Mar 26, 2012

Crescendo, Hush, Hush, #2.

Becca Fitzpatrick.
Publisher:Simon & Schuster.
Publication Date:October 19,2010.
Genre:YA Fantasy,Mystery,Romance.


Crescendo, a sequel to Hush, Hush was beautifully written from beginning to end. After reading Hush, Hush, I knew that I would get pleasure from the second novel. Crescendo turned out to be better than the first novel. There wasn’t one dull moment in this novel; it was filled with so much more mystery, adventure then the first one. Even though it’s a fiction book, Becca Fitzpatrick brought it to life for me. I can’t wait for the next installment in the series.

Nora’s life is far from perfect. After her near brush with death, her life seems to pick up, with Patch as her guardian angel. Soon, Nora realizes that she had fallen for him, only to find out that Patch might not feel the same about her. Tension forms between the two of them, and they go separate ways which leaves Nora heartbroken. When Nora finds about Patch’s sudden interest in her archenemy, Marcie Millar, it leaves her more hurt and confused.

Then, Scott Parnell, an old childhood friend who moves back into town. Nora tries to stay away from him, his attitude should drive away. Instead Nora finds spending more time with him, especially when Patch tells her to stay away from him. Once she finds that Scott is hiding something, she finds herself spending more time with him, trying to find out more.

On top of all that, Nora starts to get haunted by images of her murdered father. Desperate to find out what really had happened, who killed him, Nora guides herself into more danger, avoiding warning from others, to let it go. Nora finds herself discovering secrets along the way, making her wonder who she can trust

 First I wanted to say, I love the cover, the lighting and the rain set up really mysterious look to it. I think if I haven’t read Hush, Hush or knew it was part of series, I would pick up this book just for the cover, and some of my friends who seen the cover actually asked me about the book.

This book was intense right from beginning. Ever since reading the first novel, I always wondered how Nora’s father was murdered so it was the right beginning for this novel, I actually felt myself afraid for him but it still kept me wondering who killed him. I think because it was never found who killed him, is why Nora suddenly started having images of him. When she started seeing him and hearing his voice, it was then I had a feeling that something wasn’t right.

Even though I loved the drama between Patch & Nora in this book, I wasn’t too happy with Patch, I understand why he did what he did but to hangs out with Marcie Millar, out of all people? He knew how Nora felt about her. I was hoping that there would be a better explanation why he was spending all this time with her in this book; I really hoped that he wasn’t actually interested in her. Now, Nora & Scott, I actually like their relationship, their tension. At first I wasn’t actually sure if he actually cared about her or not but by the end I could feel that he did, especially when he got her a car, towards the end.

Vee, besides Nora she’s my other favorite character, I wasn’t too fond of her in Hush, Hush but I loved her in this book. Even though she had a boyfriend, she canceled just so she can help out Nora; she was always there when Nora needed her. Now, her I see as a true and royal friend. Nora and Vee seem to have a special bond, no matter what; they are always there for one another.

Crescendo was filled with so many surprises, for instance for while I actually did this that the Black Hand was Patch, then that Scott was who wanted to get Nora killed. For fact that Marcie’s dad was Nora’s biological father. Most of all I did not see Rixon as the bad guy; he was the last person I expected to be the one who wanted kill her. The Cliffhanger made me want pick up next book right away. I can’t wait to see what happens with Nora, with Patch. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is into fantasy, romance, and angels.

Mar 25, 2012

Wicked Lovely, Wicked Lovely, #1.

Wicked Lovely.
Melissa Marr.
Publisher:Harper Teen.
Publication Date:June 12,2007
Genre:YA Fantasy,Romance
Series:Wicked Lovely,#1.


I have wanted to read Wicked Lovely for couple years now. However, I always ended up reading something else. I finally checked the novel from library and couldn’t be happier that I did, it was unlike any other faery book that I read. Even thought it started out little slow for me, it picked up after couple pages. Afterwards, I was sucked into the story, making me wonder what was going to happen next. I was glad that I came across this series, and can’t wait what happens with all of characters in the next book.

 Don’t Stare at invisible faeries
Don’t talk to invisible faeries
Don’t attract faerie’s attention 

 Those were the rules that Aislinn was taught by her grandmother from early page, the only mortal that could see them. All her life, that is what Ash had done, to avoid them and pretend as if they didn’t exist, and try to lead a normal life. Aislinn had seen it all, seen what faeries can do and the glamour they wear, when trying to blend in as humans. Nothing surprised her about them, that till they start breaking the rules.

