Oct 31, 2018

The Geography Of Lost Things.

The geography of lost things.
 Jessica Brody

Publisher  Simon Pulse.
Publication Date: October 2,2018
Genre: YA |Contemporary Romance.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|458
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.


After Ali’s father passes away, he leaves his one and only prized possession—a 1968 Firebird convertible—to his daughter. But Ali doesn’t plan on keeping it. Not when it reminds her too much of all her father’s unfulfilled promises. So when she finds a buyer three hundred miles up the Pacific coast willing to pay enough money for the car to save her childhood home, Ali can’t wait to get going. Except Ali has no idea how to drive a stick shift. But guess who does?

Ali’s ex-boyfriend, Nico. And Nico has other plans.

He persuades Ali that instead of selling the car, they should “trade up” the items they collect on their trip to eventually reach the monetary amount Ali needs. Agreeing with Nico’s crazy plan, Ali sets off on a unique adventure that is unlike anything she ever could have expected.

And it’s through Ali’s travels, through the strangers she meets and the things that they value—and why they value them—that Ali eventually comes to understand her father and how his life may not have been as easy and carefree as she previously thought. Because just like the seemingly insignificant objects Ali collects, not everything is exactly as it appears


A beautiful, heart aching story.

JESSICA BRODY has a way to hook the reader from start. This wasn’t first book I read by her. The novels that I had read prior to THE GEORAPHY OF LOST THINGS this one was my favorite so far. I always enjoyed road trip books, and once I found that this one was, I knew that I have to check it out. I’m so glad that I did. THE GEOGRAPHY OF LOST THINGS a road trip unlike any other ones that I read in past. I can’t imagine being stuck in car with an ex, I don’t think I would make it far before wanting get away from him. I am aware that only reason she did, is because Ali had no other choice, and she needed that money, in order to save her house. I knew that it was awkward being stuck in car with your ex boyfriend, but I am glad that he came. Nobody should go someone they met on Craigslist to sell the car. It’s not safe. I am glad that Nico found out where she was going.

I liked Ali, I loved how she was determined to sell the car, in order to save the house. That she was willing to make the trip all the way there. Nico, I liked him and it was clear to me, before Ali realized it, that he still cares about her. I feel as if that one of main reasons that he offered to come on the road trip with her. I wondered what would happen, would they sell the car, and go their separate ways? Or will the be able to reconnect, to start over. For me, it was the 2nd one. I feel as if Ali should let Nico explain that night that they broke up. I know that he would told her what’s going on with his mom. Maybe if he explained, they would be together. Of course I was rooting for them all through the book, that they would talk about it and get back together. It was clear that they had feeling for one another still, even if Ali was in denial about it. I was hoping that both of them will realize, that they belong together.

One of best things about this road trip, besides the stops. The Craigslist posts about exchanges of things they got, found. You never know what they came across, or who. They did collect few good things. They took the kind of road trip that I would loved to go to. THE GEOGRAPHY OF LOST THINGS will play with your emotions, and at the same time will keep reading, wondering what else would happen, if they would reach their destination. That’s a reason I finished this book fast, I didn’t want to put it down. Now that I read this book, I know that JESSICA BRODY that I will be reading for years to come. I am already curious what she will write next. The title fit the story perfectly. A book that everyone should read.

To Be Honest.

To be honest.
 Maggie Ann martin.

Publisher  Swoon Reads.
Publication Date: August 21,2018
Genre: YA |Contemporary Romance.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|3o4.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.


Savannah is dreading being home alone with her overbearing mother after her sister goes off to college. But if she can just get through senior year, she'll be able to escape to college, too. What she doesn't count on is that her mother's obsession with weight has only grown deeper since her appearance on an extreme weight-loss show, and now Savvy's mom is pressuring her even harder to be constantly mindful of what she eats.

  Between her mom's diet-helicoptering, missing her sister, and worrying about her collegiate future, Savvy has enough to worry about. And then she meets George, the cute new kid at school who has insecurities of his own. As Savvy and George grow closer, they help each other discover how to live in the moment and enjoy the here and now before it disappears.



