Feb 27, 2012

Charlotte's Web.

Charlotte's Web.
E.B White
Publisher:Harper & Publishers
Publication Date:June 15,1952.
Genre: Children's,Friendship.


Charlotte’s Web had always been one of my favorite books during childhood. My mom had read it to be when I was little and I read it once I learned how to read. I have read it in Russian the first time then once again when I learned English. However it had been few years since I have read the book. I did notice there were few slow parts in the books that I didn’t seem to notice when I read those years ago. Yet, I still love it as much as I had those years ago. I can see why so many children love this book. It has a lot of action within the book.
Charlotte’s Web tells a story about a Pig, Wilbur who gets rescued by girl, Fern when he’s about to get killed shortly after his birth because he’s smaller than the other pigs. Fern takes care of Wilbur, forming a special bond with him. After a while, Wilbur is relocated to her Uncle Zuckerman’s barn. Even thought Fern visits Wilbur at farm, as she gets older, her visits decrease and Wilbur starts to get lonely.

Eventually, Wilbur meets a grey spider, Charlotte who becomes his best friend. Charlotte is the one who ends up saving Wilbur from being killed, by writing messages in her web, which attracts attention from everyone all over, causing Wilbur to become famous

I loved the friendship between Wilbur and Charlotte from very beginning. I had feeling from their very first meeting that the two of them would have a special bond. The friendship that the two of them have is a true friendship. Considering what Charlotte does, in order to save Wilbur and the way that she’s always by his side when he gets upset. She was my favorite character and I did get pretty sad when she did eventually died.

Templeton, that’s another character that I enjoyed, mostly because he was so different from other characters and his attitude. The Stubborn attitude that he had. Yet, he was still willing to help Charlotte when she asked him too, even though he complained in beginning, he still came through for her, in the end.

I think this is very good book, for children and I even enjoyed it, after reading it again, after so many time. It shows a true meaning of a friendship.

The Mermaid's Mirror.

The Mermaid's Mirror.
L.K Madigan.
Publisher:Houghton Mifflin Books.
Publication Date:October 4,2010.
Genre:YA Paranormal,Mystery.


For as long as I remember, I had always been fascinated with Mermaids. Ever since I saw Little Mermaid when I was younger. It was one of the reasons I picked up The Mermaid’s Mirror , it seemed like it would be an interesting read, at least that’s an impression I got after reading the description. It turned out to be not as interesting as I thought it be, it disappointed me. The first half of book was really hard to get into; it was bit slow for me. It wasn’t till Lena started discovering about her family, that it got exciting. The Mermaid’s Mirror was the first Mermaid novel I read, but wasn’t too happy with it.

Lena lived her entire life, near the beach, it seems as something always keep drawing her to the Ocean. Multiple times, Lena found herself on the beach in the morning, with no memory of how she gotten there in the first place, that she keeps a secret from others. Her sixteen birthday approaching, Lena wants to finally surf, but her father, once a famous surfer till the accident, forbids her to.

Then Lena sees a mermaid, with silver tail which draws her even more towards the ocean. Against her father’s wishes, she starts get surfing lessons from Kai’s sister, going behind both of her parent’s back. Unlike other beginners, surfing seems to come naturally to Lena, and she’s hoping eventually to see that mermaid, that had been constantly on her mind, she feels as if she connected to her somehow.

It’s not till she surfing by herself one day, and gets rescued by the mermaid, who gives her a key. A Key that unlocks cabinet to Mermaid’s mirror and it’s then that Lena discovers who her mother was, that her own father had been keeping secrets from her. Angry and hurt at both of
her parents, Lena goes to her mother, to her world and there she must decide who she really wants to be

 To be honest, I wasn’t sure how much I would end up liking this novel. When I had started it reading it, the first half of the novel didn’t really capture my attention all that much. I couldn’t really get into it much till around time when Lena started surfing, after that, it seemed to pick up more. I was about to give up till that part. However, once Lena got the key and discovered the mirror, that’s when the novel got appealing for me.

I thought that Under the Water world was fascinating, that was probably my favorite part out of the whole world. For the longest time, I thought that Lena actually considered about staying there, especially after she started asking where she could get the tail, I thought she go through it. I did feel bad for her dad though while she was in the water, I couldn’t imagine what could possibly be going through his mind at that moment.