Aislinn starts getting anxious when two faeries Donia and Keenan who is Summer King, start following her everywhere. To make things worse, other faeries seems to follow their pattern. Aislinn goes against her grandmother’s rule and tells Seth about them, who tries to help her figure a way to get rid of them. Once Aislinn finds out that she’s Keenan’s Summer Queen, she gets even more anxious, not wanting anything to do with that.

Aislinn does everything she can, to avoid Keenan, to let him know that she is not interested, soon to find that he is not going give up that easily, especially when he glamour’s as human, enrolling in her school. Aislinn soon realizes that she is becoming one of them, as much as she wants to deny it. Will she be able to accept, and to leave everyone she loves behind?

Wicked Lovely was filed with a lot of action, adventure and Mystery, it was unlike other books I read and it was worth the read. I loved Seth and Ash right from beginning; I could tell that there was an attraction, chemistry between the two of them from start. I defiantly could tell that Seth cared about Ash from moment he asked her what was bothering her, he was worried and I knew that it wasn’t because she was his friend but because he cared about her, more than a friend.

To be honest, Keenan wasn’t my favorite person from very beginning, not only wouldn’t he leave Aislinn alone but also what he did to Donia, way he hurt her, I disliked him for that reason. He grew on me by end of the book thought. Even though he wasn’t my favorite person, I loved the scenes between him and Donia, there always seemed so much passion between the two of them, I could tell that he really cared for her, the way he wanted to protect her, from him mother I had a feeling he still loved her. By the end, where she had leave and he didn’t want her to go, I knew for fact that he loved her. I actually felt heartbroken for him.

This novel had nonstop action, I found myself rooting for characters, and wanting some characters gone like Winter Queen. I can’t wait to see what happens next, with Ash, Seth, Keenan and Donia. I’m kind of curious how Seth & Ash will make this relationship worth and how Ash will handle all the power she has now.

Mar 20, 2012

The Iron Queen,Iron Fey, #3.

The Iron Queen.
Julie Kagawa.
Publisher:Harlequin Teen.
Publication Date:January 25,2011.
Genre:YA Fantasy,Romance,Adventure.
Series:Iron Fey,#3.


Wow, I don’t think that words can express how much I loved this book. I know I said similar about The Iron Daughter. However, this book was even better, The Iron Queen is my favorite one, out of the three books. Iron Fey, is one of the best series I have read, this year. I was left speechless. I couldn’t put it down; I didn’t want it to put it down till I reached the end. I loved Ash since The Iron Daughter, but this book made me love even more, he was so sweet to Meghan through entire book. Now, I can’t wait to read The Iron Knight to see what happens next. If you haven’t read the series yet, you should. You won’t regret it.

The Iron Queen starts off right after Meghan & Ash were banished from Nevernever. Meghan though, that it was over, her ties with Faery, that she could start her life over with her family and Ash. But before Meghan can even reach her family, Iron Fey come after her, with order to bring her back, to the False King.

Meghan, Puck & Ash go into hiding, in order to escape the Iron Fey that seem to be hunting her. Even though Meghan knows that her life will never be normal, that she won’t be able to escape the Iron Fey.

Soon Meghan realizes that her only choice is to go to False Iron King, since she’s only one that can come in contact with Iron, and to destroy him, once and for all. Ash, Puck & Grimalkin by her side, she sets out on dangerous journey. Will Meghan be able to defeat the False King, and save Nevernever?

I had trouble coming up with review for this book; I had so many emotions going through me. Once again, Julie Kagawa took my breath away with this book. Out of the 3 books I read so far, this is the one book that actually made me cry. I felt as I was there, besides Meghan, Puck & Ash, fighting with them, laughing, crying with them. The Iron Queen had the most action, adventure and it was even better than I expected it to be. It made me glad that I had discovered it.

I already loved Ash in second book, Iron Queen made me love Ash even more. How can you possibly not love him, no be Team Ash after reading this book? He was sweet through the entire book, considering how he acted towards Meghan before, it was like he transformed to completely different person. All the affection he was showing to her, he did treat her like a princess, which made me smile. Actually it made me wish I could find a guy like Ash one day, who treated me like that. I knew he really loved her, I think they are my favorite couple out of all series I have read. I actually cried at end, I felt so heartbroken for him. I really hope that he finds a way to be with Meghan in next book, they belong together.