If I could give this book more than five stars, To Be Honest deserves. When I picked up this book, I fell in love from the first page until the last, I would spend hours reading the book. Once I did finish, I wanted to go back and read it again. The plot in BE HONEST IS amazing, and it gets you through emotions, Sad, Happy, Angry, anxious. I loved the fact Savannah was happy with her body and didn’t want lose weight. I disliked her mom, and how she treated her, always put her down. Or the time George came over, and there were cookies in oven. How she put them in trash can before they were done, and then Pizza. I loved how George didn’t get weirded out an leave. He was supportive. I tried to like her mom but couldn’t. I wasn’t surprised when she went to hospital, I feel like she ate nothing, or not enough. I am glad she got admitter to Facility for help.

George, how can you not like him. I saw how the two bonded, not long after they met. Though you could see that the attraction started is when she started to tutor him. Afterwards, they started to hand out more. I wish that Savannah told George how she feels about hm, earlier than she did. George was sweet, always there when she needed him. Yet she was convinced that he didn’t like her like that. I was rooting for two of them all through the book. I found myself how the two of them are, after that last page. I loved the scenes with them, together unless they were arguing.

I liked Ashley, how supportive she was, always there when she needed. I love the sibling bond. To me they felt more like best friends than siblings. I would love a sibling like that. It’s not often you see siblings close as the two of them were. Ashley wasn’t only one I adored. Grace, Savannah’s best friend. Grace would always there, and when Savannah got in fight, she was there, giving her advice. I loved her advice, some of them were inspiring to me.

TO BE HONEST wasn’t first book I read bu MAGGIE ANN MARTIN. I read her debut novel as well. I already knew that she become an author that everyone wants to read. I am already looking forward to her next book, I can’t to see what adventures she will take us next.

Oct 28, 2018

Far From The Tree.

Far from the tree.
 robin benway. 

Publisher  Harper Teen.
Publication Date: October 3,2017.
Genre: YA Contemporary.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|374.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.


Being the middle child has its ups and downs.

But for Grace, an only child who was adopted at birth, discovering that she is a middle child is a different ride altogether. After putting her own baby up for adoption, she goes looking for her biological family, including—

Maya, her loudmouthed younger bio sister, who has a lot to say about their newfound family ties. Having grown up the snarky brunette in a house full of chipper redheads, she’s quick to search for traces of herself among these not-quite-strangers. And when her adopted family’s long-buried problems begin to explode to the surface, Maya can’t help but wonder where exactly it is that she belongs.

And Joaquin, their stoic older bio brother, who has no interest in bonding over their shared biological mother. After seventeen years in the foster care system, he’s learned that there are no heroes, and secrets and fears are best kept close to the vest, where they can’t hurt anyone but him 


A stunning, inspiring, heartbreaking story. You will fall in love.

I love stories about families, about the bond that they have. I had a feeling that FAR FROM THE TREE would end being the type of book that I love. It was so much more, it was an inspiration, reading about the three siblings bonding. A lot of emotions went through me while I was reading it, from sadness, to anger, to surprise and to love. It was as if I were feeling all the emotions that Grace, Maya and Joaquin were feeling in the book. I wanted to find out what would happen with them next. It was as if I felt a connection with the three siblings. I can’t even begin to imagine how it be to find that you had, not one but two siblings. At first I wondered if they would want to meet each other after so long, and what would happen once they did. Seeing them bond so fast, as if years haven’t passed, it made me happy. I know that they needed one another, even if they didn’t know it at first. I loved fact that no matter what, all of them were there for one another, through everything.

It’s hard for me which one was my favorite. Actually I don’t think that I have a favorite, all of them were amazing, and very likable characters. Maya, Grace and Joaquin are the type that I would loved to have as friends, the way there were always from one another. I loved how they were always there for Joaquin who seemed to have the hardest life. Even after he told them what happened, they didn’t judge him, they didn’t blame him. They were there for him and I know that’s what he needed. I hoped that he would change his mind and see how much Linda and Mark loved him and would let them adopt him. That he wouldn’t blame himself for that one accident when he was a kid. I felt bad for him, and happy that he found a family that loved him, didn’t judge him for his past and most of all, trusted him. I loved Claire, I loved how she didn’t give up on her, despite how she pushed her away. I loved them all. I thought reading from each of their point of view, is how reader got to bond with each of character. I couldn’t get enough of their stories. I still can’t get out of my mind.

