Apr 25, 2012

North Of Beautiful.

North Of Beautiful.
Justina Chen Headley.
Publisher:Little Brown Books.
Publication Date:February17,2010.
Genre:YA Adventure,Romance


I came across North Of Beautiful by accident, while I was in library getting another book. Cover was actually what attracted my attention, it’s beautiful and appealing and I had a feeling I was going enjoy it. I found myself checking out the book without even reading the back. I’m glad I did, this book was fantastic, the writing, the story was unique and realistic and I felt like I could relate to Terra, even thought I didn’t have what she had, I did have low self esteem and I got teased at school so I felt myself relating to her. The characters were well developed, every single one of them, even Terra’s father who I wasn’t fond of. I found myself unable to put the book down, everything was capturing.

  Everyone notices Terra Cooper, however all that people really see is her flawed cheek where her birthmark is. Terra plans to escape the town, away from everyone, especially her controlling father to East College. Her plans get set off course when her father sees the acceptance letter and refuses to let her go. Terra now feels even more trapped.

Unexpected collision puts her path in front of Goth, yet handsome Jacob. He challenges her assumptions about herself, others and life. Even though she’s in relationship with Erik, as time passes and Jacob and Terra gets closer, she finds herself getting attracted towards him, and looking forward to spending time with him. Terra finds herself put in another direction; will Terra finally be able to find her true path?

Style of North of Beautiful was unique and unlike any other style I had read before. Each chapter had an entraining title. I loved Terra right from beginning, and felt bad for her and hated anyone who judged her, just because she has the birthmark doesn’t mean that they should judge her. I could tell that Terra tried to not let it bother her, it still did. I know that if I was in her situation I’d feel the same way. I was glad when she found Jacob, he seemed to be only one who still found her beautiful, who expected her for who she was and got her to accept for who she was, unlike Erik who was embarrassed for her cousin to see her with her birthmark. I loved the friendship between two of them.

Terra’s mother is another character I loved. Mostly because I saw the way she progressed through the novel, way she changed after the trip her and Terra took to China. I was glad to see her standing up to Grant after she came back from trip, finally taking a stand. I was surprises that he didn’t do anything violent during it, in case he actually went grocery shopping. I loved relationship between Terra and her mother and way they seemed to get closer with their trip to China; I could see how much they cared for one another.

  I never saw myself visiting China, till I read this novel, everything seemed so fascinating and now I see myself researching more about China and visiting one day. The descriptions Headley created were amazing and I felt like I was there, along with Terra, Norah, Jacob and Lois. Now the ending, fantastic, I was hoping that she and Jacob would end up by the end. This is type of novel I see myself reading again, in the future. There isn’t a single bad thing I can say about this book, it was one of best books I read.If i could give it more then 5 stars, i would.


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