The battle between Meghan, the False King was epic, and I found myself rooting for Meghan the entire time. I even felt myself gasping when Meghan had fallen; I had thought that it was it, that he had won. I wasn’t happier to see the old Iron King, to come into the picture. I got say that Meghan had improved a lot since The Iron King, she became so much stronger, and she became a leader, ready to face anything that will come her way. I’m curious of how she’s going handle all that power, now that she’s a Queen, now that I never saw coming.

The part where Meghan was hurt and both Puck and Ash were crying, I won’t lie, that part made me cry as well. I’m excited for Iron Knight, I want see if Ash will succeed and find a way to be with her, and I am pretty curious if Puck & Ash actually go through the journey without killing each other, maybe becoming friends again, even thought Ash doesn’t think that. I would suggest this series to
anyone who’s into fantasy, romance, adventure and action. Once you pick it up, you won’t be able to put it down. I plan on reading rest of Julie Kagawa’s novels, she has real talent, and she has a way of bringing story to life.

Mar 17, 2012

The Iron Daughter,Iron Fey, #2.

The Iron Daughter.
Julie Kagawa.
Publisher:Harlequin Teen.
Publication Date:July 27, 2010.
Genre:YA Fantasy, Adventure., Romance.
Series:Iron Fey,#2.


Wow, the Iron Daughter was amazing novel. Even thought I loved The Iron King, I thought that this book was even better, it was filled with more action, there was always something going on. Every page was a page turner, from the beginning of novel. I was on edge of my seat every page; I wanted to see what would happen with Meghan, Puck and Ash. I found myself rooting for characters.

Meghan Chase, a half fey of summer court, is prisoner to Winter Fey, Queen Mab. Only, what keeps Meghan going, is thinking of Prince Ash, that till he grows harsh towards her, abounded her. Then a tragedy strikes in Winter Court, causing a war between Winter & Summer court. Meghan is the only one, besides Ash who knows that Iron Fey is responsible, not Summer Court, but everyone refuses to believe her.

Meghan manages to escape winter court, with help of Winter Prince, and he promises to help her retrieve the Sector from Iron Fey, before going on his own. However, Meghan convinces Puck to help her, to set everything right. The two set out, to dangerous journey. Will they be able to reach Iron Fey in time? To stop the war between the courts.

This novel was more action filled. I think that it was one of reasons I found it more entertaining then The Iron King. Even in beginning, when Meghan was at winter court, where she was moping around for Ash, there was still suspense in the plot. I did think that Meghan was weak in beginning, as soon as Ash ditched, she seemed to lose all the courage she had in first book and just given up. Of course Ash, I wasn’t fond of him in beginning, way he treated her, even if I knew the reason he was doing it, I think he shouldn’t been that cruel. I wanted talk some sense, to both of them in those first few chapters.

I wasn’t surprised when Meghan figured out Puck’s feeling for her; I was only surprised that it took her that long to figure out. After all, Puck brought Meghan to Nevernever against his king’s orders, and then he went to Iron King with her, even I figured out by then, he was doing because he loved her. I was surprised when Puck kissed her and she actually enjoyed it, considering first time he tried to kiss her, she pulled away. I felt bad for Puck though, it must been tough loving someone who loved his enemy. Even though I’m Team Ash, I felt heartbroken for Puck when Meghan left him at end, to go after Ash. I’m hoping that possibly in next book, she find a way, to at least see him.

Ash kept surprised me, all through the novel. Most of novel, I was bit frustrated with him, for being so stubborn. That’s why it took me by surprise when he chooses Meghan over taking an Oath, promising never to see her again. I was positive that he would do it, especially considering fact how he kept telling that they could never be together, that they would always be enemies. I was as surprised as Meghan, Puck, the Queen, but happy at same time, especially when Meghan went after him. I am curious what’s going happen with them next, how Ash will adjust to Mortal life, and if they ever find their way back to Nevernever.

The Iron Daughter was thrilling read. Julie Kagawa has a way, of drawing you into the story, I felt as I was actually there, I love the fairy tale world she created. If you read The Iron King, I would recommend picking up copy of The Iron Daughter. I can’t wait till I read The Iron Queen, I want see what happens with everyone, especially with Meghan and Ash, and they are my favorites.

Mar 16, 2012

The Iron King, Iron Fey, #1.

The Iron King.
Julie Kagawa.
Publisher:Harlequin Teen.
Publication Date:February 1st, 2010.
Genre:YA Fantasy, Romance.
Series:Iron Fey,#1.