FAR FROM THE TREE is a third book I read by ROBIN BENWAY and I think that I fell in love with her writing more. Now I will be looking out for her books. Plus, isn’t title beautiful? It fits the story perfectly. FAR FROM THE TREE deserves more that five stars.

A touching story about family that will stay with you.

Oct 17, 2018

Christopher Robin :The Novelization.

Christopher robin.
 elizabeth rudnick. 

Publisher  Disney Press.
Publication Date: July 3,2018
Genre: Children's|Classics.
Format|Pages: Paperback|282.
 Source:  Goodreads|Borrowed.


Capturing the heartwarming magic of Walt Disney Studios' upcoming Christopher Robin film, this novelization pulls fans back into the world of Pooh through a book that enables them to relive the story and revisit their old pals whenever they please.

Focusing on the power of love, friendship, and family, the novelization invites readers to join Christopher Robin, Pooh, and their friends from the Hundred Acre Wood on an all-new adventure that adds new depth to timeless and beloved characters old and new.


Oh how much I loved this story. It was as if I traveled back to my childhood.

Winnie The Pooh had been one of my favorites, since I was a kid. When the movie, Christopher Robin came out, I saw it with two of my friends and I loved it. I didn’t even know that there was a book out, not until a best friend of mine told me that she would lend it to me. I was excited, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the book. I couldn’t wait to explore CHRISTOPHER ROBIN all over again. I was curious how different book would be from the movie. I tend to prefer books over movies, and this time around, I loved them both. There were slight differences but not much. I loved reading about Christopher Robin, Winnie The Pooh and his friends adventures. I always wonder how Christopher would be as adult, if he still have Winnie The Pooh around. I loved how Christopher Robin was there for Winnie The Pooh, despite how busy he was, it did not stop him from helping him find his friends and reconnect with everyone. Considering how focused he was on his job lately, I think that he even forgot how to relax, to have fun. At least that the feeling that I got. I feel as while he was in Hundred Acre Woods, he forgot about his work, at least for little while.

I loved Christopher Robin’s family, and just like his family, I wished that he would spend more time with them. I never imagined that they would end up meeting Winnie The Pooh, and all of the friends. Of course the ending of CHRISTOPHER ROBIN had me smiling. How could it not? Everyone together, and actually happy and having fun. I know that something his family haven’t done in long time. Of course I couldn’t help but wonder what happened afterwards. I think besides Christopher Robin, Winnie The Pooh was my favorite, he always has been, the things he did and said sometimes, you couldn’t help but laugh. He’s the type of friend that I would loved to have as a child. CHRISTOPHER ROBIN brought my childhood back to live, reminded me why I loved those stories to begin with. I fell in love with it, with the characters all over again.

It was…magical.

Oct 16, 2018

That's Not What Happened.

that's not what happened.
 kody keplinger. 

Publisher  Scholastic Press.
Publication Date: August 28,2018
Genre: YA Contemporary.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|329.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.


It's been three years since the Virgil County High School Massacre. Three years since my best friend, Sarah, was killed in a bathroom stall during the mass shooting. Everyone knows Sarah's story--that she died proclaiming her faith.

But it's not true.

I know because I was with her when she died. I didn't say anything then, and people got hurt because of it. Now Sarah's parents are publishing a book about her, so this might be my last chance to set the record straight . . . but I'm not the only survivor with a story to tell about what did--and didn't--happen that day.

Except Sarah's martyrdom is important to a lot of people, people who don't take kindly to what I'm trying to do. And the more I learn, the less certain I am about what's right. I don't know what will be worse: the guilt of staying silent or the consequences of speaking up . . 


This is a book, that you must read.