Kai, I felt bad for him. I could tell that he cared about Lena. I knew that she cared about him too but not as much as he cared about her and to be honest, I don’t think that was really fair to Kai. Especially when she took off, without even saying anything to him and then getting herself involved in relationship with a merman, Nix. Who I felt that Lena wasn’t fair to either, especially after telling him she never leave him, she took off without even saying, explaining herself to him.

To me, ending seemed unrealistic. She seemed to return to her former life as nothing happened. It just seemed unresolved. I was hoping she would at least return to sea, to see Nix, especially considering fact how she told him how she loved him. Also what about the tail, the one she was so content on getting? It was not a book I was expecting, I was hoping for more action. I was hoping at least some issues would be resolved. However, it wasn’t a bad read, there were few aspects of book I did enjoy.

Feb 25, 2012

Someone Like You.

Someone Like You.
Sarah Dessen
Publication Date:May 11,2004
Genre:YA Friendship,Family,Romance.


Someone Like You was a first novel that I read by Sarah Dessen . I have heard, read good reviews about Sarah and I could see why so many people like her. The novel was very well written, it had a lot of action and Drama but just the right amount of Drama, I can see myself reading rest of her books. This book had everything, friendship, family relationships, romance, and teenage pregnancy. There wasn’t a single moment in the book that was boring; I actually didn’t want the book to come to end. I found myself wanting to know what would happen with them in the future.

Scarlett & Halley are best friends and had always been there for one another. While Halley is away at Summer Camp, Scarlett calling her, telling her that her boyfriend Michael died in motorcycle accident and Halley instantly comes, to comfort her best friend. Not long after Michael’s death, Scarlett discovers that she’s pregnant with his child, and to everyone’s surprise she decides to keep the baby. Halley stands by Scarlett’s side, during her pregnancy.

During that time, Halley starts get to know Michael’s best friend Macon more and even though two of them are complete opposites, the two of them bond and eventually begin going out. However it’s not long before Macon starts pressuring her about sex, and for a while she pushes away but knowing if she keeps pushing him away, that she will lose him. Within time Halley realizes that she had fallen in love with him but she’s not too sure if he loves her way she loves him. But the more she hangs out with Macon, the more she begins to change. 

 Scarlett & Halley : I just loved their friendship, No matter what happened, they were always there for each other, even when they got into that fight, about Macon, Halley was there for Scarlett when she went into the labor. Halley was one of the people who stood by Scarlett’s side through the entire pregnancy and was the one who supported her decision of keeping the baby. I could tell that they cared about each other; I know reason that she warned Halley about Macon was because she didn’t want for her to get hurt, and Halley, she left camp early, just to come to Scarlett, because she asked her, because she needed her. Now that’s a real friendship that is the kind of friendship that could last a lifetime.

Halley & Macon : I loved the two of them together, mostly because I liked how the two of them were so different, yet they still ended up falling in love with each other. Even though I wasn’t too happy with Macon for pressuring with Halley about sex and I couldn’t blame her for breaking up with him after accident. However, I knew that he really cared about her; I just had the feeling, especially after that scene at the dance. I was kind of rooting for them to get back together but was disappointed when they didn’t. I like the fact that their relationship was kind of forbidden romance relationship, and it was unlike other relationships I read about in other books.

I was kind of hoping that Halley & her mom would reunite in some way. I was glad to see that Scarlett and her mom did in way, and I was happy to see she found Cameron, I wanted to see her happy again, I knew how heartbroken she was over Michael but I did wonder if Michael actually loved her way she loved him.I thought it was sweet way everyone came together during Scarlett's labor, i did not expect for everyone show up in waiting room. In general, I really enjoyed this novel

Feb 23, 2012

The Chick And The Dead, Pepper Martin #2.

The Chick And The Dead.
Casey Daniels.
Publication Date:February 27,2007.
Genre:Fantasy,Paranormal Mystery.
Series:Pepper Martin,#2.
Format|Pages:Mass Market Paperback|323.


