Jun 29, 2012

DemonGlass, Hex Hall, #2.

Rachel Hawkins.
Publisher:Hyperion Book CH
Publication Date:March 22, 2011.
Genre:YA Fantasy,Romance.
Series:Hex Hall,#2.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|368.


If you loved Hex Hall you are going to love Demonglass, I actually found myself enjoying it more than Hex Hall, there seemed to be more action in this novel then there were in the first book. Demonglass held my attention more than the first book and it had more intense plot as well. Demonglass added more mystery, like when Sophie tried figured out who turned Daisy and Nick demon. I loved the fact that there were so many unexpected twists. I’m eager to find out what happens next, with Sophie, With Asher, Cal and even Sophie’s Dad.

  Sophie thought she was a witch, which is what landed her at the reform school. However, she soon found out that she was a Demon, one of the only two in world, her father being the first. Sophie makes the decision to go to London and go through removal, a process that can kill her. Her father invites her, along with Jenna and Cal, to spend summer with him in England before making that decision. She agrees.

When she arrives, she makes a surprising discovery, that her newest friends are demons too, expect they were made and nobody knows by whom. To make things more complicated, Archer, her old crush was last seen in England, and the eye is using him to track down Sophie. She finds the feelings she thought were gone, coming back. Forcing for her to make difficult decisions.

  Demonglass had my attention right from first page till the very last page. I thought the title was very attention grabbing and the cover, it had a certain mysterious look to it that would make the reader to pick up the book. I had actually picked this book up in past when I saw it at bookstore, not knowing that it was part of a series because the cover caught my eye.

Now, to Sophie. I could see how much she developed through this book, how much stronger she had became. I remember she wasn’t as confident in the last novel. I enjoyed her determination to find out what was going on, for training with her father. There might be some decisions she made that I didn’t agree with, such as meeting Asher, behind her father’s back. I found myself to scream at her, wanting to talk some sense into her, but then I couldn’t blame her either. I love the bond she formed with her father, I actually didn’t think that would be something that would happen and I could tell he really cared about her, especially what he did for her, towards the end. I wasn’t sure if I liked him at first but I loved him by the end of the novel.

Asher & Cal : Even thought I love Asher, even if he is the spy, I found myself liking Cal even more. He wasn’t mentioned much in last book but he played a bigger role in this book. I could tell that he cared about Sophie, even before she had figured it out and I wish that he would made a move earlier then he did, but I found myself waiting for the kiss thought. I know for fact that she felt attracted to him as well. I loved the scenes between the two of them, it’s also making me curious if anything else will happen between two of them in next book. I saw a connection between Asher and Sophie, I could tell right away that they loved each other, and I loved the fact that they had forbidden sort of love going on. I felt heartbroken for Sophie when he was captured.

Demonglass was an enjoyable book; there wasn’t any aspect in the book that I didn’t enjoy. Rachel Hawkins knows how to capture your attention and keep your interest. I’m eager for the next book in the series.

Jun 26, 2012

Some Girls Bite, Chicagoland Vampires, #1.

Some Girls Bite.
Chloe Neill.
Publisher:NAL Trade.
Publication Date:April 7,2009.
Genre:Urban Fantasy.
Series:Chicagoland Vampires, #1.


Have you ever picked up a series, a book that you knew you were going to love? That’s how I felt about Some Girls Bite from moment I read the first chapter, I already knew that it was going be the one book that I was going to love. I found myself loving it more than I thought I would. I have heard about Chicagoland Vampires series for a while now, I just haven’t had chance to read it, till now. I was happy to finally have a chance to read it. This series was action packed and there was always something going on. I loved the fact that this was different from other vampire series. Neill’s descriptions within the story made me easily to imagine everything that was happening. I’m eager to check out rest of books in the series.

  Merit is a 27 year old college student. While walking across campus late one night, she is attacked by Rogue vampire, only to get saved by Ethan; the head vampire of Cadohan House and only way to save was to turn her, into one of them. Merit finds herself joining the world of vampires when she awakens, which was the last thing that Merit wanted to be.

Merit finds herself having a hard time adapting to live, as immortal and at first attempts to deny it, along with accepting Ethan as her master. Soon she finds herself drawn to him, an attraction that she attempts to ignore. However the more around him she is, the stronger feelings seem to become. Soon other people getting attacked by vampires and Codohan house starts to get blamed, causing Merit to wonder who to blame the attacks.

