Mar 25, 2012

Wicked Lovely, Wicked Lovely, #1.

Wicked Lovely.
Melissa Marr.
Publisher:Harper Teen.
Publication Date:June 12,2007
Genre:YA Fantasy,Romance
Series:Wicked Lovely,#1.


I have wanted to read Wicked Lovely for couple years now. However, I always ended up reading something else. I finally checked the novel from library and couldn’t be happier that I did, it was unlike any other faery book that I read. Even thought it started out little slow for me, it picked up after couple pages. Afterwards, I was sucked into the story, making me wonder what was going to happen next. I was glad that I came across this series, and can’t wait what happens with all of characters in the next book.

 Don’t Stare at invisible faeries
Don’t talk to invisible faeries
Don’t attract faerie’s attention 

 Those were the rules that Aislinn was taught by her grandmother from early page, the only mortal that could see them. All her life, that is what Ash had done, to avoid them and pretend as if they didn’t exist, and try to lead a normal life. Aislinn had seen it all, seen what faeries can do and the glamour they wear, when trying to blend in as humans. Nothing surprised her about them, that till they start breaking the rules.

Aislinn starts getting anxious when two faeries Donia and Keenan who is Summer King, start following her everywhere. To make things worse, other faeries seems to follow their pattern. Aislinn goes against her grandmother’s rule and tells Seth about them, who tries to help her figure a way to get rid of them. Once Aislinn finds out that she’s Keenan’s Summer Queen, she gets even more anxious, not wanting anything to do with that.

Aislinn does everything she can, to avoid Keenan, to let him know that she is not interested, soon to find that he is not going give up that easily, especially when he glamour’s as human, enrolling in her school. Aislinn soon realizes that she is becoming one of them, as much as she wants to deny it. Will she be able to accept, and to leave everyone she loves behind?

Wicked Lovely was filed with a lot of action, adventure and Mystery, it was unlike other books I read and it was worth the read. I loved Seth and Ash right from beginning; I could tell that there was an attraction, chemistry between the two of them from start. I defiantly could tell that Seth cared about Ash from moment he asked her what was bothering her, he was worried and I knew that it wasn’t because she was his friend but because he cared about her, more than a friend.

To be honest, Keenan wasn’t my favorite person from very beginning, not only wouldn’t he leave Aislinn alone but also what he did to Donia, way he hurt her, I disliked him for that reason. He grew on me by end of the book thought. Even though he wasn’t my favorite person, I loved the scenes between him and Donia, there always seemed so much passion between the two of them, I could tell that he really cared for her, the way he wanted to protect her, from him mother I had a feeling he still loved her. By the end, where she had leave and he didn’t want her to go, I knew for fact that he loved her. I actually felt heartbroken for him.

This novel had nonstop action, I found myself rooting for characters, and wanting some characters gone like Winter Queen. I can’t wait to see what happens next, with Ash, Seth, Keenan and Donia. I’m kind of curious how Seth & Ash will make this relationship worth and how Ash will handle all the power she has now.


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I like books with nonstop action. That keeps me entertained :D This sounds like something I will enjoy. Thanks for the review!

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