The Chick and the Dead is the second book in Pepper Martin Mysteries . It had been few years since I read the 2nd book since for while it was only one I didn’t have so I finally got it over Christmas. I loved it. I actually liked this book more then I liked the first book in series, it had much more action. I loved that this book started from Cliffhanger from the last book. I loved Didi right from beginning. Even though it been few years since I first read this book, I found it hard to put it down. Once again Casey Daniels didn’t disappoint me.

Pepper Martin though that her detective days for the dead is over, till Didi Bowman who been dead over 50 years appears, wanting Pepper’s help. At first, Pepper refuses to help Didi, wanting nothing to do with ghosts. That is till Pepper is laid off her job at the arrival of Merilee Bowman, a famous author of So Far The Dawn. After being laid and barely having money for rent, she goes in search of Didi, thinking that solving her murder is just what she needs, to earn some money. Only to find out that it’s not murder she wants, she wants Pepper that she was the one who wrote So Far The Dawn.

While Pepper investigates, she finds some stuff about Didi, something that she been keeping from Pepper and finds herself hesitant about Didi, about if she actually wrote the book. After sudden murder of Merilee’s assistant, she finds herself working for Merilee and that’s when she begins investigate deeper. While investigating, Pepper begins find herself in trouble, having the feeling that someone doesn’t want her to find the truth about the book’s author.

I loved all the suspense in this book. I actually was glad that Pepper wasn’t aware of Merilee before her arrival; it seemed more realistic that she wasn’t one of those obsessed fans; I had a feeling that if she was, she would have even harder time believing Didi about the book. I couldn’t really blame Pepper for having her doubts; there were certain things that Didi wasn’t honest about. If I was in the same situation as Pepper, I would have the same issue.

I loved Didi, her attitude, well sometimes her attitude would annoy me, but she had some good points especially when it came to advice. She was so different then Gus was in the first book, it seemed to me that she at least cared about Pepper some unlike Gus, I had feeling that he didn’t really care about Pepper all that much, he always seemed to be ruining things for her.

This book had much more mystery in it then the last book and Pepper seemed to be obsessing over guys less. To me it seemed that she really did want figure out the truth. I liked the fact that this book was not all about murder but about a romance novel. When I first got the book, I didn’t read the back and I thought that it would be another murder mystery. Even though there was some murder involved, most of book concentrated on finding proof that Didi wrote the book. I think the more she investigated, the more she became fond of Didi.

I was bit confused about Dan in this book, but I liked the fact how mysterious he was in this book, he was acting completely different then in last book. I want see what happens next with him. There was so much suspense, drama in this book that it was hard not to like this book. If you like ghosts, mysteries, action, this is the book worth checking out.

Summer Island.

Summer Island.
Kristin Hannah.
Publisher:Random House Publishing.
Publication Date:June 1,2010.


Summer Island was another amazing novel by Kristin Hannah . So far not a single book of hers that I read had disappointed me, this book wasn’t any different. The book did start out little bit slowly for me and that’s why I only gave it 4 stars but once it picked up, I couldn’t put it down. I wanted to see what would happen with Nora, with Ruby and even with Dean but I mostly wanted to find what would happen with Nora and Ruby. The book kept me on the edge of my seat, and I found myself unable to put it down till I finished it.

 Nora Bridge walked on her family years earlier, leaving her daughters: Ruby & Caroline behind. Now, Nora is loved and successful advice columnist. While Ruby is struggling with her own career, as a comedian. Then a scandal from Nora’s past is revealed and she begins receiving hate mail, letter from people who once loved her. Top of the scandal, Eric Sloan, her daughter’s childhood best friend who she learned to love as her own son is dying. While trying to get away from everything and everyone, Nora gets in accident.

Meanwhile, Ruby gets an opportunity of lifetime, to write all about her mother, to expose her. Angry, hurt with her mother for leaving them, she agrees. Then she hears about her mother’s accident and agrees to be care taker for her mother while she recovers. Even though it’s the last place Ruby wants to be at, Nora & Ruby return back to Summer Island which is filled with so many memories for Ruby. While there with her mother, she decided it be a best way to find out more about her mother, to expose her mother even more.