First I wanted to talk about the cover, and the title. I thought that the cover has a real mysterious look to it and it fits the story very well. Both the title and the cover is actually what captured my attention in this novel, it’s what made me pick up. The title and cover is what made me pick up the book to begin with, before I even read the summary. I knew that it was going be fantasy book; I just didn’t know that it would be about vampires. It was attention grabbing. It made me curious.

Now, Merit. I loved the name first of all but I am still curious, to why she is using her last name instead of her first name. I remember she mentioned that there was something and the looks that she exchanged with Meredith, yet it never mentioned it why she was using it instead of her first name. I love it though, it’s totally unique name. I found myself loving her right from beginning, she’s a kickass character, and I felt like I could connect to her easily. I loved everything about her but mostly her attitude. I enjoyed that she didn’t take orders from everyone, including Ethan even if her attitude got her in trouble most of time. Meredith was another character I enjoyed, I mostly enjoyed her dedication to her friendship with Merit, how she didn’t treat her any different after she was a vampire. That’s true friendship.

Morgan & Ethan : Honestly, I preferred Ethan over Morgan, even if Ethan could get annoying at times but then not like I could blame him, for acting the way he did. If someone didn’t listen to me, I would probably have the same issue. To me, it felt like there was more chemistry between her and Ethan then her and Morgan. I could feel more chemistry when they were around each other, when they kissed and way she came to Ethan’s rescue towards the end. Morgan, him I loved his attitude, his dedication to prove to Merit that they should be together and I could tell there was attraction from moment they met. Yet I find myself hoping that she will end up with Ethan.

There wasn’t a single scene in book that didn’t have my attention. It got to the point that I didn’t want put it down, I wanted to see what was going to happen. I found myself wishing I had the next book in series after I finished Some Girls Bite, I needed see what happened next with everyone, especially Merit. I loved the fact that it wasn’t a young adult vampire series, something different for chance. If you are into fantasy, vampires, pick up a copy.

Jun 23, 2012

What Matters Most.

What Matters Most.
Luanne Rice.
Publication Date:June 24,2008.
Format|Pages:Mass Market Paperback|496.


What Matters Most is another great work of Luanne Rice . I have read few of Luanne’s books and so far there wasn’t a single book of hers that disappointed me. That was the way I felt with What Matters Most, from the moment I picked up the book, it got hard for me to put it down, I needed how it would turn out in the end. I loved the way Rice portrayed everyone’s emotions, I felt myself being able to feel what they were filling. Top of it, the scenery she set, described, especially of Ireland was beautiful and I felt that I was actually there. Even though most parts of novel were sad, they were also ones that made me smile. Rice brought the story to life to me. I’m looking forward to reading rest of her novels.

What Matters Most is follow up of Sandcastles which I read. This sequel follows story of Bernadette Ignatius and Tom Kelly. Sister Bernadette and Tom Kelly return to Ireland, in search of son they left behind 23 years earlier. It was also the place for a lot of memories for both Tom and Bernadette before her calling, to become Nun. Devastating Tom, he took job as groundskeeper in Star Of Sea so he could be close to her, to the one women that he never stopped loving. Will search of their son, bring them closer together?

Seamus ‘James’ Sullivan also is hoping and dreaming of reuniting with his one true love, Kathleen Murphy who he hasn’t seen over 10 years, not since she was taking by her parents from St Augustine’s Children’s home. Kathleen was the only family that he ever knows. While Kathleen, cook in Newport is dreaming the same thing, dreaming for miracle to bring the one boy she always loved, back to her. All four lives are about to come together.

When I picked up the novel, I haven’t realized that I was reading a sequel to Sandcastles, that I read a year earlier. As I read on, I realized that the names seemed somehow familiar and then it came to me. I was actually happy that she made the sequel, I loved Sandcastles and I was curious about the other characters as well. I found myself loving Bernadette right from beginning, and her dedication to go back to Ireland to find their son. However I found myself frustrated with her at times, I wish she would just be with Tom, she saw how much he loved her. I could feel the tension between two of them, but that’s what I enjoyed about their relationship, the fact that they were obstacles. I didn’t actually read description before picking up the book, I found myself curious what Tom and Bernadette where hiding when they arrived to Ireland, especially how Tom was acting with his cousins.

