Feb 2, 2012

Hush, Hush, Hush,Hush,#1

Becca Fitzpatrick
Publisher:Simon & Schuster.
Publication Date:October 13,2009.
Genre:YA Parnormal Romance,Fantasy.
Series:Hush, Hush, #1.


I have heard a lot about Hush, Hush Saga , there were a lot of good reviews about it. Then in November I got Silence for birthday. I was always into angels, more than Vampires so I finally got around to reading the first book. I wasn’t disappointed; it was one of the most addicting books I have read. The book did start out bit slow for me but everything else I loved about it. The Action, The tension between the characters, the storyline. It got really hard for me to put down the book; I wanted to see what’s going to happen next. After reading this novel, it had become one of my favorite series. Becca Fitzpatrick brought the story to life for me.

 Nora Grey was never attracted to any of boys at her school, not even when her best friend Vee tried getting her hooking up with some. All that changes when Nora is paired as a lab partner with Patch. Nora begins conflicted feelings about him, while part of her is attracted to him, another part is annoyed with him, and especially the way he treats her. Yet as times passes, Nora starts to get curious about him, he seems to know more about her than anyone else, and always appears where she is and knows what she’s thinking.

However when someone starts following her, someone in ski mask, endangering her life. Nora starts to get even more suspicious of Patch, especially when she sees V Shaped marks on his back. Making her wonder who Patch really is. Nora begins to investigate, asking questions about Patch. The more time that Nora spends with Patch, the stronger their connection grows. However, time is running out, for her when the attacks become more frequent. Nora finds herself having hard trusting anyone. She needs to figure out if Patch can protect her or if he’s the one who been after her, all this time.

Even thought in beginning, Patch kind of annoyed me, mostly because way he was treating Nora, I actually never expected for him to be in love with her all this time. Sometimes I just wanted to punch Patch, just to talk some sense into him. After time, I could tell that he really cared about Nora and I figured that he was being an ass to her, so she wouldn’t suspect anything. Of course, when he mentioned that he wanted to kill her and that was the reason he wanted to get close to her, I was shocked and had really hard believing that it was his real intention. I knew that if he really wanted to kill her, he wouldn’t kiss her. That was a surprising twist, for me. I loved the tension between two of them. It was much more interesting to read.

Nora, even though some people seem to find her annoying, I liked her. Nora seemed very determined, especially when she started investigating about Patch, trying to find out more about him. I loved fact that her feelings about Patch were conflicted and way she treated him as result of it. I knew the reason that she did, so that he would think that she wasn’t interested in him. Even though I’m pretty sure she was, from the moment she met him. As the book progressed, I could see her feelings growing stronger and stronger; otherwise she wouldn’t spend so much time with him.

I loved the ending. I knew there was something not right about Jules, Elliot I was bit suspicious of after way he started acting after he found Nora reading that article. I actually did this that Elliot was the one following her that he was the one that would end up killing her. It wasn’t too surprising that it turned out to be Jules. The quiet kid. Even if first few pages were kind of slow, once it picked up, it sucked me in and I spent few hours, trying to finish it. The suspense, the action kept me on reading, wondering how it all turns out, who the stalker would be. I can’t wait to read the next book, I want see what happens with Nora, Patch & even Vee. I want see what other adventures, obstacles that Nora and Patch overcome next.


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