Meanwhile there, she runs into Dean Sloan, a guy she once loved, a guy whose heart she broke so many years ago. Ruby finds her old feelings, return but she find herself pushing him away. Top of it, she found out more about her mother, more then she knew and the more secrets she finds, and she finds herself slowly liking her, forgiving her, and harder it gets for her to write the article about her

There was quite bit drama in this novel, from very beginning to almost very ending. It was also an emotional book to read. It brought tears to my eyes anytime I read about Eric and way he was slowly slipping away within each day. However I was glad that he reunited with his brother Dean and Ruby. I could tell that Dean was feeling guilty, I wasn’t too happy with him when I found way he treated Eric once he found he was gay, but I could tell that he really cared about his brother. I could tell by way he talked to him and took care of him, and made sure that Eric still somehow enjoyed himself while he still had time.

Nora & Ruby : I loved their relationship, I loved the tension between the two of them, and well I guess it was more awkward for Ruby. I was actually surprised when she agreed to take care of Nora, considering the fact how much Ruby seemed to hate her, all those years. I think it made it more realistic that Ruby didn’t bond with Nora right away. I don’t think that she really bonded with her till she found the whole truth about Nora, from her father. I didn’t see that coming, all that time I thought that Nora was one cheated, especially considering how her husband acted after she left. I was happy to see when Nora and Ruby finally bonded, I was glad to see that Ruby finally got the mother she always wanted. I was wondering if she actually write the article after that.

Dean & Ruby : I got to admit that they were my favorite couple in the book. I knew that Dean loved Ruby even after all these years and at first I wasn’t so sure about Ruby. However after a while, especially after that bike ride that Dean and Ruby took, I knew that she loved him. I was hoping that she would come to her senses soon and go back to him; sometimes I wanted to talk some sense into her. However it made it more interesting this way, more interesting then if she went running to him from moment she saw him.

I could see how each character changed through the book, especially Ruby, It’s like she became completely different person. Even Caroline how she finally admitted to her mother how angry, hurt she was with her mother, all these years, for leaving. I’m glad that all of them finally bonded though. One thing I wish is that Eric could have lived till Ruby & Dean’s wedding. The last scene, of his last time alive, made me cry, I really liked Eric and I wish he could held on longer. I loved this book, it had a lot of family themes in it and a lot about betrayal, revenge, forgiveness, It’s worth reading it.

Feb 15, 2012

Home Front.

Home Front.
Kristin Hannah.
Publisher:St.Martin's Press.
Publication Date:January 31,2012.


Home Front was one of the most emotional novels that I have read, so far. I loved it, but through most of the book, I wanted to cry. It was also one of the best books I read. Even thought it was sad, from the moment I started reading the book, it got harder for me to put it down. I fell in love with the story. I wanted to see what would happen with characters next, I even found myself rooting from some of the characters, and wanting to talk some sense into others. If I could give this book more than 5 stars, I would. After reading this book, Kristin Hannah had officially became one of my favorite Authors. So far, no book has disappointed but this one was just plain amazing.

Jolene Zarkades didn’t have the best childhood till she met love of her Life, Michael Zarkades who she ends up marrying. The couple has deal with everyday challenges, Children, chores. Top of that, Jolene is a pilot in the army which Michael disagrees with since he’s anti- military. Their marriage starts falling apart after Michael begins to pull away from Jolene, after his father’s death. No matter what she does, doesn’t seem to satisfy him. Top of it, Jolene’s 12 year old daughter, Betsy is picking constant fights with her mother.

Then Jolene gets deployed along with her best friend, Tami to Iraq. Something that Michael is not happy about. Even though Jolene is hesitant to leave her family, to leave her two girls and her husband whose marriage is failing, she knows, as a soldier that it’s her duty. Leaving Michael, to deal with the girls while she’s gone. While in Iraq, she writes letters but leaves out some things that she thinks might scare them, wanting to protect him. It’s while she’s gone that Michael realizes how much she means to him.

Then tragedy strikes, changing Jolene in most unexpected way. War changes her. When Jolene finally comes home, she’s not the same person she used to be before she got departed. Jolene doesn’t only pull away from Michael when he tries to help her; she pulls away from her entire family. Michael however doesn’t give up, he will help Jolene in any way he can, to show her how much he still cares.

