Mar 3, 2012

Just Like That.

Just Like That.
Marsha Qualey.
Publication Date:May 19,2005.
Genre:YA Drama,Romance.


I had came across Just Like That accidently. I was at library, looking at couple books I been wanting to read and came across Just Like That, I read the first couple pages and it interested me enough that I checked it out. I was glad that I had. I didn’t think that it was amazing but I still thought that it was pretty good book. I’m glad that I came across this novel.

Hannah knows that she should feel something, after breaking with her longtime boyfriend, Spencer. So one night, Hannah goes out for walk and while by the Lake, she meets couple teenagers. After that night, everything changes in a blink of an eye. Hannah learns of their death, their drowning in the lake, the next morning. Hannah keeps seeing them, knowing that she should warned them about the Ice. First, she turns to drawing, only to end up drawing the couple, their bodies.

While trying to move past it, she meets Will, a jogger who find the girl’s body. Two of them have an instant connection. Hannah feels as she can tell him what she can’t tell her best friends, or even her mother. Two of them get close, bit too fast. Then she finds out a secret, about him, about his family. During that, she also finds out some secrets about her best friends. All of those changes, makes Hannah realize that anything can change, just like that

The descriptions in this book were amazing; I could actually picture the feelings, the guilt that Hannah was feeling, just by reading the descriptions. There were couple slow parts but most of the time; the descriptions are what kept my attention, made me wonder if Hannah will tell anyone else, besides Will. I was hoping that she would. When she did finally tell her friends, I wasn’t happy that first time one of them did is told her boyfriend, she knew she told them in secret. I can’t blame her for not talking to her after that, if I was in her situation, I would done the same.

Relationship between Hannah and Will was cute. However, I do think the two of them moved bit too fast, it seemed unrealistic to me. I didn’t think that there was much connection between the two of them, expect the fact that he found the girl’s body and Hannah was there night before the drowning. They meet once and next thing I know, they are kissing and then sleeping with each other. Kissing, I can kind of see but sleeping with each other, not so much. I did not expect to find out that Will was only 14 years, which made me feel that only reason he wasn’t honest with her so that he get sleep with her. After time, I could tell that Will did really care about her; I wish that she would give him more chance even if he was 14.

Relationship between Hannah and her mother, reminded me of me and my mom and way we spend time together. It made me smile to see another novel with positive mother / daughter relationship. There not many books that you find where children have a good relationship with their parents, usually they complaining when they want spend time with them. It made more realistic that even though they had good relationships, they still had their obstacles especially after the accident at Lake and Hannah seemed to distance herself from her mother, for a while.

Ending, it seemed little Incomplete for me, even if I was glad that Hannah finally was talking to Will, part of me was hoping that there would be more action between two of them before end of novel. I enjoyed the book, it kept my attention even if there were few slow parts. It’s worth picking it up and checking it out.


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