I have read few books about school shootings, but none of there was written way that THAT’S NOT WHAT HAPPENED . It was different and unique because it took 3 years after the showing, and it showed how it affected everyone, especially Lee. I can’t even imagine to go through something that tragic, I think if were me, I wouldn’t be able to go back after. Lee might had her moment, and to me she was brave. It takes a lot to do what she had done, and reading those letters, seeing what others went through that horrible day, it can’t be that easy, to bring up those memories. THAT’S NOT WHAT HAPPENED was very hard book to read, but then the subject is hard to read about it. While reading it, you feel the fear along with those characters, especially once you read the letters and about the victims of shooting, who weren’t lucky. I felt like I was there along with them. Despite being a difficult subject to read about, I couldn’t get enough. I wanted to find out how it would all end.

I loved that this book wasn’t only told in Lee’s point view, but through letters and on occasion about the victims. It gave us a better view of how they were, as a person prior to the shooting. Like Lee, I wondered why Miles didn’t want to write the letter. Was it because he didn’t want think about what happened that day, or was it because he was hiding something? I did not like how Lee was pushing him about it, I understand why she did, but when it became clear that he didn’t want to, she should let it go. I was as surprised as Lee was when he did write it. I do believe that he only did it because of her. It was clear from the start how he felt about her. I wished that Lee realized sooner than she did, about how she felt about him. I was rooting for her to figure that out, all through the book.

I hated how others started to treat Lee, just because she decided come clean, about Sarah and what actually happened that day in the bathroom. Why would she have a reason to lie about that? It did make me wonder, if people would believed her if she came clean right away, or if she would have go through same harassment. Out of all characters, besides Lee and Miles, Ashley was one of my favorites. I loved how was always checking up on everyone. Even when she was angry with Lee, she encouraged to tell Miles how he feels about her. I feel as if Ashley is a type of person that everyone want be friends with, a friend that is always there for you. I wasn’t happy that she didn’t believe Lee, but at the same time, I understood it. She felt guilty, at least that is the feeling I got.

THAT’S NOT WHAT HAPPENED is not the first book that I read by KODY KEPLINGER she had became one of my favorites back in 2012 when I read her debut novel, THE DUFF That book had a high impact on me, and I always look forward to her books. I wasn’t disappointed. KODY KEPLINGER did it again. A book that will have you thinking long

Oct 13, 2018

Girl Against The Universe.

girl against the universe.
 Paula stokes. 

Publisher  Harper Teen.
Publication Date: May17,2016.
Genre: YA Romance|Mental Health.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|400.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.


Sixteen-year-old Maguire knows the universe is against her. No matter how many charms she buys off the internet or good luck rituals she performs each morning, horrible things happen when she's around. Like that time the roller coaster jumped off its tracks. Or the time the house next door caught on fire. Or the time her brother, father, and uncle were all killed in a car crash--and Maguire walked away with barely a scratch.

Despite what her therapist tells her, Maguire thinks it's best to hide out in her room, far away from anyone she might accidentally hurt. But then she meets Jordy, an aspiring tennis star who wants to help her break her unlucky streak. Maguire knows that the best thing she can do for him is to stay away, but it turns out staying away might be harder than she thought. 


A powerful, inspiring story about mental illness.

I have read few books about mental illness through years, and this, GIRL AGAINST THE UNIVERSE was one of the best, and so realistic. I haven’t experienced was Maguire had, and while reading the book, I felt as I had. I am writing a book that deals with PTSD, and I felt as I learned a lot more by reading the book. GIRL AGAINST THE UNIVERSE was filled with a lot of emotions, and I while I read it, I felt as I was experiencing all those emotions along with Maguire. I felt her fear, her confusion, her sadness, her anxiety. I can’t imagine going through what she did, losing 3 of loved ones and then blaming herself for everything that went wrong afterwards. I hoped that she would find a way to overcome that, hoping that Dr. Leed would find a way to help her. I loved the communication between the two of them, at least once Maguire started to communicate with him, ask for his help to help get there. It was a big step to set that goal for herself. I believe that the challenges that she set for herself, helped her get there. I was rooting for her.