 I’ll be honest, this novel made me cry, more than once. I had put it aside for bit just because it got too sad for me. Yet, I kept on reading it because it was beautifully written, it been a while since I read a novel like this. Everything about it was plain amazing. The emotions, the story. I actually felt as I was there and when Jolene was depressed going through all those emotions, I felt sad as well, for her. Even thought I haven’t gone through what she did, I felt as I knew what she was feeling, the story felt so real. I felt so bad for her; I actually wanted to comfort her somehow. Just reading about how she was feeling, made me feel emotional.

The war part had a lot of great descriptions; I could actually imagine it as I read it. I loved fact that this was military based story. I have few friends in the army so it hit home for me, it made me think of them even more. I could tell that Kristin worked hard on this, it was very well written, I would never guess she knew nothing about Army beforehand. I was not happy with Michael in beginning, for not being supportive of his wife, even if he was anti army; he still should support his wife. Maybe, there is possibility there would been bit easier for her out there if she knew that he still loved her. I was hoping after he told her he didn’t love her anymore, he come to his senses, of course I wished it happened before she got deployed. But I saw big change in Michael, through the book, through most of characters. Yet I could tell by end, that Michael & Jolene were meant to be, after they went through such major event, Jolene’s accident, loss of her leg, depression and loss of her best friend, Michael was there every step of way and I knew eventually they find a way to each other again.

It was painful reading about Jolene’s grief, depression and physical therapy but all her emotions were so clear. I like Jolene from very beginning; she seemed so strong, so determined and so confident. It was sad seeing that sudden transformation at her, after the war. Yet, I was glad that she finally worked on getting back to which she was, I was hoping she was because I knew that her children needed her, even Betsy, even if she didn’t admit it. It was an emotional read most of the way, yet it’s worth reading it. I think that this is the book everyone should read. You won’t regret it. After this book, I will be reading rest of her books, I have feeling they’ll be as good.

Red Riding Hood.

Red Riding Hood.
Sarah Blakley -Cartwright.
Publication Date:March 16, 2011.
Genre:YA Fantasy,Horror,Romance.


I have wanted to Red Riding Hood for a while actually. I haven’t seen the movie yet and I’m glad I got to read the book first. I prefer to read the book before seeing the movie. It seems as not too many people seemed to like this book, however I loved it. I loved almost everything about this book. The Characters, the plot, the relationships between the characters. Reason I gave it 4 stars is because of incomplete ending when I read the ending, I like it to be in the actual book. Otherwise, the book was really interesting to read, I didn’t want to put it down till I reached the end.

For Generations, the wolf was kept at bay in village by monthly sacrifices, till Valerie is 17 years old when Wolf strikes, killing her sister, Lucie. Now, nobody is safe. Henry, a son of blacksmith tries to console Valerie but her heart belongs to someone else, an outcast woodcutter, Peter who after years of being gone, return. This complicates things when Valerie founds herself engaged to Henry. Peter offers her another life, to run away with him, to start a new life.

A Wolf expert comes to the village, to get rid of the Wolf. That’s when everyone realizes that the wolf could be anybody in the village. While the hunt is going on, Valerie soon realizes that she’s the only one who can hear the voice of the wolf. The Wolf tells her, to come away with him before the blood moon vanishes or he will kill everyone that she loves. Now Valerie has a choice to make

The beginning started out little slow for me but it picked up really fast for me after that. The story was pretty intense; it had a lot of action and horror added to it. I wondered after all this time, the wolf broke the peace and killed Lucie. I knew why by end, but it the beginning I wondered if Lucie actually went to meet the wolf or she just happened to be at wrong place, at wrong time. I did feel bad for Valerie, and for the family thought. I could tell that Valerie blamed herself as well.

I liked the chemistry between Peter & Valerie, yet I think that Valerie fell for Peter bit too fast. She only remembered him as a child and all of sudden when he comes back; she falls in love with him? It just didn’t seem too realistic to me. Otherwise, I loved their chemistry. I have a feeling that if her sister wasn’t killed, she would have run of with Peter. There was so much chemistry between two of them, so much passion, especially when they kissed. I felt bad for Henry though, I could tell that he really cared about her. I wish, she would at least give him some sort of chance. I was bit suspicious of Peter for while, for longest time, I suspected that he was the wolf, the way that he kept disseapereaing and after a while, I think that Valerie had the same feeling.