Now James and Kathleen, I found myself loving them even more. All through the book, I found myself rooting for them to find a way back, to each other. I could tell there was chemistry between two of them from the first page. I found myself being able to easily imagining their relationship; just by the way that Rice described their relationship through the years. Now, that’s a real bond, a bond that is unique. I did wonder what would happened with them two if Kathleen’s parents didn’t come to get her, or if she took James’s offer to run away with him. I found myself feeling sad when they were separated and horrible for Kathleen, for the life she ended up having.

Ending had a twist, as most of Luanne Rice’s books did. I just wish it didn’t have result in death. However I was happy that at least Tom knew how she felt about him, how they both got their feelings out there. Of course, his heart had go out at worse possible way. I though the very ending was beautiful, James finally got he wanted, a family with Kathleen, even if the child wasn’t his, he learned to accept it as I hoped he would. This story is totally worth checking out. If you haven’t read any of Luanne’s books, go pick one out. It’s worth your time.

Jun 20, 2012

Skating Over The Line, Rebecca Robbins, #2.

Skating Over The Line.
Joelle Charbonneau.
Publisher:St Martin's Press
Publication Date:September 27,2011.
Genre:Mystery, Humor.
Series:Rebecca Robbins,#2.


Skating Over The Line was another great read. I found myself enjoying this book more than the first one. To me, it seemed like the 2nd book was filled with more mystery, action, of course slightly more of drama and humor added to this one. Once again Joelle brought the books, the scenery to life. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series.

Rebecca Robbins is desperate to sell her inherited roller-skating rink in small-town Indian Falls, and---finally---she has a buyer. She can’t wait to head back to Chicago, especially now that her long delinquent father has blown back into town, but Lionel, her veterinarian boyfriend, thinks she should stay put. Also, the gang at the Senior Center wants her to track down the thief who’s been hot-wiring rusted-out classic cars.

Unable to resist, Rebecca soon has the Sheriff’s Deputy threatening to arrest her for obstruction, and strange but scary men threatening her life. Then cars start exploding, with people in them, and Rebecca’s father goes missing. With the help of Pop, her Elvis-impersonating grandfather, Rebecca must find the pyromaniac car thief and put a stop to him---before he stops her first.

  It seemed like Rebecca got herself in more trouble in this book, then the first book, she always seemed to be where all the cars that were being set on fire were. Even thought, she had couple break downs through this book, I believe that she’s pretty strong character, the way she dedicates to find out what’s going on, even against the police orders. That’s what I like about her, I actually like her stubborn attitude, it gets things figured out. Unlike the police who I am starting to suspect, don’t do much of investigating, she tends figure out, before they do.

Now, the relationship between Lionel & Rebecca had progressed through this book, even if there was tension between as well. I could tell that he really cares for her though, otherwise why would he tell her to take rink off market, to stay? Also the way he was there for her, when she showed up at his place, all upset. Their kisses in this book seemed to have much more passion. I wasn’t too happy when they broke up towards the end when they broke up. Yet, I know it’s not the end for them. Now, Sean, I have a feeling that he might have some kind of feelings for Rebecca, and possibly love triangle coming up, I’m not too sure yet. I guess I will find out in the next book. Part of me likes Sean, because despite anything, I know he still cares about her and another part, not so much because the way he’s towards Rebecca at times, but then I can’t really blame him.

Now, to Stan. The moment I found that he’s coming back to town, I know there will be tension in the family. However I already had a feeling that Pop would have more problems with him, then Rebecca did. I saw how he changed through the book, and I could tell that he did love Rebecca, despite what he did in the past.

I enjoyed fact, that this book mostly consisted of car theft, and not all involved it around a murder. I always enjoyed authors who can come up with different, unique idea for each book. Joelle did just that. I found myself rooting for Rebecca but at time scared for her as well. I am also beginning to wonder if she’ll ever sell the rink. Another great book, and worth checking out, you won’t want to put it down till very end, each page, each chapter makes you wonder what’s going happen next.

Skating Around The Law, Rebecca Robbins, #1.

Skating Around The Law.
Joelle Charbonneau.
Publisher:St Martin's Press.
Publication Date:September 28, 2010.
Genre: Mystery,Humor.
Series: Rebecca Robbins,#1.
Source: Library|Goodreads.