This is second time I read The Iron King , and it seemed even better. First time I came across the novel was by accident. I came across back in March 2010, while volunteering at the Public Library; the cover is actually what captured my attention. I ended up reading the back of it and it seemed interesting enough for me so I checked it out and glad I did, it was one of most addicting, entertaining books I read that year. Since it been couple years since I read it, I decided to re-read it, before reading the other novels. The beginning did start out bit slow for me, it picked quite fast though, and it kept me on edge of seat through the entire book.

Meghan Chase had a normal life, living with her mother, stepfather and half brother. Top of it dealing with some high school drama, alongside with her best friend, Robbie. Meghan had no idea that she is half fey, a daughter of King Oberon, of the Summer Court. It’s not till Meghan’s half brother, Ethan is kidnapped that she realizes that the world that she always believe was a fairy tale, is real. Not only that but also discovers that her best friend is Robin Goodfellow, from A Midsummer’s Dream.

While traveling in Nevernever with Puck, she comes along a lot of obstacles. Then she comes across Ash, Son of Queen Mab, of winter court. Meghan tricks the prince by making a deal with him, if he helps her find her brother, she go with him to winter court, without any question. As Ash & Meghan travel together, they grow closer and their tension grows stronger. Before Meghan even realizes, she finds herself falling for him. However, she finds out that it’s forbidden for Summer & Winter to be together. The farther they travel, the more danger sneaks up, the stronger their feelings draw for one another, even if Ash doesn’t want to admit it.

I loved Ash & Meghan’s relationship. I could feel their tension, their attraction from the moment the two of them danced together. Even though Meghan tried to deny it, by acting harsh with Ash in beginning, I could tell that there was an attraction there, the way two of them were looking at one another. Even, as two of them traveled, I had a feeling that Ash had attraction towards Meghan, even if he tried to deny it at first. There been few times when he tried to protect her, and if he didn’t care about her, he wouldn’t do that, to begin with. At times, I wanted to talk some sense into to him, I was happy when he finally came to his senses and they kissed. I love idea of Forbidden love, yet I wish Ash be less stubborn about, at least try, to make it work.

Relationship between Meghan and her half brother, Ethan was adorable. Even though, I could tell that she wasn’t too fond of her stepfather, Luke, not like I can blame her, she was fond of Ethan. No matter what, she always made sure there were no monsters in his room, she took care of him. Not many sisters, at least in books I read have such bond with their younger brothers and not many of them go into completely different world, in order to save them. The entire time that she looked for him, I wondered where Ethan was, if he was terrified.

The Iron King had a lot of action, adventure, just the type of novels I enjoy. I found myself constantly on edge of my seat. When those Goblins were going eat her, I was hoping that someone come rescue her, and soon. When Puck got hurt, I found myself hoping that he recover soon. In the end, I found myself praying that Meghan make it home safely one day that her family wouldn’t forget about her. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes fairy tales, magic, romance. It’s worth your time.

Mar 11, 2012

Tempest Rising, Tempest, #1.

Tempest Rising.
Tracy Deebs.
Publisher: Walker Books.
Publication Date:May 10,2011
Genre:YA Fantasy, Romance.
Series:Tempest, #1


Tempest Rising was one of most thrilling books I read. The book was filled magic, adventure, action, with some mystery added. Every page, made me curious about what’s going to happen to Tempest next, what she’ll end up deciding. Tempest Rising was filled with a lot of emotion as well, I felt myself sympathizing with Tempest, and even though I haven’t gone through what she was, I felt as I was. I plan on reading rest of this series, I want see what’s going happen next, if Tempest will come back, to land. I was glad that I came across this novel on Goodreads.

Tempest wants a normal life, to surf with her longtime boyfriend, Mark and her friend, to take care of her father and her brother. However, there is one problem, Tempest is half mermaid and as her seventeen birthday approaches, she starts getting more drawn towards the water, and she will have to decide if to stay on land or abounded everything and give herself to water, way her mother had years earlier. Tempest refuses to give herself to the ocean, to abounding everyone, way her mother had.