I had never suspected for wolf to be Valerie’s own father. That was a surprise. It did however explain why he was the only one that could hear her though. However, I wasn’t surprised that Peter got bitten in the end. It still didn’t feel like complete story in end. I feel as if there should be another book after. Otherwise, everything else was well written, hooked me. It got harder and harder for me to put down the book. Now I can’t wait to see the movie.

Feb 9, 2012


Jessi Kirby
Publisher:Simon & Schuster.
Publication Date: May 3,2011.
Genre:YA Family,Romance.


Moonglass was an incredible debut novel by Jessi Kirby, I loved everything about the novel, the style, the story, the characters. If I could give the novel more than 5 stars, I would. I first came across this book back in November 2011, around my birthday. I didn’t have enough to purchase it thought. What attracted me the first was the cover, It looked so pretty, so romantic. Once I got it from library, I couldn’t put it down. I wanted to see what will happen with Anna. The scenes, it made me feel as I was actually there, especially when Anna was on beach collecting sea glass. I always loved the Ocean; I could practically imagine myself there. Kirby brought this story to life.

When Anna was 7 years old, she watched her mother walk into the ocean and never come out. After all this years, she still grieving and still blaming herself for her death. When her father and her move to seaside where their parents first meet, at first Anna isn’t happy, afraid if they leave the place her mother drowned, her mother and her collected sea glass, that the memory of her will fade.

However, as rest of summer passes, as school starts, Anna makes some new friends, even joining the cross country team, and starts a forbidden romance with the beach lifeguard, Tyler. Anna continues on collecting sea glass, just as her mother and her done. 

Soon, Anna learns some things about her mother, how their parents met, from others, things she didn’t know. The discoveries causes her to get angry with her father, for never talking about her mother, even though she’s the reason he doesn’t talk about her in first place. The more she discovers, the deeper her grief seems to get.

 Wow, what is there not to love about this book? I loved the fact that Anna’s house was right by the beach, it actually made me jealous, it made me want go to the beach. I loved that Anna seemed both strong and weak, she had her moments but she seemed to hold herself, mostly through running, I think that’s what helped her. I loved her relationship with Tyler, fact that they were sneaking out to see one another, I always loved the idea of forbidden romance, it was always more interesting to read about. I was wondering though, if her father and her would ever talk about their mother and I was glad when they finally did, I felt as all of tension that was between them, lifted.

I loved fact that this was more of family novel. I could actually feel Anna’s pain. For while thought, I was wondering if her dad knew about his wife’s suicide and maybe he pretended it was an accident, not just for Anna but for himself as well. I thought that all those stories about cottages and about lifeguard ritual was interesting and I was pretty surprised to find that it was Anna’s father who started it, I just didn’t see him as wild kid. I was even more surprised that Anna did it that night. However, I had feeling that she more did that to Impress Tyler, but it was still impressive, I would never be able do what she done.

I loved Ashley, I loved everything about her, her attitude, her friendship with Anna and way she always seemed happy. She was so different from Anna, always cheerful and not really an athlete. I think that what made their friendship really interesting. If I didn’t know beforehand that this was her debut novel, I would never guess, the writing is amazing, It’s writing of someone who got talent. I can’t wait till she comes out with her next novel. I would recommend this to everyone, this is a must read. This story made me smile, laugh at times and even cry. It was pretty sad story but worth reading. It made it seem, real.

Feb 7, 2012


Sara Zarr.
Publisher: Little Brown & Company.
Publication Date:January 1st, 2009.
Genre:YA Friendship,Romance.


Sweethearts was a second novel that I read by Sara Zarr and it won’t be my last. I love Zarr’s writing style and the two books that I have read so far, had a different writing style and is what I love in books. No matter what she’s writing, Zarr just sucks you in with her plot, keeping you from putting it down till you finished. I was captured by both Jenna & Cameron from very beginning; I wanted to see what would happen with them next, if things would get better for them.

Cameron was Jennifer’s only friend, through most of her childhood. Jennifer being the fat kid when she was younger, she would constantly get picked on by her classmates. Cameron seemed the only person who even wanted to be around her. Two of them formed a special bond. Then one day Cameron disappears without even saying goodbye to her. Jennifer feels as part of her goes missing, once her best friend is no longer there, to protect her, to stand by her side.