For as long as I remember, I always enjoyed mysteries. I have read quite few of them through the years. However, I’m very picky when it comes to mystery, it has captured my attention or I won’t finish it. Skating around the Law did just that, caught my attention. There was couple slow parts and reason for me giving it 4 stars; however it picked up pretty fast. I had come across the book accidently while in library, looking for some books. I was glad that I did, it was filled with a lot of action, and there wasn’t scene in book that didn’t have some sort of action going on. I also loved the idea of Roller Rink, it something I haven’t read about before, making this story pretty unique.

Rebecca Robbins is a woman on a mission---to sell the roller rink she inherited from her mother and get back to Chicago. Fast. However, when she discovers the dead body of the town’s handyman headfirst in a rink toilet, potential buyers are scared off. Now Rebecca is stuck in a small town where her former neighbors think she doesn’t belong, living with her scarily frisky grandfather, Pop, and relying on a police department that’s better at gardening than solving crimes.

Eager to move forward with her life, Rebecca begins investigating the murder herself, reluctantly accepting help from Pop and his extensive social network, which includes a handsome veterinarian and a former circus camel named Elwood. Nevertheless, someone isn’t happy she’s looking into the case, and their threats will have her questioning whether playing sleuth was such a good idea after all.

What I had enjoyed about this novel, to me all of the characters seemed realistic and I found myself being able to easily connect with them, especially with Rebecca. Now, Rebecca was one of my favorites through the book, her attitude, also of taking the case into her own hands. Even though she didn’t want to keep the rink, I loved the dedication to her mother’s rink, to make sure that everything was running smoothly. Also how she wanted make sure that it will stay a rink, once it’s sold.

Lionel & Rebecca. Their relationship, I liked right from and a start and I knew that they were attracted to one another, from the moment that the two of them met. I could practically feel the tension between the two of them. Right from start, I was hoping for them to get together, because there was apparently something between the two of them. I liked the fact that their relationship was different then ones I read in other books, fact how they didn’t fall in love with each other, right from beginning. I liked that it kept me wondering, what was going happen between the two of them next. There were a lot of scenes between them, that made me smile, especially the kissing scenes.

Another character I adored was Rebecca’s grandfather; he made me laugh half of the time. I don’t think I seen any grandfather act the way he does, especially with women, it’s no wonder Rebecca was uncomfortable, if I was in her situation, I would too. I enjoyed his humor though and in general the humor through the book, it made the book even more interesting to read. In general, this book is worth reading. It has a lot of action, mystery and humor added to it. I will be checking out the rest of series.

Jun 19, 2012

Author Interview - David Estes.


First, i wanted to thank David for doing the interview with me. This is my first author interview so i was exicited and nervous at same time.

David Estes is a Young Adult & Children's Writer.Evolution Triology, and has new series Moon Dwellers coming out June 30th.

Q:What inspired you to write?

A:In the back of my mind, I always had this crazy notion that someday I would write books for a living, but I always found some excuse not to write. I moved to Sydney two and a half years ago for work and met my wife, who helped convince me to start writing in late 2010. Now she can’t get me to stop!

Once I started writing, I think I knew pretty much right away that it was what I wanted to do with my life. It’s just who I am! When I’m in the throes of a writing session (I mean like living, breathing, feeling the characters, the plot, the drama), it’s the most amazing feeling in the world for me.

So I’m pretty much obsessed with writing now and recently began doing it full time. I published my first three books in October 2011 as a trilogy (The Evolution Trilogy: Angel Evolution, Demon Evolution, and Archangel Evolution).

My current project is a YA dystopian series written from the perspective of two characters in alternating chapters. Without giving two much away, the two characters (one male and one female) come from very different walks of life, but are thrust together unexpectedly. As their lives intertwine, they must seek to bring balance to a world that is out of control. I’ve finished the first book, called The Moon Dwellers, which I will release on June 30th of this year!

I have also recently finished a YA novel about a boy with a very unique disability and one hell of a sense of humor who meets loads of interesting teenagers on a suspenseful yet funny adventure to uncover the truth about the father he never knew. This book is scheduled for release on July 31st of this year.

I have also completed the first four books in a children's series aimed at kids between the ages of 7 and 10. It's a classic superhero story about a girl who meets a strange animal who leads her to a treasure chest in the middle of the forest. The chest contains a gift that allows the girl to perform miraculous feats. I have another two books planned for the series, which I will be working to complete in 2012, although the first four books in the series will be published on August 31st 2012.