Even before her seventeen birthday approaches, Tempest finds herself getting more drawn towards the water, and starts exriencing changes that are beyond her control. Then Tempest meets Kona, instantly feeling an attraction towards him. It’s not long before she finds herself falling for her. When Kona gets injured, and Tempest realizes he isn’t human and goes into water after him, she has a decision to make, to become mermaid and stay with Kona, or return to land, to her family

The book was festinating from very beginning. It was different by the fact that book started out with a letter, from her mother, I could actually hear the pain in her mother’s tone as she wrote that letter, and I could tell that it pained her, for leaving her, her brothers and her father. At same time, I could feel the anger that Tempest was feeling towards her, through the book, Especially when she didn’t come back, to help Tempest out when she started going through all those changes, it kind of made me feel as if she didn’t actually care about her.

From moment that Tempest met Kona, I knew there was going be something between them, I felt a connection, an attraction between them, from a moment that Tempest saw him, the moment he touched her. I know that the reason that she was harsh towards him was because she wanted to deny her feelings for him, especially considering that she was with Mark. At beginning, I wasn’t quite sure if Kona actually cared for her or he just pretended to, but after she went into Ocean after him, I could tell that he did love her. I felt bad for Mark though.

That’s one thing I didn’t like too much in this novel, it seemed as this was supposed be a love triangle, but yet Mark was only in book for bit, in beginning. Kona was mentioned much more in the book. I thought that it lacked the love triangle, there should been more there, between Tempest and Mark. Tempest claimed she loved him, yet I didn’t see much of the prove, only a small portion, on her birthday. I just hope that there possibly are more scenes between the two of them, in the next

I thought that underwater world was fascinating, and idea of sea witch as well. So far, this been a best mermaid book that I have read, and makes me glad it’s a series. I found myself rooting for characters a lot, especially for Tempest, I felt bad for her too, especially since it seemed like she didn’t have choice in whenever being mermaid or not, even though her mother said she did. I can’t wait till Tempest Unleashed and see what happens with Tempest next, I’m hoping she return to land, at least for a bit. This book is worth reading, you won’t regret it

Mar 10, 2012

Vengeance, Transcend Times, #2.

Michelle Madow.
Publisher:Dreamscape Publishing.
Publication Date:December 6,2011.
Genre:YA Paranormal Romance,Historical Fiction.
Series:Transcend Times,#2.
Format|Pages:E Book|65.
Source: Michelle Madow sent me a copy, in exchange for review.


First, I wanted to thank Michelle Madow, for sending me copy, for review. Vengeance is a second novel in Michelle Madow’s Transcend Times Saga, told from Chelsea’s point of view. I loved Remembrance, the first book in series, and was excited for this one. This book was more of short story, but I enjoyed every part of it. I felt as I could relate with Chelsea after reading this book. All through the book, I kept on wondering what Chelsea would do, if she actually go through it. If I could rate this book more than five stars, I would.

 How far would you go to get revenge?
When Chelsea discovered that her ex boyfriend dumped her, to be with her longtime best friend Lizzie, she never felt more betrayed, crushed. All she wants to do now is find a way to get Drew back, make him realize that he made mistake, and get revenge. Then, Chelsea’s new friend, Shannon tells her that she can help her, help Chelsea set things right again.

However, Chelsea has her doubts when she’s told that she shared a past life with Drew, and the measures that she should take, in order to get everything way it was. Yet, she knows there is no other choice. How far is Chelsea willing to go? In order to get revenge?

 Vengeance was a great and enjoyable read. I’m not sure how others felt about Chelsea, but I had felt sympathetic for her after Drew dumped her. I actually knew where Chelsea was coming from, she wasn’t wrong about what she said to Lizzie, she did know how she felt about Drew. I enjoyed reading from her point of view, I felt as I got to know more about her, more about her feelings. Ever since Drew dumped her, it did keep me on wondering of how Chelsea was feeling. The first chapter, especially the beginning was heartbreaking for me; I could tell how heartbroken she was, and it actually made me angry at both Lizzie and Drew even if I like them both.

I was glad for Shannon reaching out to Chelsea in this book, especially after Chelsea lost Lizzie. I could tell even though she hated Lizzie for stealing Drew, she missed her. I could tell after the past between them was revealed, it must been really hard for her after everything that two of them been through. She even hesitated for moment when the revenge plan was made. It made me wonder if she actually change her mind right there, I was kind of hoping that she would.

There was one thing I didn’t agree in this book, is Chelsea’s actions. I know that she was hurt and angry, but I felt as she only thought about what she wanted, she didn’t think about the fact that this could possibly harm not only Lizzie but Drew. To me it felt as she only cared about herself, not about others and how this could affect them. The ending was intense; I didn’t actually think Chelsea would go through it because she didn’t believe in it.

