Feb 4, 2012

SVH: A Killer On Board.

SVH:A Killer On Board.
Francine Pascal.
Publication Date:July 1,1995.
Genre:YA Thriller,Family.
Series:Sweet Valley High, Super Thrillers, #8
Format|Pages:Mass Market Paperback|227.


I had loved Sweet Valley High since 7th grade and read it almost all way through high school. For while, it was the only books I read. It just seemed that anytime I read the books, I couldn’t put them down, there was always something going on with twins, their friends, there was always some kind of twist that kept you on reading. Killer On Board was the same, expected since this was more on thriller book; it had even more action, each page kept me on wondering what’s going to happen next. I haven’t read this book till now and I’m glad I did. Francine Pascal has a way of sucking you into the story, she bring it to life.

 Killer On Board is book two of 2 part of thriller series. After a horrifying weekend, thinking that John Marin is safely behind bars, Ned Wakefield takes his family on Island Vacation. The family is finally able to relax, unaware that Marin had escaped and has come after the twins again, expect this time he’s not let them get away. While Jessica & Elizabeth are relaxing, Marin is planning his revenge, towards Ned for putting him in jail, not once but twice. Once Ned realizes that his family isn’t safe, will he be able to save them in time or will that be the end for Jessica & Elizabeth.
The novel captured my attention from very beginning. I was a little bit lost in beginning, since I didn’t read the first book but the book caught me up, pretty fast. Of course, I didn’t like Marin from very beginning and I knew when he was flirting with that new guard, being nice to her, so he can gain her trust and it would be easier to escape. If I was the guard, I probably would have fallen for him as well; he can be pretty charming and confining. He was very smart and well prepared for criminal, that one thing I liked about him, is the way he planned out everything and way he seemed get almost everyone on the island, to trust him. I was afraid for Jessica and Elizabeth; I really thought that he was going to kill them, more than once. It seemed as if they just escaped, he find them again.

Since I have read a lot of Sweet Valley High novels, I know how Elizabeth & Jessica tend to find. However, in this book I can tell that they truly care for one another, Jessica was constantly by Elizabeth side, trying to cheer her up, in the beginning of novel, and towards the end as well. The two sisters stick together when Marin came after both of them when he first found them. I loved the relationship between the two sisters in this book. I did wish Elizabeth relaxed more in beginning but then I couldn’t really blame her, I would be terrified as well, if something like that happened to me as well.

In general, Sweet Valley High didn’t disappoint me. It has been few years since I read it, think last time I read one; I was in 10th grade so been long time. It was definitely worth reading, there wasn’t one dull moment and you find yourself rotting for the characters.


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