My remaining projects range from a variety of children's novels from the fantastical to the downright silly, to my next venture into YA fantasy, and to the creation of an adult suspense/mystery series with a strong and interesting male character. I have written the first page of more books than I can count without taking off my shoes

Q:What type of genre do you prefer to write about?
A: Anything YA and Children’s I love, pretty much in any genre, although dystopian is my current favorite. But I really enjoy fantasy and paranormal too.

So many things attract me to YA and children’s books. I guess first and foremost it’s the chance to write for a young audience. I loved loved loved reading growing up, as both a child and teenager, so it is so exciting to help young adults and kids use their imaginations while developing a love for reading. I am also so excited about what is happening within the YA and children’s genres. The interest in it has expanded across generations and so many not-so-young adults are reading YA books these days that there are really no age restrictions anymore (I know I regularly explore the YA an children’s sections in the library!)

Although I am in the gender minority for authors in the genre, I feel right at home in the space. I am a bit of a romantic, and I prefer writing about younger characters, so it’s a perfect fit for me!

Finally, I’ve never really grown up myself, always enjoying reading books across all genres and age groups, so it was just natural that I should write in such a versatile genre.

Q:Your new book, The Moon Dwellers comes out soon, what inspired you to write it?

A:Great Question! My interest in YA dystopian really goes all the way back to 2008, when I first read The Hunger Games. That was before everyone had read it and I was being a major book pusher (which is pretty normal for me), trying to get all my friends to read it. My the time I’d written and published my first trilogy (The Evolution Trilogy), the YA dystopian revolution was in full swing and I was pretty much obsessed, reading every dystopian book I could get my hands on. One day I thought to myself, “Self, you could write a pretty darn good dystopian book,” so I got started right away, which is what I do.
It’s well documented that I have serious OCD, such that when I dive into a project, I am all the way in, to the point of crazy, my-wife-wants-to-strangle-me obsession. So I finished the book in about thirty days, let’s call it a month just to be conservative. *winks, yep, that was my sarcasm* I dove into the beta stage with a fervor, and to my utmost delight, my early readers came back with extremely positive feedback, along with some awesome constructive feedback. I edited, rewrote, revised, edited, added a prologue, changed the tense, and edited some more, and finally the book was ready!

Q:Do you have any favorite authors? books?
A:I have so many favorite authors, but to mention a few: J.R.R Tolkien, Dean Koontz, Suzanne Collins, Maggie Stiefvater, Lee Child, Veronica Roth, James Dashner, and Cassandra Clare

Some of my favorite books/series are: The Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Games, The Scorpio Races, Harry Potter, Odd Thomas, Divergent, The Maze Runner, Unearthly, and The Mortal Instruments.

Q:Where do you prefer to write?
A:When I lived on Manly Beach in Australia, my favorite place to write was at the pool, but now that I’m travelling the world, I try to write whenever and wherever I can. Currently, I’m in Hawaii and so, naturally, I write at Waikiki Beach each and every day!

In general, however, I like to write outside when I can. Nothing beats a cool breeze and some beautiful scenery for inspiration.

Q:What advice do you have for aspiring authors?
• Write every day. Even if it’s only a couple hundred words, it keeps you in your story and makes it easier to pick it up and continue writing. Plus, you’re less likely to forget something and change the storyline or details partway through.

• If you can’t afford a copyeditor (which I couldn’t when I first started), get a few eagle-eyed people to review for silly errors. Read it yourself at least five times too! No one likes a book they paid for to have a bunch of typos.

• Use independent beta readers! This is something I didn’t do for Angel Evolution and now wish I did. I asked friends and family to read and provide feedback and I made some good changes from it, but it wasn’t enough. Make friends on sites like Goodreads and ask people to read your unpublished manuscript to provide feedback, particularly around character development, the beginning, the ending, what annoyed them, etc. I wish I would have done this so I could have avoided some of the negative reviews from my readers.

Just to conclude, I love hearing from all my readers and I strive to respond to each and every comment or question I get from them. I’d love to hear from you all using one of my favorite social networking sites:

My blog/website: http://davidestesbooks.blogspot.com
My Facebook page/s: http://www.facebook.com/pages/David-E...
My Goodreads author page: http://www.goodreads.com/davidestesbooks
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/davidestesbooks

Jun 12, 2012

Keep Holding On.

