Mar 16, 2012

The Iron King, Iron Fey, #1.

The Iron King.
Julie Kagawa.
Publisher:Harlequin Teen.
Publication Date:February 1st, 2010.
Genre:YA Fantasy, Romance.
Series:Iron Fey,#1.


This is second time I read The Iron King , and it seemed even better. First time I came across the novel was by accident. I came across back in March 2010, while volunteering at the Public Library; the cover is actually what captured my attention. I ended up reading the back of it and it seemed interesting enough for me so I checked it out and glad I did, it was one of most addicting, entertaining books I read that year. Since it been couple years since I read it, I decided to re-read it, before reading the other novels. The beginning did start out bit slow for me, it picked quite fast though, and it kept me on edge of seat through the entire book.

Meghan Chase had a normal life, living with her mother, stepfather and half brother. Top of it dealing with some high school drama, alongside with her best friend, Robbie. Meghan had no idea that she is half fey, a daughter of King Oberon, of the Summer Court. It’s not till Meghan’s half brother, Ethan is kidnapped that she realizes that the world that she always believe was a fairy tale, is real. Not only that but also discovers that her best friend is Robin Goodfellow, from A Midsummer’s Dream.

While traveling in Nevernever with Puck, she comes along a lot of obstacles. Then she comes across Ash, Son of Queen Mab, of winter court. Meghan tricks the prince by making a deal with him, if he helps her find her brother, she go with him to winter court, without any question. As Ash & Meghan travel together, they grow closer and their tension grows stronger. Before Meghan even realizes, she finds herself falling for him. However, she finds out that it’s forbidden for Summer & Winter to be together. The farther they travel, the more danger sneaks up, the stronger their feelings draw for one another, even if Ash doesn’t want to admit it.

I loved Ash & Meghan’s relationship. I could feel their tension, their attraction from the moment the two of them danced together. Even though Meghan tried to deny it, by acting harsh with Ash in beginning, I could tell that there was an attraction there, the way two of them were looking at one another. Even, as two of them traveled, I had a feeling that Ash had attraction towards Meghan, even if he tried to deny it at first. There been few times when he tried to protect her, and if he didn’t care about her, he wouldn’t do that, to begin with. At times, I wanted to talk some sense into to him, I was happy when he finally came to his senses and they kissed. I love idea of Forbidden love, yet I wish Ash be less stubborn about, at least try, to make it work.

Relationship between Meghan and her half brother, Ethan was adorable. Even though, I could tell that she wasn’t too fond of her stepfather, Luke, not like I can blame her, she was fond of Ethan. No matter what, she always made sure there were no monsters in his room, she took care of him. Not many sisters, at least in books I read have such bond with their younger brothers and not many of them go into completely different world, in order to save them. The entire time that she looked for him, I wondered where Ethan was, if he was terrified.

The Iron King had a lot of action, adventure, just the type of novels I enjoy. I found myself constantly on edge of my seat. When those Goblins were going eat her, I was hoping that someone come rescue her, and soon. When Puck got hurt, I found myself hoping that he recover soon. In the end, I found myself praying that Meghan make it home safely one day that her family wouldn’t forget about her. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes fairy tales, magic, romance. It’s worth your time.


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Allright, I'm hooked. Fairytales, magic and romance? Count me in!

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