Jennifer soon becomes ‘Jenna’ where nobody knows the real Jennifer. She has loving Stepfather, loving boyfriend Ethan and a great group of friends. Just as Jenna becomes happy again, Cameron comes back after years of being gone, turning Jenna’s world upside down. The more time she starts to spend with Cameron, the more she drifts away from her friends, her boyfriend and old Jennifer starts to re-appear. Jenna wants be around Cameron, but it also brings back memory of secret that her and Cameron kept for years; about the day his father tormented them. However, she finds herself wanting spend more time with him, wanting be close to him.

 There were some slow parts in the book, that’s why I gave it 4 stars. However, I enjoyed most of the book, it was easy read. The bond between Cameron and Jenna felt so real, I had feeling that there was more than friendship, than love there. There was something special between two of them. I was hoping that Cameron would come back, but part of me I knew that he would, that he would come back for her. I could tell from very beginning how important they were to one another. I knew that they made it through those few years till Cameron left because they had each other. This was unlike any other YA romance novel between two childhood friends, it was so much more. I could tell that Cameron was always one she cared about the most, considering fact that even when she thought he was dead, memories of his never faded. Instead of spending her time with her boyfriend, she spends with Cameron instead.

I was bullied and picked in through most of my school years, so I could actually relate to how Jenna was feeling, I felt so bad for her. Part of me wanted to just punch all of those kids. Just because she was fat, doesn’t mean that it gives them way to tormented her way they did. I wasn’t happy with her mother either, I had the feeling that Alan cared about her more than her own mother did. Even after Jenna confessed what happened with Cameron’s father when she was nine, she seemed more concerned about finding Cameron then Jenna; Alan seemed more concerned about her. I felt even worse for Cameron, what happened with her and his father, Jenna was there for it, just once but Cameron had to live with him.

I felt bit badly for Ethan, Jenna wasn’t really fair to him, and she pretty much ditched him, the moment that Cameron came back. I loved Stephanie, now she was a real friend, even after she told her some things, Stephanie was still there and proved to her but no matter what she was, she love her, no matter what. I was just glad that she had other friends to rely on, especially after Ethan left. I wasn’t expecting that, it wasn’t the best ending. I was hoping that he would stay, especially after Jenna told him she loved him. I loved pretty much everything about this book. The cover, I loved it, it really fit the storyline of the novel. I can’t wait to read rest of her novels, which I’m sure I love as much. So far I haven’t been disappointed.

Feb 4, 2012

SVH: A Killer On Board.

SVH:A Killer On Board.
Francine Pascal.
Publication Date:July 1,1995.
Genre:YA Thriller,Family.
Series:Sweet Valley High, Super Thrillers, #8
Format|Pages:Mass Market Paperback|227.


I had loved Sweet Valley High since 7th grade and read it almost all way through high school. For while, it was the only books I read. It just seemed that anytime I read the books, I couldn’t put them down, there was always something going on with twins, their friends, there was always some kind of twist that kept you on reading. Killer On Board was the same, expected since this was more on thriller book; it had even more action, each page kept me on wondering what’s going to happen next. I haven’t read this book till now and I’m glad I did. Francine Pascal has a way of sucking you into the story, she bring it to life.

 Killer On Board is book two of 2 part of thriller series. After a horrifying weekend, thinking that John Marin is safely behind bars, Ned Wakefield takes his family on Island Vacation. The family is finally able to relax, unaware that Marin had escaped and has come after the twins again, expect this time he’s not let them get away. While Jessica & Elizabeth are relaxing, Marin is planning his revenge, towards Ned for putting him in jail, not once but twice. Once Ned realizes that his family isn’t safe, will he be able to save them in time or will that be the end for Jessica & Elizabeth.
The novel captured my attention from very beginning. I was a little bit lost in beginning, since I didn’t read the first book but the book caught me up, pretty fast. Of course, I didn’t like Marin from very beginning and I knew when he was flirting with that new guard, being nice to her, so he can gain her trust and it would be easier to escape. If I was the guard, I probably would have fallen for him as well; he can be pretty charming and confining. He was very smart and well prepared for criminal, that one thing I liked about him, is the way he planned out everything and way he seemed get almost everyone on the island, to trust him. I was afraid for Jessica and Elizabeth; I really thought that he was going to kill them, more than once. It seemed as if they just escaped, he find them again.