Keep Holding On.
Susane Colasanti.
Publisher:Viking Juvenille.
Publication Date:May 31,2012.
Genre:YA Contemporary,Drama.
Format|Pages:E Book|224.


To me, Keep Holding On was a powerful book. Even thought I wasn’t bullied the way Noelle was, I still was bullied while I was in school, so in way I could relate to this novel. I could relate how Noelle felt when she got bullied daily. I thought I had it bad, but then realized how much worse kids can have it. Susane presented very good subject, a subject that everyone should be aware of. It’s also type of subject that a lot of teenagers can relate to, and it something every adult should be aware of. This is 2nd book I read by Susane and it was my favorite.

 Keep Holding On, tells a story about a girl, Noelle who gets constantly bullied at school, even her best friend isn’t aware how bad it is for Noelle at school every day. Her situation at home, that nobody is aware of, isn’t any better where Noelle is being neglected by her own mother. Noelle barely has enough clean sock and food at home.

Noelle keeps a lot about herself hidden, including her home life. So when Jullian Potter starts take a notice of her, she becomes terrified and pushes him away. Noelle is sure that the two of them don’t belong together. Then when a classmate’s commits suicide, due to bullying, Noelle realizes that it’s time to stand up for herself and keep holding on.

  First, I wanted to mention how stunning the cover is. Bullying would be last though on your mind, if you saw the cover, before reading the summary. The girl looks happy in cover, which is far from what Noelle. That’s what I enjoyed about this book, even thought there was some romance, with Matt & Jullian, it mostly focused on bullying, and neglect. It focused on the issue, which is something that should be done about more, bullying. I won’t lie; this book was hard to read at times, I found myself on verge of tears, multiple times. I also felt myself angry towards bullies, and some of teachers and other students, I want to tell them to do something. It made me feel, like they didn’t actually care.

 Noelle , even if I didn’t got nearly as horrible bullying way she did, I felt myself able to relate myself to her, relate way she was feeling, like she had no place to escape, sometimes I felt that way at school. But at least I had loving parents, she didn’t have that. I couldn’t believe any parent could treat their own child, the way Noelle’s mother treated her. I truly thought that she didn’t care about her at all, till her breakdown. At least that shook some sense into her. Through entire book, anytime I read scenes with her mother, it made me angry. I loved the bond between her and Sherae, they have the kind of friendship, which will last a lifetime, and they were always there for one another. Their loyalty to one another, made me smile each time. Julian, he was special too, even though I wasn’t sure how to feel about him after he started ignoring her after he found out about her and Matt, but in end he came through. I found myself proud of Noelle when she finally stood to herself, at school and to her mother, which took courage.

I believe this is a novel that everyone should read. It sends a strong message. It lets other bullied victims to Keep Holding On. It was one of books that I will remember for years to come.

Jun 10, 2012

The Fault In Our Stars.

The Fault In Our Stars.
John Green.
Publisher:Dutton Books.
Publication Date:January 10,2012.
Genre:YA Contemporary,Romance.
Format|Pages:E Book|318.
Challenge:Stand Alone


Wow. John Green impresses me every time. Even though I only read 2 of his books before this one. This is officially my favorite book after Looking For Alaska. Even if it was sad book, it was beautifully written, and the way Hazel’s emotions were expressed through the novel, amazing. I had discovered John Green through a friend, 3 years ago. I’m so glad he told me about him. He’s one of authors who won’t disappoint you. I only read 3 of his book but he’s already a favorite of mine, I will be checking out rest of his books soon.

Diagnosed with Stage IV thyroid cancer at 13, Hazel was prepared to die until, at 14, a medical miracle shrunk the tumors in her lungs... for now.

Two years post-miracle, sixteen-year-old Hazel is post-everything else, too; post-high school, post-friends and post-normalcy. And even though she could live for a long time (whatever that means), Hazel lives tethered to an oxygen tank, the tumors tenuously kept at bay with a constant chemical assault.

