Dec 29, 2018

The Angel Gift (Dark World: The Angel Trials,#4)

the angel gift.
Dark World : The Angel Trials, #4
 michelle madow.

Publisher  Dreamscape.
Publication Date: September 30,2018.
Genre:YA Fantasy| Romance.
 Format|Pages: EBook|272..
 Source:  Goodreads|Owned.


Everyone is separated, and no one is safe.

Raven Danvers didn’t think her life could get any crazier since the night a demon attacked her in an alley and abducted her mom.

She was wrong.

Because now that same demon has abducted her too. He’s thrown her into a secret bunker with a group of humans who have unique abilities that make them “gifted.” They don’t know what the demons want with them, and the bunker is impossible to escape.

Her only hope is Noah—the wolf shifter she’s imprinted upon. She just needs to let him know where she is. But she can’t do it alone. Her only way to get a message to him is to team up with the other humans by making use of their unique gifts.

But they have to do it fast. Because their time in the bunker is temporary. The demons are prepping them to go somewhere else… somewhere far worse than where they are now.

They don’t know what this place is.

They just know they really, really don’t want to find out. 

This series keeps on getting better. What a thrilling ride!

You can’t help but fall in love with this series. Demons, Vampires, Shifters, Angels. What is there to not to love? That is everything that I love about fantasy novels. It seems no matter how hard they try get to Avalon, something keeps getting in their way. I have been curious since the first book, what would happen in Angel Trials. I loved seeing a new character’s point of view, Mara. I was wondering what she was thinking, how she felt about everything since her and Flint imprinted. I know I probably shouldn’t like her because she is Demon, but I do, and I feel sorry for her. I can’t begin to imagine being in love with someone and then have them change way Flint did after ceremony. I wonder if he stay that way or if there is way that she could get the man she fell in love with back. I do think that she is trying to help others. Writing that note to Thomas, shows that. I do understand why everyone is hesitant to believe her, conspiring their experience with demons. I wonder if Mara will be mentioned more in the next novel. I am rooting for her to get the guy she fell in love with, back.

Thomas, I loved reading from his point of view as well. Beside Raven, Noah and Sage, he became another favorite character of mine. It’s clear how much he loves Sage and I was heartbroken when he saw how Sage acted. But I know that he won’t give up on her, despite what he learned. I hated seeing Sage like that, it’s not like her. I hope Thomas, and everyone can find a way to bring Sage back somehow. I am sure that Thomas won’t give up until he does. I do believe that it had something to do with fact that their imprint bond wasn’t the same because of the way that Sage had changed. I’m glad that at least Raven was able to communicate with Noah through their imprint bond, even if he wasn’t able to respond to her. But it is the reason that he was able to find her and to rescue her. I loved fact that Raven kept on trying to reach him, on how she wouldn’t give up. She’s strong and determined.

Ever since Raven and Sage were abducted. I wondered what Raven’s gift could be and I am sure that was the reason that they kept coming after Raven. I knew that there was reason that they were kept healthy and were forced to eat all their meals. I didn’t think that the next location, it wasn’t any better then this. I just hoped that Raven would get rescued before that time came for her. THE ANGEL GIFT was filled with action, suspense and I found myself turning the pages until I reached the last page. I can’t wait until THE ANGEL ISLAND comes out. I want to see if they finally make it to Avalon and what will happen once they do. I feel as all of the characters became my friends, and I know that it series I will be re-reading in the future. MICHELLE MADOW has an amazing talent and after reading THE ANGEL GIFT I am inspired to write myself.


Dec 28, 2018

The Angel Trap(Dark World: The Angel Trials,#3)

the angel trap.
Dark World : The Angel Trials, #3
 michelle madow.

Publisher  Dreamscape.
Publication Date: July 31,2018.
Genre:YA Fantasy| Romance.
 Format|Pages: EBook|272..
 Source:  Goodreads|Owned.


Be careful who you trust, or you might walk into a trap.

After putting her neck on the line to save Noah and Sage’s lives, Raven is on the brink of death. The only thing that might save her? Vampire blood.

The problem is, no one’s supposed to know that vampire blood can heal humans. Anyone who finds out will be silenced. Which means Sage and Noah need to take Raven to a vampire they can trust. But shifters don’t normally trust vampires, so they only know one vampire who fits that category.

Thomas Bettencourt is a vampire prince who rules an elite coven in Chicago. And thanks to his secret history with Sage, he might be willing to save Raven’s life. But only if they agree to his conditions.

Now they have two choices—accept Thomas’s demands, or let Raven die. And after imprinting on Raven, Noah will do anything to ensure she survives.