Since I have read a lot of Sweet Valley High novels, I know how Elizabeth & Jessica tend to find. However, in this book I can tell that they truly care for one another, Jessica was constantly by Elizabeth side, trying to cheer her up, in the beginning of novel, and towards the end as well. The two sisters stick together when Marin came after both of them when he first found them. I loved the relationship between the two sisters in this book. I did wish Elizabeth relaxed more in beginning but then I couldn’t really blame her, I would be terrified as well, if something like that happened to me as well.

In general, Sweet Valley High didn’t disappoint me. It has been few years since I read it, think last time I read one; I was in 10th grade so been long time. It was definitely worth reading, there wasn’t one dull moment and you find yourself rotting for the characters.

Feb 2, 2012

Hush, Hush, Hush,Hush,#1

Becca Fitzpatrick
Publisher:Simon & Schuster.
Publication Date:October 13,2009.
Genre:YA Parnormal Romance,Fantasy.
Series:Hush, Hush, #1.


I have heard a lot about Hush, Hush Saga , there were a lot of good reviews about it. Then in November I got Silence for birthday. I was always into angels, more than Vampires so I finally got around to reading the first book. I wasn’t disappointed; it was one of the most addicting books I have read. The book did start out bit slow for me but everything else I loved about it. The Action, The tension between the characters, the storyline. It got really hard for me to put down the book; I wanted to see what’s going to happen next. After reading this novel, it had become one of my favorite series. Becca Fitzpatrick brought the story to life for me.

 Nora Grey was never attracted to any of boys at her school, not even when her best friend Vee tried getting her hooking up with some. All that changes when Nora is paired as a lab partner with Patch. Nora begins conflicted feelings about him, while part of her is attracted to him, another part is annoyed with him, and especially the way he treats her. Yet as times passes, Nora starts to get curious about him, he seems to know more about her than anyone else, and always appears where she is and knows what she’s thinking.

However when someone starts following her, someone in ski mask, endangering her life. Nora starts to get even more suspicious of Patch, especially when she sees V Shaped marks on his back. Making her wonder who Patch really is. Nora begins to investigate, asking questions about Patch. The more time that Nora spends with Patch, the stronger their connection grows. However, time is running out, for her when the attacks become more frequent. Nora finds herself having hard trusting anyone. She needs to figure out if Patch can protect her or if he’s the one who been after her, all this time.

Even thought in beginning, Patch kind of annoyed me, mostly because way he was treating Nora, I actually never expected for him to be in love with her all this time. Sometimes I just wanted to punch Patch, just to talk some sense into him. After time, I could tell that he really cared about Nora and I figured that he was being an ass to her, so she wouldn’t suspect anything. Of course, when he mentioned that he wanted to kill her and that was the reason he wanted to get close to her, I was shocked and had really hard believing that it was his real intention. I knew that if he really wanted to kill her, he wouldn’t kiss her. That was a surprising twist, for me. I loved the tension between two of them. It was much more interesting to read.

Nora, even though some people seem to find her annoying, I liked her. Nora seemed very determined, especially when she started investigating about Patch, trying to find out more about him. I loved fact that her feelings about Patch were conflicted and way she treated him as result of it. I knew the reason that she did, so that he would think that she wasn’t interested in him. Even though I’m pretty sure she was, from the moment she met him. As the book progressed, I could see her feelings growing stronger and stronger; otherwise she wouldn’t spend so much time with him.

I loved the ending. I knew there was something not right about Jules, Elliot I was bit suspicious of after way he started acting after he found Nora reading that article. I actually did this that Elliot was the one following her that he was the one that would end up killing her. It wasn’t too surprising that it turned out to be Jules. The quiet kid. Even if first few pages were kind of slow, once it picked up, it sucked me in and I spent few hours, trying to finish it. The suspense, the action kept me on reading, wondering how it all turns out, who the stalker would be. I can’t wait to read the next book, I want see what happens with Nora, Patch & even Vee. I want see what other adventures, obstacles that Nora and Patch overcome next.

Story For Dessert Published @ 2014 by Ipietoon