me to find Mack falling in love with Cece so fast, he just didn’t seem the type of guy to fall in love, and that fast too. I also found it cute how much he cared about Cece. I could see how different person Mack was when Cece was around, he was able to control his anger more while she was around. It made me wonder if things turned out differently if Cece was around when Mack lost his temper.

  I felt like I wanted to kill Larry too after he killed Boo. I love animals, especially dogs as much as Mack did. I think maybe Mack should though of Cece when he went out to get revenge, to me it felt like he didn’t even care about anyone at that moment, only about getting revenge. I wasn’t happy how he treated Cece when she visited him either, even thought I understood why he acted, way he did. Bond between him and one of the Guards, I thought that was something different, not someone that you see often, I was glad to see that he at least got to make one friend, a loyal one.

The ending made me cry, especially when Cece went running after the bus, to say goodbye. I wanted to stop the bus myself, just so she could get to say her goodbye. I was happy when Mack came to his senses, apologizing for his actions and when they finally got to say their goodbyes. It made me smile and cry at same time. It was the right ending. It’s a book worth reading.


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