Even if that means making a deal with a vampire. 


Wow. Once again, so many emotions going through me again. MICHELLE MADOW did it again, pulls you one and each book has you falling in love with the story more. She’s one of those authors that will pull you back in. I can’t get enough. I loved all her books that I read, but so far this is my favorite series. It makes me glad that I was on vacation because it gave me more time to read it. I didn’t think there could be more surprises, I should known better. Even I did not see the ending of THE ANGEL TRAP coming, considering how good they were doing with the demon hunting. The surprise of Thomas and Noah, I knew that they didn’t either. I believe that’s what made it so much more interesting. I hope that Noah and Thomas can find a way to rescue Sage and Raven, or I am afraid of what might happen to them if they don’t. When I reached the ending, I picked up the next book right after. I needed to know what would happen next. I wanted to see if they would rescue you them, I wanted to know what would happened to Raven and Sage.

Each book seems to get a lot more action packed. That wasn’t any different in THE ANGEL TRAP which was filled with action and suspense from start until the end. I wondered, what would happen with girls, what would demon do to them? I loved fact that THE ANGEL TRAP was also told from point of view of Noah and Sage as well, and once I read the book, I felt as I got to know them better. I loved the two of them before but after this book, I love them more and I was as anxious as both Thomas and Noah was when the girls were abducted by the demon. I love Noah and Raven. But now, I love Thomas and Sage as well, it clear how much the two of them love each other. I don’t buy Thomas’s story about why he broke up their engagement those years ago, I feel as there is more to the story then what he told Sage. I was happy when the two of them imprinted on each other. I was heartbroken for Thomas when she was abducted, just when he got her back, he lost her again.

Flint. I can’t believe what he did, I can’t begin to imagine the betrayal that Sage must be feeling. THE ANGEL TRAP always had something going on, every page. I found out myself reading late into the night, and more of the time 1 more chapter turned into hours of reading. This series is unique, and you will be hooked from the first book, I was. I can’t believe it took me this long to read it and now I know what I was missing. I can’t wait to see what happens next, in THE ANGEL GIFT I love the titles that Michelle comes up for these books. If you want read a book that will keep your attention and will have you on edge of your seat, and if you love fantasy and romance. Pick it up. It’s unlike any other series you read before. One of the best series that I have read this year. You will find yourself craving for more.


Dec 26, 2018

The Angel Hunt (Dark World: The Angel Trials,#2)

the angel hunt.
Dark World : The Angel Trials, #2
 michelle madow.

Publisher  Dreamscape.
Publication Date: May 17,2018.
Genre:YA Fantasy| Romance.
 Format|Pages: EBook|268.
 Source:  Goodreads|Owned.


The hunt for demons is about to heat up.

Somehow Raven has convinced Noah and Sage—the two wolf shifters who saved her from a demon attack—to let her tag along on their quest to kill ten demons. The payoff for completing the mission? Entrance to the mystical island of Avalon, where Raven will go through trials to gain the strength she needs to save her mom’s life.

Raven wants to help the shifters on their quest. But Noah refuses to put her in any danger—which makes no sense, since he hates her. At least she thinks he hates her… until he catches her off guard and kisses her. Suddenly they’re connected in ways she doesn’t understand, and she feels closer to him than ever.

If she didn’t know any better, she’d think they imprinted on each other. But that’s impossible. Because shifters can’t imprint on humans.

And if they did imprint on each other, then the supernatural world is changing—and Raven’s right in the center of it. 


Have you come across a series, and each book you read, in which it became more addictive? To the point that you found it hard to put down? The Angel Trials series is that series for me. I know that THE ANGEL HUNT is only the 2nd book in the series and I am already in love with it. I’m in love with the characters and the story, I can’t get enough of Noah and Raven’s story. I read THE ANGEL HUNT in one day and it mostly because I did not want put the book down, I spent hours reading it. Once I reached the end, I picked the next book in series right away. I have read few books about angels, demons, vampires, witches and shifters through the years, but nothing like this one and that’s one of things that I love about this series. Plus, you get so attached to the characters, especially Raven, Noah and Sage, I love all three of them. Though Noah is a bit stubborn, especially when it comes to his and Raven’s relationship, I do understand why he is but at the same time it is frustrating. Raven is not the only one who is frustrated with him. I kind of hope that he stops being so stubborn and accept the feelings he has for Raven, see that the two of them should be together.

