Mar 3, 2012

The Statistical Probability Of Love At First Sight.

The Statistical Probability Of Love At First Sight.
Jennifer E.Smith.
Publisher:Poppy/Little Brown.
Publication Date:January 2nd,2012.
Genre:YA Romance.
Challenge:Stand Alone.


I came across The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight while surfing Goodreads and from moment I saw the cover, I had a feeling that it be a book I would enjoy. I was right, it was one of most cute love stories that I have read. I always took pleasure in romance books; this was different from other books I had read and that what was unique about it. It sucked me in, to the point that I didn’t want to put the book down, not even for a minute, I wanted to see how it would end, how everything would turn out for Hadley & Oliver.

 Seventeen year old, Hadley Sullivan is stuck at JFK Airport, after missing her first plane, which is flying out to London, for her father’s second wedding. The Wedding that she wasn’t so thrilled about in the first place, but was forced to go to. While at airport, waiting for next plane, she meets Oliver. Oliver is British, who is also heading to London. From moment that Hadley meets Oliver, she feels certain attraction towards him.

Hadley and Oliver spend few hours, keeping each other, talking. On their way to London, the two of them end up sitting next to each other. The two of them end up talking most of the way to London. Even after the two of them depart, going separate ways, Hadley finds herself unable to stop thinking about him. She knows that it’s unlikely that two of them see each other again but she knows that she had fallen in love with complete stranger, and can’t but wonder if Oliver feels the same

First of all, cover was amazing, it painted such beautiful image. I could tell from the moment that I saw the cover that it’s going to be a real romantic story. The book wasn’t what I had expected, it was much better. Hadley is such beautiful name and it wasn’t a name that I had seen or heard anywhere else, that’s what made it so unique. Oliver seemed so mysterious, especially when he didn’t talk much about his family. He was such a good guy though; he’s everything I would want, in a boyfriend. The way he talked to Hadley and way he kept on talking to her on plane, in order to distract her from her claustrophobia, especially considering that he only knew her few hours.

Scenes between Oliver & Hadley were so cute, so romantic. I found myself smiling every time that there was a scene between the two of them; it was hard not to smile while reading it. I knew there was connection between the two of them, from the moment that two of them made eye contact with one another. Jennifer Smith did an amazing job, describing their feelings they were feeling at that moment. It actually made me sad when they went their separate ways, but I was glad that at least they got a chance to kiss before. I did wonder where Oliver ran out to thought and felt pretty heartbroken for Hadley.

The relationship between Hadley and her father was interesting too. I couldn’t really blame Hadley for being angry at her father, she felt as he had abounded her and that mostly was true. I could see the progress the two of them made, mostly Hadley’s. It seemed as her attitude change towards her father, after she came back from Oliver father’s funeral, I think it was because she realized how fast you can lose someone. The scene between Andrew and Hadley after she got back from Oliver and broke down, was really sweet, it seemed as it was just what she needed, a parent.
The ending was the best part, it made me smile. I was hoping that Oliver would come looking for her, way she looked for him when she found that he was at funeral, not wedding like she assumed. I knew at that moment that she loved him, who leaves their father’s wedding just to make sure the guy she only knew few hours, is okay? What made this book so unique is that everything took place within 24 hours, it made me realize that anything is possible, even love. Jennifer Smith made this book sound so realistic. I smiled; I cried and even got angry in this book. Honestly, I didn’t want for this book to end. I did keep wondering after the last page, what possible future Hadley and Oliver would have. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves romance.


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