Feb 9, 2012


Jessi Kirby
Publisher:Simon & Schuster.
Publication Date: May 3,2011.
Genre:YA Family,Romance.


Moonglass was an incredible debut novel by Jessi Kirby, I loved everything about the novel, the style, the story, the characters. If I could give the novel more than 5 stars, I would. I first came across this book back in November 2011, around my birthday. I didn’t have enough to purchase it thought. What attracted me the first was the cover, It looked so pretty, so romantic. Once I got it from library, I couldn’t put it down. I wanted to see what will happen with Anna. The scenes, it made me feel as I was actually there, especially when Anna was on beach collecting sea glass. I always loved the Ocean; I could practically imagine myself there. Kirby brought this story to life.

When Anna was 7 years old, she watched her mother walk into the ocean and never come out. After all this years, she still grieving and still blaming herself for her death. When her father and her move to seaside where their parents first meet, at first Anna isn’t happy, afraid if they leave the place her mother drowned, her mother and her collected sea glass, that the memory of her will fade.

However, as rest of summer passes, as school starts, Anna makes some new friends, even joining the cross country team, and starts a forbidden romance with the beach lifeguard, Tyler. Anna continues on collecting sea glass, just as her mother and her done. 

Soon, Anna learns some things about her mother, how their parents met, from others, things she didn’t know. The discoveries causes her to get angry with her father, for never talking about her mother, even though she’s the reason he doesn’t talk about her in first place. The more she discovers, the deeper her grief seems to get.

 Wow, what is there not to love about this book? I loved the fact that Anna’s house was right by the beach, it actually made me jealous, it made me want go to the beach. I loved that Anna seemed both strong and weak, she had her moments but she seemed to hold herself, mostly through running, I think that’s what helped her. I loved her relationship with Tyler, fact that they were sneaking out to see one another, I always loved the idea of forbidden romance, it was always more interesting to read about. I was wondering though, if her father and her would ever talk about their mother and I was glad when they finally did, I felt as all of tension that was between them, lifted.

I loved fact that this was more of family novel. I could actually feel Anna’s pain. For while thought, I was wondering if her dad knew about his wife’s suicide and maybe he pretended it was an accident, not just for Anna but for himself as well. I thought that all those stories about cottages and about lifeguard ritual was interesting and I was pretty surprised to find that it was Anna’s father who started it, I just didn’t see him as wild kid. I was even more surprised that Anna did it that night. However, I had feeling that she more did that to Impress Tyler, but it was still impressive, I would never be able do what she done.

I loved Ashley, I loved everything about her, her attitude, her friendship with Anna and way she always seemed happy. She was so different from Anna, always cheerful and not really an athlete. I think that what made their friendship really interesting. If I didn’t know beforehand that this was her debut novel, I would never guess, the writing is amazing, It’s writing of someone who got talent. I can’t wait till she comes out with her next novel. I would recommend this to everyone, this is a must read. This story made me smile, laugh at times and even cry. It was pretty sad story but worth reading. It made it seem, real.


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