I would recommend this book to everyone, this book is a must read. It will give readers a chance to get to know Chelsea better. I can't wait for the final book in series. I'm curious what will happen with everyone, especially with Chelsea, will her wish come true or will Drew end up with Lizzie? I have a feeling that it be as thrilling.

Mar 8, 2012

Lock And Key.

Lock and Key.
Sarah Dessen.
Publication Date:May 14,2009.
Genre:YA Romance,Family.


Lock & Key was the second Sarah Dessen book that I had read, and one of the best young adult books I read, this year. What isn’t there to not love about this book? It had great storyline, characters. I loved Ruby from very beginning, and the book always made me left wondering, to what would happen to Ruby next. I loved this book even more then Someone like You , if I could give this book more than 5 stars, I would. Sarah Dessen has a way to get absorbed, in the story.

Ruby’s mother abounded her once again, expect this time, her absence doesn’t go unnoticed. Ruby is sent to social services, where afterwards she sent to live with her older sister Cora, who she haven’t had contact with over 10 years, and her husband Jamie. At first, Ruby wants nothing to get away, knowing that she can make it on her own; after all she spent all this time by herself, till she was discovered.

While trying to escape, that’s when she comes across Nate, her next door neighbor, who comes to her rescue when she’s almost caught by Jamie. Even though Nate is constantly nice to her, at first she wants nothing to do with him. Ruby knows that there is no point of making friends when she will be leaving as soon as she turns 18. But as time passes, she finds herself growing closer to him, and her sister.

Soon, Ruby finds out some secrets, that her mother kept hidden from her. Then as she grows closer to Nate, feels an attraction towards him, she finds out a secret about him. Ruby wants to help Nate, wants to reach out to him, yet he won’t let her. Yet, she keeps trying, to reach out to him.

The book worked very well, from Ruby’s point of view, I felt as I got to know her and learn so much about her through the book. I felt connected with her somehow, as if I could see, imagine what she was feeling. Like when she was worried about Nate, I could tell how scared she felt and I felt scared with her too, it made me wonder what was going on with Nate in Valentine’s Day scene, if he was all right. Dessen brought the story to life, with Ruby’s voice.

Relationship between Nate & Ruby was different from the books I read. Sometimes I wanted to talk some sense into Ruby, for being so cruel to Nate, when he did nothing but be nice to her, come to her rescue from day they met. For instance, Ruby should been more thankful to Nate, after he drove all this time, to come to her rescue and take care of her when she was drunk. Instead of insulting him and saying they aren’t friends which I thought was cruel, she should thank him. At least she came to her senses next day, and apologized. I saw how much she changed through book, considering how she tried to help Nate after she found out about his dad. I knew by then that she really cared about him.

I was so glad that Cora & Ruby’s relationship changed through the book. When I started the book, I wasn’t sure what to think of Cora; to me it seemed as if she didn’t want her there. After a while I could tell, that she loved her sister. I had a lot of respect for her, especially after she told Ruby how she tried get in touch with her all these years. Jamie, now him I loved from very beginning, he did everything he could to welcome Ruby, to make sure comfortable and I knew within short time, he came to care for her.

This book had a lot of sad parts, especially with Nate, I felt so bad for him. However, I wish he would let Ruby help him sooner, maybe everything would turned out differently, After reading this book, it made me realize how lucky I am to have my family, Dessen made the story seem real. Sarah Dessen had became one of my favorite authors after this book, I see myself reading the rest of her books.

Mar 5, 2012

Fracture, Fracture, #1.

Megan Miranda.
Publisher:Walker Childrens
Publication Date:January 17, 2012.
Genre:YA Fantasy,Romance.
Challenge: Debut Author.


I came across Fracture while in Goodreads. Cover is what drew me in the beginning, making me stop to read what the book was about. Somehow I had a feeling that this book would be a type of book that I would end up loving. I was right; expect this book ended up being so much better than I expected it to. There wasn’t a single dull moment in the book, there was always something going on. It always kept me on wondering what’s going happen next.

Anything can happen, in Eleven Minutes. That’s how long Delaney Maxwell spent underneath the Icy water, before being pulled out by her best friend, Decker Phillips. By then, her heart stopped beating, her brain stopped working, she should been dead. Even thought the MRI shows signs of brain damage, Delaney comes out fine and everyone is relieved, especially Decker who blames himself for whole accident.

