Mar 8, 2012

Lock And Key.

Lock and Key.
Sarah Dessen.
Publication Date:May 14,2009.
Genre:YA Romance,Family.


Lock & Key was the second Sarah Dessen book that I had read, and one of the best young adult books I read, this year. What isn’t there to not love about this book? It had great storyline, characters. I loved Ruby from very beginning, and the book always made me left wondering, to what would happen to Ruby next. I loved this book even more then Someone like You , if I could give this book more than 5 stars, I would. Sarah Dessen has a way to get absorbed, in the story.

Ruby’s mother abounded her once again, expect this time, her absence doesn’t go unnoticed. Ruby is sent to social services, where afterwards she sent to live with her older sister Cora, who she haven’t had contact with over 10 years, and her husband Jamie. At first, Ruby wants nothing to get away, knowing that she can make it on her own; after all she spent all this time by herself, till she was discovered.

While trying to escape, that’s when she comes across Nate, her next door neighbor, who comes to her rescue when she’s almost caught by Jamie. Even though Nate is constantly nice to her, at first she wants nothing to do with him. Ruby knows that there is no point of making friends when she will be leaving as soon as she turns 18. But as time passes, she finds herself growing closer to him, and her sister.

Soon, Ruby finds out some secrets, that her mother kept hidden from her. Then as she grows closer to Nate, feels an attraction towards him, she finds out a secret about him. Ruby wants to help Nate, wants to reach out to him, yet he won’t let her. Yet, she keeps trying, to reach out to him.

The book worked very well, from Ruby’s point of view, I felt as I got to know her and learn so much about her through the book. I felt connected with her somehow, as if I could see, imagine what she was feeling. Like when she was worried about Nate, I could tell how scared she felt and I felt scared with her too, it made me wonder what was going on with Nate in Valentine’s Day scene, if he was all right. Dessen brought the story to life, with Ruby’s voice.

Relationship between Nate & Ruby was different from the books I read. Sometimes I wanted to talk some sense into Ruby, for being so cruel to Nate, when he did nothing but be nice to her, come to her rescue from day they met. For instance, Ruby should been more thankful to Nate, after he drove all this time, to come to her rescue and take care of her when she was drunk. Instead of insulting him and saying they aren’t friends which I thought was cruel, she should thank him. At least she came to her senses next day, and apologized. I saw how much she changed through book, considering how she tried to help Nate after she found out about his dad. I knew by then that she really cared about him.

I was so glad that Cora & Ruby’s relationship changed through the book. When I started the book, I wasn’t sure what to think of Cora; to me it seemed as if she didn’t want her there. After a while I could tell, that she loved her sister. I had a lot of respect for her, especially after she told Ruby how she tried get in touch with her all these years. Jamie, now him I loved from very beginning, he did everything he could to welcome Ruby, to make sure comfortable and I knew within short time, he came to care for her.

This book had a lot of sad parts, especially with Nate, I felt so bad for him. However, I wish he would let Ruby help him sooner, maybe everything would turned out differently, After reading this book, it made me realize how lucky I am to have my family, Dessen made the story seem real. Sarah Dessen had became one of my favorite authors after this book, I see myself reading the rest of her books.


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