Jordy, I liked him from start. There seemed to be some type of connection between two of them, when they met at the therapist office, even if Maguire wasn’t that welcoming at first. I knew that it was a sign that Jordy ended being helper at tennis team that Maguire decided to try out for. I liked fact that he didn’t seem to believe that she was bad luck, and how much he tried to help her to overcome her fears, help her with tennis, to help her make the team. I know that Jordy cared about her from the start, otherwise he wouldn’t done all of that to begin with. I just wanted for Maguire to see that, and I believe she did but she was afraid, because she assumed that something bad would happen to him. I was hoping that maybe she learned to overcome all of that. Maguire came a long way from beginning of the book, to the end and she accomplished a lot as result of it. Despite her being afraid all the time, to accomplish everything that she had, that’s being brave.

GIRL AGAINST THE UNIVERSE was the first book that I read by PAULA STOKES but I have heard of the author before and been wanting to read her book. Now that I have, I am eager to check out rest of her books. GIRL AGAINST THE UNIVERSE kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to the end. A book that I would recommend to everyone.


Oct 11, 2018

The Glass Ocean.

the glass ocean.
 Beatriz Williams. 
lauren willig.
Karen white. 

Publisher  William Morrow.
Publication Date: September 4,2018.
Genre: Historical Fiction |Romance.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|416.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.


May 2013

Her finances are in dire straits and bestselling author Sarah Blake is struggling to find a big idea for her next book. Desperate, she breaks the one promise she made to her Alzheimer’s-stricken mother and opens an old chest that belonged to her great-grandfather, who died when the RMS Lusitania was sunk by a German U-Boat in 1915. What she discovers there could change history. Sarah embarks on an ambitious journey to England to enlist the help of John Langford, a recently disgraced Member of Parliament whose family archives might contain the only key to the long-ago catastrophe. . . .

April 1915

Southern belle Caroline Telfair Hochstetter’s marriage is in crisis. Her formerly attentive industrialist husband, Gilbert, has become remote, pre-occupied with business . . . and something else that she can’t quite put a finger on. She’s hoping a trip to London in Lusitania’s lavish first-class accommodations will help them reconnect—but she can’t ignore the spark she feels for her old friend, Robert Langford, who turns out to be on the same voyage. Feeling restless and longing for a different existence, Caroline is determined to stop being a bystander, and take charge of her own life. . . .

Tessa Fairweather is traveling second-class on the Lusitania, returning home to Devon. Or at least, that’s her story. Tessa has never left the United States and her English accent is a hasty fake. She’s really Tennessee Schaff, the daughter of a roving con man, and she can steal and forge just about anything. But she’s had enough. Her partner has promised that if they can pull off this one last heist aboard the Lusitania, they’ll finally leave the game behind. Tess desperately wants to believe that, but Tess has the uneasy feeling there’s something about this job that isn’t as it seems. . . .

As the Lusitania steams toward its fate, three women work against time to unravel a plot that will change the course of their own lives . . . and history itself. 


I fell in love with this beautiful story right away. What is there not to love? Not only did it fill you with emotions, it kept you on guessing, it kept you on reading. Historical fiction, mixed with romance and suspense, my type of book. The characters, Sarah, Caroline and Tessa felt so real to me, I loved reading each of their stories. What I loved about this particular story was that Sarah’s story took place during present time and Caroline and Tessa in past. I have heart about Lusitania but I didn’t know much about it, and I felt as I learned quite bit by reading the book. At the end, I felt everyone’s terror, and their worry about their love ones, wondering if they made out or not. I can’t even begin imagine going through the horror that they did. I couldn’t get enough of the story thought, I kept on wondering who would make it through. I do imagine that the ones that did, they would never be the same. The way the story was written, the emotions that it portrayed for each of the character, it was breathtaking.

I have never read books by BEATRIZ WILLIAMS & LAUREN WILLIG before, however KAREN WHITE is one of my favorite authors and when I saw that she was one of Co-Authors, I knew that I had to check it out. I’m glad that I did, and now I am curious about Beatriz and Lauren and will be checking out their books as well. THE GLASS OCEAN is one of those stories that will stay with you long after you finish it. I have finished it few days ago and I am still thinking about it. It’s such inspiring story. Love triangle in this story kept you on wondering, who did Robert want? Who would he end up with? Despite knowing how he felt about Caroline from the start, just the way he acted around her. Robert treated Caroline, the way that her husband, Gilbert should have. You couldn’t help but notice that there was some sort of connection between Robert and Tessa. I wondered if there was possibility that he would give up on Caroline and end up with Tessa. From beginning, I wonder who he ended up marrying. It wasn’t who expected him to. THE GLASS OCEAN took the most unexpected turns and twists. My favorite was Sarah and John, I was rooting for them. I believe that they had a connection from the start, even if they didn’t see it. That ending, it had me grinning.

