Mar 5, 2012

Fracture, Fracture, #1.

Megan Miranda.
Publisher:Walker Childrens
Publication Date:January 17, 2012.
Genre:YA Fantasy,Romance.
Challenge: Debut Author.


I came across Fracture while in Goodreads. Cover is what drew me in the beginning, making me stop to read what the book was about. Somehow I had a feeling that this book would be a type of book that I would end up loving. I was right; expect this book ended up being so much better than I expected it to. There wasn’t a single dull moment in the book, there was always something going on. It always kept me on wondering what’s going happen next.

Anything can happen, in Eleven Minutes. That’s how long Delaney Maxwell spent underneath the Icy water, before being pulled out by her best friend, Decker Phillips. By then, her heart stopped beating, her brain stopped working, she should been dead. Even thought the MRI shows signs of brain damage, Delaney comes out fine and everyone is relieved, especially Decker who blames himself for whole accident.

Everyone wants for Delaney to be okay; Only Delaney realized that she’s far from normal, especially when she starts to get a strong pull inside her head, drawing her towards the dying. It’s as if Delaney’s brain can predict when someone is about to die. She keeps the discovery to herself but she can tell that her parents can tell that she’s acting strange. Then she meets Troy, who had woken up from Coma with the same ability.

In Beginning, Delaney is happy to find someone, who understands what she’s going through, who understands her. Delaney find an instant attraction, connection towards Troy. That till she discovers that Troy’s motives are what she thought, that they are dangerous. While Delaney wants to try save people, Troy has completely opposite motive in his mind. Dangerous one. 

The novel sucked me up from very beginning. Especially when Delaney fell in, I actually found myself gasping, hoping that someone would come rescue her soon. I could feel her fear, her cold while she was underneath the Ice, waiting for her rescue. Megan Miranda did an amazing job describing that scene, the before, during and after. If I haven’t read the book’s description, I would never imagine Delaney able to come out all right, after being under the ice for Eleven minutes. I felt so bad for Decker; I could see him, his feared expression while he tried to get to Delaney, only to get held back.

Relationship between Decker & Delaney was different then from what I read in other books. I could feel the tension between two of them, even in beginning of the book. It made me wonder, what happened between the two of them, to cause that tension, considering fact that they were best friends. I knew that Decker cared about her, more than a friend, ever since the hospital scene when he broke down, I just had the feeling. So, of course I wasn’t happy with Decker when he kissed Tara and then started hanging out with her. I wanted to talk some sense into him, tell him to tell her already. When he did tell her, I felt heartbroken for him, since Delaney pretty much just took off, it’s no wonder it was awkward between them after that. I was so happy to see things to work out at them at the end.

Carson scene, now that made me cry. I actually liked him, and watching his die from seizure was so sad. I felt so bad for Delaney; she tried anything she could, to save him. He saved her from Lake, by going for Rope; I can’t even imagine how she felt, unable to do the same for him. I felt even worse for her, when everyone seemed team up against her, expect Decker after his death. Honestly, I thought that wasn’t fair, it wasn’t like she didn’t try to help.

Troy, in beginning I actually liked him, I was even hoping for him and Delaney, I thought that she deserved someone, who understood, who was there for her. That till I found what he was doing. It doesn’t matter if they were dying, killing me, isn’t right. This book had a lot action, all through the book and each page got harder to put down. Megan Miranda’s debut is worth reading it, its one book you won’t regret picking up.


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Fantastic review! I really really reallllly wan to read this!

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