Everyone wants for Delaney to be okay; Only Delaney realized that she’s far from normal, especially when she starts to get a strong pull inside her head, drawing her towards the dying. It’s as if Delaney’s brain can predict when someone is about to die. She keeps the discovery to herself but she can tell that her parents can tell that she’s acting strange. Then she meets Troy, who had woken up from Coma with the same ability.

In Beginning, Delaney is happy to find someone, who understands what she’s going through, who understands her. Delaney find an instant attraction, connection towards Troy. That till she discovers that Troy’s motives are what she thought, that they are dangerous. While Delaney wants to try save people, Troy has completely opposite motive in his mind. Dangerous one. 

The novel sucked me up from very beginning. Especially when Delaney fell in, I actually found myself gasping, hoping that someone would come rescue her soon. I could feel her fear, her cold while she was underneath the Ice, waiting for her rescue. Megan Miranda did an amazing job describing that scene, the before, during and after. If I haven’t read the book’s description, I would never imagine Delaney able to come out all right, after being under the ice for Eleven minutes. I felt so bad for Decker; I could see him, his feared expression while he tried to get to Delaney, only to get held back.

Relationship between Decker & Delaney was different then from what I read in other books. I could feel the tension between two of them, even in beginning of the book. It made me wonder, what happened between the two of them, to cause that tension, considering fact that they were best friends. I knew that Decker cared about her, more than a friend, ever since the hospital scene when he broke down, I just had the feeling. So, of course I wasn’t happy with Decker when he kissed Tara and then started hanging out with her. I wanted to talk some sense into him, tell him to tell her already. When he did tell her, I felt heartbroken for him, since Delaney pretty much just took off, it’s no wonder it was awkward between them after that. I was so happy to see things to work out at them at the end.

Carson scene, now that made me cry. I actually liked him, and watching his die from seizure was so sad. I felt so bad for Delaney; she tried anything she could, to save him. He saved her from Lake, by going for Rope; I can’t even imagine how she felt, unable to do the same for him. I felt even worse for her, when everyone seemed team up against her, expect Decker after his death. Honestly, I thought that wasn’t fair, it wasn’t like she didn’t try to help.

Troy, in beginning I actually liked him, I was even hoping for him and Delaney, I thought that she deserved someone, who understood, who was there for her. That till I found what he was doing. It doesn’t matter if they were dying, killing me, isn’t right. This book had a lot action, all through the book and each page got harder to put down. Megan Miranda’s debut is worth reading it, its one book you won’t regret picking up.

Mar 3, 2012

Just Like That.

Just Like That.
Marsha Qualey.
Publication Date:May 19,2005.
Genre:YA Drama,Romance.


I had came across Just Like That accidently. I was at library, looking at couple books I been wanting to read and came across Just Like That, I read the first couple pages and it interested me enough that I checked it out. I was glad that I had. I didn’t think that it was amazing but I still thought that it was pretty good book. I’m glad that I came across this novel.

Hannah knows that she should feel something, after breaking with her longtime boyfriend, Spencer. So one night, Hannah goes out for walk and while by the Lake, she meets couple teenagers. After that night, everything changes in a blink of an eye. Hannah learns of their death, their drowning in the lake, the next morning. Hannah keeps seeing them, knowing that she should warned them about the Ice. First, she turns to drawing, only to end up drawing the couple, their bodies.

While trying to move past it, she meets Will, a jogger who find the girl’s body. Two of them have an instant connection. Hannah feels as she can tell him what she can’t tell her best friends, or even her mother. Two of them get close, bit too fast. Then she finds out a secret, about him, about his family. During that, she also finds out some secrets about her best friends. All of those changes, makes Hannah realize that anything can change, just like that

The descriptions in this book were amazing; I could actually picture the feelings, the guilt that Hannah was feeling, just by reading the descriptions. There were couple slow parts but most of the time; the descriptions are what kept my attention, made me wonder if Hannah will tell anyone else, besides Will. I was hoping that she would. When she did finally tell her friends, I wasn’t happy that first time one of them did is told her boyfriend, she knew she told them in secret. I can’t blame her for not talking to her after that, if I was in her situation, I would done the same.