I loved the first book in the series, THE ANGEL TRIALS but I loved THE ANGEL HUNT even more, I feel as it had a bit more action, and that ending. That’s the thing about MICHELLE MADOW she always has a twist that even you don’t see a twist. The type of twist that will make you want to pick up next book in series right away, to see what happens. That’s what I did, once I reached the end of THE ANGEL HUNT . The story, the character, the twists is not all I love about it, I love the titles and the covers, they are astonishing. Just look at them. I believe the title itself will have any reader curious, even if you haven’t read any of author’s previous novels. If MICHELLE MADOW wasn’t one of my favorite authors, she would be by now. I always look forward to her novels and have read and own most of them. She will have you hooked from first page until last page. There wasn’t a page in THE ANGEL HUNT where I wasn’t on edge of my seat, where I didn’t wonder what’s going to happen next.

You can see there is connection between Noah and Raven from start. I just wish that Noah would stop being so stubborn and see it. Though I have feeling that way the book ended, I have a feeling that he might be getting there. It also has me wondering, will they finally be together? I been rooting for the two of them since the beginning. I think even Sage sees that there is connection between the two of them. I wish that Noah would stop playing with her emotions, way that I feel he does. It’s not fair to her. I know that Raven is falling in love with Noah, if she isn’t already? I hope that in the next book that the two of them will finally be together like they belong. I already know that will be the series that I will end up re-reading multiple times in the future. It’s magical.

This book, this series deserves more than five stars. A book that is worth every page, and will have you hooked until the end. I can’t wait to see what’s in store next for Raven, Noah and Sage, what other adventures they will have to face.

Dec 24, 2018

Sisterhood Everlasting(Sisterhood,#5)

sisterhood everlasting.
Sisterhood, #5
 ann brashares

Publisher  Random House.
Publication Date: March 6,2012
Genre:YA Contemporary Romance.
 Format|Pages: EBook|349.
 Source:  Goodreads|Owned.


Four friends
One sisterhood
Ten years later, the story continues

On the cusp of turning thirty, Tibby, Lena, Carmen, and Bridget are now living separate lives, out on their own. Yet despite having jobs and men that they love, each knows that something is missing: the closeness that once sustained them. Carmen is a successful actress in New York, engaged to be married, but misses her friends. Lena finds solace in her art, teaching in Rhode Island, but still thinks of Kostos and the road she didn’t take. Bridget lives with her longtime boyfriend, Eric, in San Francisco, and though a part of her wants to settle down, a bigger part can’t seem to shed her old restlessness.

Then Tibby reaches out to bridge the distance, sending the others plane tickets for a reunion that they all breathlessly await. And indeed, it will change their lives forever—but in ways that none of them could ever have expected. 

Oh man. How do I even begin to explain? This book was…breathtaking, heart aching. A story that will stay with you after you turn the last page.

SISTERHOOD OF TRAVELING PANTS is one of my favorite series, one that I could re-read multiple times and not get tired of it. I seem to fall in love with it more. I have heard about the 5th book, SISTERHOOD EVARLASTING a while back, and since I decided to re-read the series, I finally got around to reading. What happened, was unexpected, I think that I was in as much shock as Carmen, Bridget and Lena were. I even re-read once, to make sure that I read right. Out of all the books in the series, SISTERHOOD EVERLASTING was the most emotional one for me. I loved Tibby since the first book and there were still times that I couldn’t believe what happened. I wanted to cry and grieve along with Carmen, Bridget and Lena. I can’t imagine losing a friend a way that they lost her. Also I wondered, since Tibby left all those letters, it had me wondering, if she knew it was going to happen. Was it an accident? What was discovered was not what I had expected at all. There were a lot of emotions that went through me while I was reading this book. Despite the emotions in this book, I couldn’t put it down. Anytime that I tried, something else happened that had me reading for the next few hours.

I wondered, if Bridget would change mind about her baby, once she spent some time with Tibby’s daughter, Bailey. The two of them seemed to create a bond fast. I know that spending time with Bailey, she was the reason she changed her mind. I loved that Brian and Tibby named their daughter after their friend, Bailey, a great way to honor her. Most of all I was curious if Kostos and Lena would reunite and finally get together. It’s clear that two of them belong together. It’s a bit frustrating how they kept going back and forth. It’s clear to anyone, how much they love each other. SISTERHOOD EVARLASTING is the book I wondered about, from the moment that I finished the 4th book for first time. At first I was bit hesitant, since it takes 10 years after last book. I ended up falling in love with it, like all the other books. I always wondered how all of them would end up like when they are older. Despite what happened, I was glad that they were able to reunite again. I’m still thinking about the story. It seems as I can’t get enough of their story.

Do you enjoy young adult? Books about friendship, love? Then this is a series that you should pick up. Once you do, be prepared for emotional, thrilling roller coaster ride.

