Apr 12, 2012

Silence, Hush, Hush, #3

Becca Fitzpatrick.
Publisher:Simon &Schuster.
Publication Date:October4,2011
Genre:YA Fantasy,Romance.
Series:Hush,Hush #3


Hush; Hush Saga officially became one of my favorite series, and one of the most addicting series that I have read so far. Becca Fitzpatrick has such unique writing style that draws you into the story, from beginning. I felt as I was right besides Nora the entire time, and not just Nora but other characters as well. Not a single book in this series has disappointed me, Silence wasn’t any different, it took my breath away, it made me crave for more.

 Silence takes place where Crescendo left off. Nora Grey wakes up in cemetery with no memory how she got there, only to find out that she been missing for 3 months, with nobody knowing where she been or who has been with her. What Nora can’t seem to understand is why she can’t remember the last 5 months of her life. Only find out that her mother been dating Hank Millar, who she doesn’t like right from very start.

Nora tries return to her normal life, get back to school, hang out with her best friend and try her best, to avoid Hank. Then Nora starts getting visions of Angel wings, of mysterious guy that she has a feeling has something to do with her former life, which she can’t remember. Then she meets mysterious guy, Jev who she feels a strong connection to, anytime she’s around him, she fells happy and an urge to be closer to him and soon come to realization that she might be falling in love.

Nora is desperate to find answers, of her kidnapper and once she finds what he’s capable of, she won’t stop at nothing, to get her revenge.

Silence was intense from beginning when Patch was making deal with Hank. I was wondering why Nora couldn’t remember the last 5 months of her life, instead of the time she was missing. It made me curious if Nora would remember what happened, if she remembered that Hank was the one who took her, that Jev was Patch. I felt as if I could feel Nora’s pain when she couldn’t remember, I think I freak out too if I found I was abducted but couldn’t remember how or when, honestly I would be more freaked out. I did hope that she would remember, and soon.

I hated Hank in last book but this book I hated him more. Especially when I found out what effect he was putting on Nora’s mother, I hoped that Nora would be one to finish him off, I want revenge as much as Nora did. What pissed me off about Hank is how he pretended with his mom, I had feeling right from beginning that he was using Nora’s mom, to get to her, yet he still acted as he could control Nora. At end I knew that Hank would try something when he found Nora wouldn’t kill him, and in way I’m glad he did since it got him killed. I am curious if her mom would remember, if she be curious what happened to him and if he was one who kidnapped Nora.

Relationship between Nora & Scott was cute, even though I knew that she loved Patch, I could feel how much she cared for Scott. Considering she took Patch’s clothes and cash from his house, to give to Scott and way she always wanted to
make sure that he was okay. This book kept me on reading and I can’t wait till Becca’s next installment, I want see how Nora handles her new power, and she can really avoid the war.


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