Enter Augustus Waters. A match made at cancer kid support group, Augustus is gorgeous, in remission, and shockingly to her, interested in Hazel. Being with Augustus is both an unexpected destination and a long-needed journey, pushing Hazel to re-examine how sickness and health, life and death, will define her and the legacy that everyone leaves behind

At first I was afraid to read this novel, because it’s about cancer and heard that it was pretty sad novel. I eventually gave in and decided to check out since I loved his other two books, and heard few good reviews about this novel. I’m glad I did, even if I did end up crying the last few chapters of the book. It made me wish that I read the book earlier. Even if Fault In Our Stars had sad parts, there were also some parts of the book that I found myself laughing at. I think that one of reasons I kept on reading, because it wasn’t sad book the entire time.

Augustus & Hazel : They were defiantly my favorites, I loved everything about them. The fact that both of them were so different, yet they formed an instant bond. The way their relationship processed through the novel. Two of them were always there for one another, and way Augustus let Hazel use his wish so they can go to Amsterdam together, to have Hazel’s wish come true. The way he took care of her, after she was left disappointed. Also the way that Hazel was there for him when he relapsed, till the day he died, she was by his side. I found myself crying, the moment I found he was sick again, and I don’t think I stopped till end of the book. My favorite scenes was the dinner and the kiss, at the museum, it made me smile. Their relationship was special; he was special so I wasn’t too happy when he died.

I loved Amsterdam part of the book; everything was described beautifully, including the Anne Frank Museum. It gave me great images. It felt like I was actually there. After reading it, I actually want go, especially to see Anne Frank Museum, it something I would enjoy exploring. Now the ending, well actually I didn’t actually feel like there was an ending, just way it ended, with a letter. Yet, we don’t really know what happened with Hazel, how long did she live? What became of her parents? Did she ever find love again? That’s the question I found myself wondering about, after the last page. Though, I felt it fit the book. Especially considering the book that was mentioned in the novel also had no ending.

John Green is an inspiration to me, an author everyone should check out. If I could give this book more than 5 stars, I would. It’s a book worth checking out. A book you find yourself thinking about.

Jun 9, 2012

So Much Closer.

So Much Closer.
Susane Colasanti.
Publication Date:May 1,2012.
Genre:YA Contemporary,Romance.


I have seen, heard good reviews about Susane Colasanti novels. I actually have been wanting read them, for while. I had came across few of her novels, at bookstore and read parts of books. Couple weeks ago, I finally purchased So Much Closer, which was one of her novels that I been wanting to read. Ever since I read the summary, it seemed like my type of a book. I found me enjoying the book more then me though then I would. The writing was beautiful, and it got hard for me to pull away from the book. It was one of books I’m glad I discovered. I will be checking out rest of Susane’s books.

  Brooke will do anything, to capture the heart of Scott, a guy she believes she belongs together with. Brooke’s plan seems to fall apart when she finds out Scott is moving, to New York. So Brooke does the unexpected, she follows him to New York, moving in apartment with her father, who she haven’t had touch with, in years.

Now, all Brooke has do is to convince Scott, that the two of them belong together. However, her plan starts to fall apart when she discovers that Scott has a girlfriend already, but Brooke is not ready to give up. Thanks to Brooke’s new friends, and the big city, she learns to navigate and learn about herself, discovering that true love comes at most unexpected time.

I was hooked from first page. I truly thought that Brooke was going to tell Scott, right there. Honestly I wanted to tell her not to. I mean, what kind of person tells someone they barely know, that they belong together, that she loves him? I kind of felt like April did, against it. I was pretty shocked that she followed him all way to New York, and moved in with father she been angry with, all these years. Probably that what surprised me the most, that she was willing to live with him, in order to get closer with Scott. I was actually surprised she was able to establish friendship with Scott; honestly, I didn’t even think he would notice her. I felt bad for her when everything went downhill for her though, with her dad never being home, her relationship with Scott.

Sadie. Even though she was bit hyper, I loved that girl. I loved her attitude, and the way she wanted to help other. Especially loved her warm fuzzy notes. Sadie sounds like some of my friends so in a way I could relate to her. She’s type of person that everyone should have, for a friend. Brooke was the last person I thought end up friends with, especially since she didn’t even seem to like her that much, in beginning. I was glad that two of them became friends; honestly I thought that she was more of best friend, then April was to Brooke. Unlike April, she was always there for me, and didn’t ditch her. I loved seeing how their relationship grew through the novel.

