Feb 15, 2012

Home Front.

Home Front.
Kristin Hannah.
Publisher:St.Martin's Press.
Publication Date:January 31,2012.


Home Front was one of the most emotional novels that I have read, so far. I loved it, but through most of the book, I wanted to cry. It was also one of the best books I read. Even thought it was sad, from the moment I started reading the book, it got harder for me to put it down. I fell in love with the story. I wanted to see what would happen with characters next, I even found myself rooting from some of the characters, and wanting to talk some sense into others. If I could give this book more than 5 stars, I would. After reading this book, Kristin Hannah had officially became one of my favorite Authors. So far, no book has disappointed but this one was just plain amazing.

Jolene Zarkades didn’t have the best childhood till she met love of her Life, Michael Zarkades who she ends up marrying. The couple has deal with everyday challenges, Children, chores. Top of that, Jolene is a pilot in the army which Michael disagrees with since he’s anti- military. Their marriage starts falling apart after Michael begins to pull away from Jolene, after his father’s death. No matter what she does, doesn’t seem to satisfy him. Top of it, Jolene’s 12 year old daughter, Betsy is picking constant fights with her mother.

Then Jolene gets deployed along with her best friend, Tami to Iraq. Something that Michael is not happy about. Even though Jolene is hesitant to leave her family, to leave her two girls and her husband whose marriage is failing, she knows, as a soldier that it’s her duty. Leaving Michael, to deal with the girls while she’s gone. While in Iraq, she writes letters but leaves out some things that she thinks might scare them, wanting to protect him. It’s while she’s gone that Michael realizes how much she means to him.

Then tragedy strikes, changing Jolene in most unexpected way. War changes her. When Jolene finally comes home, she’s not the same person she used to be before she got departed. Jolene doesn’t only pull away from Michael when he tries to help her; she pulls away from her entire family. Michael however doesn’t give up, he will help Jolene in any way he can, to show her how much he still cares.

 I’ll be honest, this novel made me cry, more than once. I had put it aside for bit just because it got too sad for me. Yet, I kept on reading it because it was beautifully written, it been a while since I read a novel like this. Everything about it was plain amazing. The emotions, the story. I actually felt as I was there and when Jolene was depressed going through all those emotions, I felt sad as well, for her. Even thought I haven’t gone through what she did, I felt as I knew what she was feeling, the story felt so real. I felt so bad for her; I actually wanted to comfort her somehow. Just reading about how she was feeling, made me feel emotional.

The war part had a lot of great descriptions; I could actually imagine it as I read it. I loved fact that this was military based story. I have few friends in the army so it hit home for me, it made me think of them even more. I could tell that Kristin worked hard on this, it was very well written, I would never guess she knew nothing about Army beforehand. I was not happy with Michael in beginning, for not being supportive of his wife, even if he was anti army; he still should support his wife. Maybe, there is possibility there would been bit easier for her out there if she knew that he still loved her. I was hoping after he told her he didn’t love her anymore, he come to his senses, of course I wished it happened before she got deployed. But I saw big change in Michael, through the book, through most of characters. Yet I could tell by end, that Michael & Jolene were meant to be, after they went through such major event, Jolene’s accident, loss of her leg, depression and loss of her best friend, Michael was there every step of way and I knew eventually they find a way to each other again.

It was painful reading about Jolene’s grief, depression and physical therapy but all her emotions were so clear. I like Jolene from very beginning; she seemed so strong, so determined and so confident. It was sad seeing that sudden transformation at her, after the war. Yet, I was glad that she finally worked on getting back to which she was, I was hoping she was because I knew that her children needed her, even Betsy, even if she didn’t admit it. It was an emotional read most of the way, yet it’s worth reading it. I think that this is the book everyone should read. You won’t regret it. After this book, I will be reading rest of her books, I have feeling they’ll be as good.


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