Dec 21, 2018

Forever In Blue: The Fourth Summer Of Sisterhood (Sisterhood,#4)

forever in blue.
Sisterhood, #4
 ann brashares

Publisher  Delacorte Books.
Publication Date: January 9,2007.
Genre:YA Contemporary Romance.
 Format|Pages: Hardcover|384.
 Source:  Goodreads|Owned.


With unraveled embroidery and fraying hems, the Traveling Pants are back for one last, glorious summer. 

Lena: Immerses herself in her painting and an intoxicating summer fling, fearing that the moment she forgets about Kostos will be the moment she sees him again.

Carmen: Falls under the spell of a sophisticated college friend for whom a theatrical role means everything and the heritage of the Pants means nothing.

Bridget: Joins a dig for an ancient city on the coast of Turkey and discovers that her archaeology professor is available in every way except one.

Tibby: Leaves behind someone she loves, wrongly believing he will stay where she has left him.

Join Ann Brashares's beloved sisterhood once again in a dazzling, fearless novel. It's a summer that will forever change the lives of Lena, Carmen, Bee, and Tibby, here and now, past and future, together and apart 


Beautiful story about friendship, and love.

I remember when I first read SISTERHOOD OF TRAVELING PANTS when I was in high school, and since then I have re-read it multiple times. Every time that I had, it reminds me why I fell in love with it. No matter how many times you will read these books, it will have the same effect, at least in my experience. If someone were to ask me which book from the series is my favorite, I don’t think that I would be able to pick. I feel as more I read, the more I fell in love with the characters and the story. In general I loved the idea of the story, traveling, magical pants? How can you not be curious about it? I know that was one of things that caught my attention when I came across it first time when was in high school. Plus, the story wasn’t only interesting thing, I loved the titles, especially this one. FOREVER IN BLUE and I feel as if title in general will capture your attention. Even though I read it multiple times, I couldn’t seem to get enough of Lena, Tibby, Carmen, Bridget’s story. There was a part of me that felt as I became part of their stories.

FOREVER IN BLUE reminded me of why I loved this story. This series was one of the first series I fell in love with it. Re-reading it, reminded me why. I always loved books about friendship, and I believe that Sisterhood series was one of the best ones that deals with friendship. I loved the ending, how all of them ended up together in Greece. Even though the pants were lost, I felt as it brought them together again. I couldn’t help it, I smiled. No matter what happened, the four of them always had one another, and were there for one another. Now that’s a friendship that will last a lifetime. I did wonder, if the traveling pants be found by end of the book. At same time I have a feeling, that no matter what happens, they four of them would always have one another. I have a feeling that this won’t be the last time that I will be re-reading this book. It will be one series that will always stay with me.

One thing that I was disappointed, is fact that Lena didn’t end up with Kostos, I was hoping they would. The two of them are my favorite couple in the series. I can’t help but wonder if they reunite in future and find their way to one another. Despite the fact that I read this book multiple times, I can’t seem to get this story out of my mind, and wonder what might come for the four friends next.

A story that worth every page. Magnificent.

Impostors(Impostors, #1)

Impostors, #1
 scott westerfeld.

Publisher  Scholastic Press.
Publication Date: September 11,2018.
Genre:YA Science Fiction|Dystopian
Format|Pages: Hardcover|407.
 Source:  Goodreads|Owned.


Frey and Rafi are inseparable . . . but very few people have ever seen them together. This is because Frey is Rafi’s double, raised in the shadows of their rich father’s fortress. While Rafi has been taught to charm, Frey has been taught to kill. Frey only exists to protect her sister. There is no other part of her life.

Frey has never been out in the world on her own – until her father sends her in Rafi’s place to act as collateral for a dangerous deal. Everyone thinks she’s her sister – but Col, the son of a rival leader, is starting to get close enough to tell the difference. As the stakes grow higher and higher, Frey must decide whether she can trust him – or anyone in her life. 


Thrilling, Unforgettable.

I have been a big SCOTT WESTERFELD fan for years, ever since I read his UGLIES series years ago, which I re-read multiple times through the years. It was one of my favorite series. Every time that I picked it up, I seemed to fall more in love with the series. Once I found out about IMPOSTORS , I couldn’t wait to read it and based on description, I had a feeling that it would end up a book I was going to love. I was right, I have a very good feelings that it’s going be another series that I will fall in love with. I always enjoyed reading books about sisters and this wasn’t any different. I could not imagine to have to hide for as long as Frey did, and through the book I wondered if one day, it would be discovered that there were two of them and it was, how would others react? IMPOSTORS didn’t have a single moment where I lost interests, instead each page and chapter, pulled me more in the story. From moment that Frey was sent into Rafi’s place, I wondered if the truth would come out, and if her father cared that she could get discovered. I had a feeling that their father seemed to care more about Rafi then Frey, just the way he acted. If it were me, I would hate to have a father like him. He was the one character that I couldn’t like even if I tried to.