Don’t you love the title, THE GLASS OCEAN it’s as beautiful as the book, and the cover as well. You will get attached before you open the book. The title itself will have you picking up the book. Once you do, you will find a hard time putting it down until you reach the end. I spent hours reading it, and there were many times I had force myself to put down because I had go to sleep. I know that it will be one of the books that I will find myself returning to in the future. THE GLASS OCEAN is a book that I would recommend to everyone, a story that you will fall in love with.

A masterpiece.

Oct 5, 2018

When Elephants Fly.

when elephants fly.
 nancy richardson fischer.

Publisher  Harlequin Teen.
Publication Date: September 4,2018.
Genre: YA Contemporary.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|400.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.


T. Lily Decker is a high school senior with a twelve-year plan: avoid stress, drugs, alcohol and boyfriends, and take regular psych quizzes administered by her best friend, Sawyer, to make sure she's not developing schizophrenia.Genetics are not on Lily's side.

When she was seven, her mother, who had paranoid schizophrenia, tried to kill her. And a secret has revealed that Lily's odds are even worse than she thought. Still, there's a chance to avoid triggering the mental health condition, if Lily can live a careful life from ages eighteen to thirty, when schizophrenia most commonly manifests.

But when a newspaper internship results in Lily witnessing a mother elephant try to kill her three-week-old calf, Swifty, Lily can't abandon the story or the calf. With Swifty in danger of dying from grief, Lily must choose whether to risk everything, including her sanity and a first love, on a desperate road trip to save the calf's life, perhaps finding her own version of freedom along the way. 


An incredible, breathtaking story about family, survival and hope.

There is always a book out there, which will hit you hard, break your heart. It’s also going to be a story that you will never forget, the one that is worth every single page. I had never read books by NANCY RICHARDSON FISCHER before, and when I came across WHEN ELEPHANTS FLY I knew I had check out, the title and the cover drew me, and I love books about animals, especially elephants. It wasn’t first book I read about elephants, but it was my favorite one. How can that title not have you curious? Plus, that cover, it’s mysterious, they were the two of first things that captured my attention. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book since I never read book by this author. Only after few pages, I had a strong feeling that it would be a book that I wouldn’t forget. I was right. WHEN ELEPHANTS FLY was an astonishing story, the one that I know I would be returning to in the future. There wasn’t a single page that didn’t have my attention, that didn’t have me on the edge of my seat. I was blown away.

Lily, I liked her from the start. I can’t even begin imagine to go through what she had. To be almost killed by your mother when you were seven, to wonder if you going develop schizophrenia. I can’t even imagine living in that constant fear. Then witnessing an elephant mother almost killing her baby. It’s as if Lily couldn’t get a break. I feel as if that is one of the reasons that Lily connected with Swifty because she been there, and she knew the feeling of not being wanted by someone, being rejected. Don’t you love that name? it’s unique. Seeing the bonding moments that she had with Swifty, and you could tell that it wasn’t long before she started to care about calf. Otherwise she wouldn’t gone as far as she had, in order to rescue the calf. I feel as if calf bonded with Lily a bit, until he started to get sick. Seeing how health got worse, along with his mood, it broke my heart. I know that in a way, I bonded with Swifty through Lily. I was rooting for Swifty, for Lily. It was a heartbreaking story, at the same time, it was a story that is worth reading.

WHEN ELEPHANTS FLY is a story that will have you going through a lot of emotions. Not just during the story but afterwards too. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. Now, I need and go check out what else NANCY RICHARDSON FISCHER has written, because I fell in love with this story, and I am curious about others. I even recommended this book to a best friend of mine, because it touched me so much. Beautifully written, so vivid that you will feel as you are there along with Swiftly and Lily.

It was… delightful.


Story For Dessert Published @ 2014 by Ipietoon