Mar 11, 2012

Tempest Rising, Tempest, #1.

Tempest Rising.
Tracy Deebs.
Publisher: Walker Books.
Publication Date:May 10,2011
Genre:YA Fantasy, Romance.
Series:Tempest, #1


Tempest Rising was one of most thrilling books I read. The book was filled magic, adventure, action, with some mystery added. Every page, made me curious about what’s going to happen to Tempest next, what she’ll end up deciding. Tempest Rising was filled with a lot of emotion as well, I felt myself sympathizing with Tempest, and even though I haven’t gone through what she was, I felt as I was. I plan on reading rest of this series, I want see what’s going happen next, if Tempest will come back, to land. I was glad that I came across this novel on Goodreads.

Tempest wants a normal life, to surf with her longtime boyfriend, Mark and her friend, to take care of her father and her brother. However, there is one problem, Tempest is half mermaid and as her seventeen birthday approaches, she starts getting more drawn towards the water, and she will have to decide if to stay on land or abounded everything and give herself to water, way her mother had years earlier. Tempest refuses to give herself to the ocean, to abounding everyone, way her mother had.

Even before her seventeen birthday approaches, Tempest finds herself getting more drawn towards the water, and starts exriencing changes that are beyond her control. Then Tempest meets Kona, instantly feeling an attraction towards him. It’s not long before she finds herself falling for her. When Kona gets injured, and Tempest realizes he isn’t human and goes into water after him, she has a decision to make, to become mermaid and stay with Kona, or return to land, to her family

The book was festinating from very beginning. It was different by the fact that book started out with a letter, from her mother, I could actually hear the pain in her mother’s tone as she wrote that letter, and I could tell that it pained her, for leaving her, her brothers and her father. At same time, I could feel the anger that Tempest was feeling towards her, through the book, Especially when she didn’t come back, to help Tempest out when she started going through all those changes, it kind of made me feel as if she didn’t actually care about her.

From moment that Tempest met Kona, I knew there was going be something between them, I felt a connection, an attraction between them, from a moment that Tempest saw him, the moment he touched her. I know that the reason that she was harsh towards him was because she wanted to deny her feelings for him, especially considering that she was with Mark. At beginning, I wasn’t quite sure if Kona actually cared for her or he just pretended to, but after she went into Ocean after him, I could tell that he did love her. I felt bad for Mark though.

That’s one thing I didn’t like too much in this novel, it seemed as this was supposed be a love triangle, but yet Mark was only in book for bit, in beginning. Kona was mentioned much more in the book. I thought that it lacked the love triangle, there should been more there, between Tempest and Mark. Tempest claimed she loved him, yet I didn’t see much of the prove, only a small portion, on her birthday. I just hope that there possibly are more scenes between the two of them, in the next

I thought that underwater world was fascinating, and idea of sea witch as well. So far, this been a best mermaid book that I have read, and makes me glad it’s a series. I found myself rooting for characters a lot, especially for Tempest, I felt bad for her too, especially since it seemed like she didn’t have choice in whenever being mermaid or not, even though her mother said she did. I can’t wait till Tempest Unleashed and see what happens with Tempest next, I’m hoping she return to land, at least for a bit. This book is worth reading, you won’t regret it


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Hi I found you throughout emily's group on goodreads. I love how professional your blog looks/is. I really enjoyed reading your review! This book sounds amazing.
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Jenia. said...

Thank you! It was pretty amazing, didnt want it to put it down

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