I noticed a connection between Frey and Col not long after the two of them met, even though he assumed that she was Rafi. The two of them seemed to create a special bond. I wanted Frey to tell Col the truth about who she was, and I know that she wanted to. I understood why she didn’t at first. I felt the same, I knew that there was a chance that he would get angry and she would lose him. I know why he didn’t seem to believe her at first or was hesitant to believe her. If someone told me they had a twin after pretending be then, I would be hesitant too. He seemed to be only one to come to her defense once the truth did come out. I knew right them that he loved her. I was glad that Frey had someone, besides her sister who loved her. I do wonder if Tally will appear sometime in series since she was mentioned in it. I am hoping that she will at some point. That ending, how could he end it like that? That ending have me wishing that the next book in series was out already. I have a feeling that I will be re-reading this book before the next one comes out.

Another thrilling, masterpiece by SCOTT WESTERFELD . If you love science fiction, dystopia and even if you haven’t read Uglies series, a book that you won’t put down until you reach the end. It’s breathtaking.

Dec 6, 2018

Internet Famous.

internet famous.
   danika stone.

Publisher  Swoon Reads.
Publication Date:June 6,2017.
Genre: YA Contemporary| Romance.
Format|Pages: Paperback|312.
 Source:  Goodreads|Owned.


High school senior and internet sensation Madison Nakama seems to have it all: a happy family, good grades, and a massive online following for her pop-culture blog. But when her mother suddenly abandons the family, Madi finds herself struggling to keep up with all of her commitments.

Fandom to the rescue! As her online fans band together to help, an online/offline flirtation sparks with Laurent, a French exchange student. Their internet romance—played out in the comments section of her MadLibs blog—attracts the attention of an internet troll who threatens the separation of Madi’s real and online personas. With her carefully constructed life unraveling, Madi must uncover the hacker’s identity before he can do any more damage, or risk losing the people she loves the most… Laurent included. 


So much emotions gone through me while reading this book. I felt as if I was there along with Madi, feeling all the emotions that she was feeling. Reading INTERNET FAMOUS had me feeling like I became part of Madi’s story as well. I know that it’s a fictional book and character, and yet it felt real to me. The issues that Madi dealt with in INTERNET FAMOUS is realistic and is something that others faced sometime in their life. I remember when I was in high school, I dealt with it myself. It wasn’t through blogging but role playing, but I felt all the emotions that Madi did while dealing with the troll. Expect I never found out who it was, I just left. To me, this story is real. Like Madi, I wanted to find out who Troll was, and if there was a reason that was doing that. I’m glad that Madi had her friends, who stood besides her the whole way. I do think that she should told her parents sooner that she had. I understood why she didn’t, she assumed if she blocked, ignored, the troll would go away. Madi was brave, to have deal with it if she had, even when it affected her real life as well.

Laurent, how can you not love him? I knew the minute that Madi found he was a guy, I had a feeling that she was in trouble. I loved the adventures they had through texting, and I loved how he traveled, just to see her. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is. I loved him from a start, Madi needed someone like him in her life. I don’t think she was as happy as she was when she was around him. That and blogging. I’m so glad that she had him when she was dealing with troll and when she started having some school trouble, which I know was because of troll. Laurent was always there, making sure that she was okay. I wasn’t happy with her, when she assumed if maybe it was him, I understood why she thought that but wasn’t happy about it. I just hoped that Laurent will have it in him, to forgive her. I was rooting for it. Those two belonged together. INTERNET FAMOUS had me on the edge of my seat from beginning until the end. It did not take me long to fall in love with the story.

Like Madi, I couldn’t help and wonder who troll was. The troll didn’t seem to want give up, no matter how many time the troll was blocked. It was as if he wanted to make her life miserable. I wondered if there was reason behind it. If it was someone she knew, or someone who didn’t like her for some reason. I loved how determined she was, to catch the troll, to put end to it. How she took the matters into her own hands, in order to catch him. Now that’s determination right there. Others would given up, but she didn’t until it was over. I loved that this book was also written through texts, blogs. I do blogging too, but mostly about books, so it was very interesting for me to read. INTERNET FAMOUS was the first book I read by DANIKA STONE and now I can’t wait to get my hands on rest of her books. I talked her couple times, and one of nicest people I met, with a lot of talent.

It was…remarkable.


Story For Dessert Published @ 2014 by Ipietoon