Feb 23, 2012

The Chick And The Dead, Pepper Martin #2.

The Chick And The Dead.
Casey Daniels.
Publication Date:February 27,2007.
Genre:Fantasy,Paranormal Mystery.
Series:Pepper Martin,#2.
Format|Pages:Mass Market Paperback|323.


The Chick and the Dead is the second book in Pepper Martin Mysteries . It had been few years since I read the 2nd book since for while it was only one I didn’t have so I finally got it over Christmas. I loved it. I actually liked this book more then I liked the first book in series, it had much more action. I loved that this book started from Cliffhanger from the last book. I loved Didi right from beginning. Even though it been few years since I first read this book, I found it hard to put it down. Once again Casey Daniels didn’t disappoint me.

Pepper Martin though that her detective days for the dead is over, till Didi Bowman who been dead over 50 years appears, wanting Pepper’s help. At first, Pepper refuses to help Didi, wanting nothing to do with ghosts. That is till Pepper is laid off her job at the arrival of Merilee Bowman, a famous author of So Far The Dawn. After being laid and barely having money for rent, she goes in search of Didi, thinking that solving her murder is just what she needs, to earn some money. Only to find out that it’s not murder she wants, she wants Pepper that she was the one who wrote So Far The Dawn.

While Pepper investigates, she finds some stuff about Didi, something that she been keeping from Pepper and finds herself hesitant about Didi, about if she actually wrote the book. After sudden murder of Merilee’s assistant, she finds herself working for Merilee and that’s when she begins investigate deeper. While investigating, Pepper begins find herself in trouble, having the feeling that someone doesn’t want her to find the truth about the book’s author.

I loved all the suspense in this book. I actually was glad that Pepper wasn’t aware of Merilee before her arrival; it seemed more realistic that she wasn’t one of those obsessed fans; I had a feeling that if she was, she would have even harder time believing Didi about the book. I couldn’t really blame Pepper for having her doubts; there were certain things that Didi wasn’t honest about. If I was in the same situation as Pepper, I would have the same issue.

I loved Didi, her attitude, well sometimes her attitude would annoy me, but she had some good points especially when it came to advice. She was so different then Gus was in the first book, it seemed to me that she at least cared about Pepper some unlike Gus, I had feeling that he didn’t really care about Pepper all that much, he always seemed to be ruining things for her.

This book had much more mystery in it then the last book and Pepper seemed to be obsessing over guys less. To me it seemed that she really did want figure out the truth. I liked the fact that this book was not all about murder but about a romance novel. When I first got the book, I didn’t read the back and I thought that it would be another murder mystery. Even though there was some murder involved, most of book concentrated on finding proof that Didi wrote the book. I think the more she investigated, the more she became fond of Didi.

I was bit confused about Dan in this book, but I liked the fact how mysterious he was in this book, he was acting completely different then in last book. I want see what happens next with him. There was so much suspense, drama in this book that it was hard not to like this book. If you like ghosts, mysteries, action, this is the book worth checking out.


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