Relationship between Hannah and Will was cute. However, I do think the two of them moved bit too fast, it seemed unrealistic to me. I didn’t think that there was much connection between the two of them, expect the fact that he found the girl’s body and Hannah was there night before the drowning. They meet once and next thing I know, they are kissing and then sleeping with each other. Kissing, I can kind of see but sleeping with each other, not so much. I did not expect to find out that Will was only 14 years, which made me feel that only reason he wasn’t honest with her so that he get sleep with her. After time, I could tell that Will did really care about her; I wish that she would give him more chance even if he was 14.

Relationship between Hannah and her mother, reminded me of me and my mom and way we spend time together. It made me smile to see another novel with positive mother / daughter relationship. There not many books that you find where children have a good relationship with their parents, usually they complaining when they want spend time with them. It made more realistic that even though they had good relationships, they still had their obstacles especially after the accident at Lake and Hannah seemed to distance herself from her mother, for a while.

Ending, it seemed little Incomplete for me, even if I was glad that Hannah finally was talking to Will, part of me was hoping that there would be more action between two of them before end of novel. I enjoyed the book, it kept my attention even if there were few slow parts. It’s worth picking it up and checking it out.

The Statistical Probability Of Love At First Sight.

The Statistical Probability Of Love At First Sight.
Jennifer E.Smith.
Publisher:Poppy/Little Brown.
Publication Date:January 2nd,2012.
Genre:YA Romance.
Challenge:Stand Alone.


I came across The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight while surfing Goodreads and from moment I saw the cover, I had a feeling that it be a book I would enjoy. I was right, it was one of most cute love stories that I have read. I always took pleasure in romance books; this was different from other books I had read and that what was unique about it. It sucked me in, to the point that I didn’t want to put the book down, not even for a minute, I wanted to see how it would end, how everything would turn out for Hadley & Oliver.

 Seventeen year old, Hadley Sullivan is stuck at JFK Airport, after missing her first plane, which is flying out to London, for her father’s second wedding. The Wedding that she wasn’t so thrilled about in the first place, but was forced to go to. While at airport, waiting for next plane, she meets Oliver. Oliver is British, who is also heading to London. From moment that Hadley meets Oliver, she feels certain attraction towards him.

Hadley and Oliver spend few hours, keeping each other, talking. On their way to London, the two of them end up sitting next to each other. The two of them end up talking most of the way to London. Even after the two of them depart, going separate ways, Hadley finds herself unable to stop thinking about him. She knows that it’s unlikely that two of them see each other again but she knows that she had fallen in love with complete stranger, and can’t but wonder if Oliver feels the same

First of all, cover was amazing, it painted such beautiful image. I could tell from the moment that I saw the cover that it’s going to be a real romantic story. The book wasn’t what I had expected, it was much better. Hadley is such beautiful name and it wasn’t a name that I had seen or heard anywhere else, that’s what made it so unique. Oliver seemed so mysterious, especially when he didn’t talk much about his family. He was such a good guy though; he’s everything I would want, in a boyfriend. The way he talked to Hadley and way he kept on talking to her on plane, in order to distract her from her claustrophobia, especially considering that he only knew her few hours.

Scenes between Oliver & Hadley were so cute, so romantic. I found myself smiling every time that there was a scene between the two of them; it was hard not to smile while reading it. I knew there was connection between the two of them, from the moment that two of them made eye contact with one another. Jennifer Smith did an amazing job, describing their feelings they were feeling at that moment. It actually made me sad when they went their separate ways, but I was glad that at least they got a chance to kiss before. I did wonder where Oliver ran out to thought and felt pretty heartbroken for Hadley.

The relationship between Hadley and her father was interesting too. I couldn’t really blame Hadley for being angry at her father, she felt as he had abounded her and that mostly was true. I could see the progress the two of them made, mostly Hadley’s. It seemed as her attitude change towards her father, after she came back from Oliver father’s funeral, I think it was because she realized how fast you can lose someone. The scene between Andrew and Hadley after she got back from Oliver and broke down, was really sweet, it seemed as it was just what she needed, a parent.
The ending was the best part, it made me smile. I was hoping that Oliver would come looking for her, way she looked for him when she found that he was at funeral, not wedding like she assumed. I knew at that moment that she loved him, who leaves their father’s wedding just to make sure the guy she only knew few hours, is okay? What made this book so unique is that everything took place within 24 hours, it made me realize that anything is possible, even love. Jennifer Smith made this book sound so realistic. I smiled; I cried and even got angry in this book. Honestly, I didn’t want for this book to end. I did keep wondering after the last page, what possible future Hadley and Oliver would have. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves romance.

Story For Dessert Published @ 2014 by Ipietoon