John & Scott. John, now who wouldn’t love him? Why can’t all guys be like him? He’s sweet, adventurous. I loved how he showed Brooke New York; make her discover things, not only about New York, but herself. I had no idea he liked her though, not till she showed up with Scott, and announced that they were together, the way he looked, so heartbroken, my heart actually broke for him. I wanted talk some sense in Brooke, make her see how great of guy John was. Too bad, it took her towards end, to see that. Now Scott, honestly I am not sure how I felt about Scott, part of me liked him, and another part not so much. I loved the friendship he established with Brooke in beginning, but then way he didn’t even consider her feelings when she told him, how she felt, how she thought their relationship wasn’t moving forward. I was surprised that they actually got together, I actually didn’t think it happen.

Susane is author worth checking out. I’m looking forward to reading her other works.

Jun 6, 2012


Carol Lynch Williams.
Publisher:Simon & Schuster.
Publication Date:May 1,2012.
Genre:YA Contemporary,Drama.


I never read a book that’s written in verse before. I seen those types of novels before, but for some reason they never captured my attention. So I wasn’t sure how much I like Waiting , thought the storyline seemed interesting and I saw a lot good reviews about the books, and decided to check it out. I was glad I did, I loved every aspect about this novel, and I felt like I could relate to the novel, because it dealt with loss, and I had lost few people, through the years. Waiting was filled with so many emotions, and beautifully written. I found myself thinking about the book, even after I finished reading it. It’s worth checking out.


  London and Zach were as close as could be. And then Zach dies, and the family is gutted. London’s father is distant. Her mother won’t speak. The days are filled with what-ifs and whispers: Did Zach take his own life? Was it London’s fault?

Alone and adrift, London finds herself torn between her brother’s best friend and the handsome new boy in town as she struggles to find herself—and ultimately redemption

Have you ever read a book, which you found yourself thinking about after? Waiting was one of those books for me. The writing, the language and the message, took my breath away. From moment I picked up the book, I didn’t want to put it down, because I needed to know what would happen next, especially with London, I wanted to see how things would end up. London, I liked her right from beginning, and I felt angry towards way everyone was action towards her, just because her brother died. Especially her mother, how could a mother not speak to their child? I wanted talk some sense into her, I was hoping she would come to her senses. I loved way London cared about her brother, the relationship she had with Zach, that sort of bond doesn’t happen often between siblings, yet to me it felt realistic.

Jesse & Taylor. Honestly, I loved them both, and I could tell that London was important to both of them. Both of them, comforted her in their own way, and I didn’t even care that London liked them both at the same time. Both Jesse & Taylor were different, especially personality wise but they found ways to be there for London. When she started crying, remembering her brother, they were always there, in attempt to make her feel better. However, even thought I loved them both, I was happy that she went to Taylor in end, especially considering their history together in past, but it seemed to me that he would somehow be better for her then Jesse was. Another person I loved was Lilli. She was such amazing friend to London, and she didn’t judge her because of her brother, everyone needs friends like that.

  I’ll be honest, there were few scenes in this book that made me cry. Maybe it was the way book was written, it felt as I could feel London’s emotions more, and when she would remember, get upset. I found myself upset too. I was glad when she finally told her mother how she felt about everything, even if her mom left in end. This was one of most emotional books I read, and one of most beautifully written books, it’s one of books you won’t forget.

Jun 5, 2012

In Honor.

In Honor.
Jessi Kirby.
Publisher:Simon & Schuster.
Publication Date:May 8,2012.
Genre:YA Contemporary,Travel.
Format|Pages:E Book|240.
Challenge:Stand Alone.


Wow. Once again, Jessi Kirby took my breath away with her writing. You ever had books you had feeling you love? That is what In Honor & her debut, Moonglass did to me. I know this already, that she is going be one of authors I will keep reading. I felt like I could somehow relate to the novel, even though I didn’t lose anyone in army, I have friends in the army. This book was beautifully written. I enjoyed all adventures that Honor and Rusty came across on their trip. At each page, chapter, I found myself wanting to find what they will come across next. I look forward to Jessi Kirby’s next novel.

  Honor’s world comes crashing around her, when she finds out her brother Finn, died while on duty in Iraq. In her grief, loss of one person she looks up to, her future doesn’t look so bright anymore. Then, hours after his funeral, Honor receives his last, handwritten letter with a last request. Honor heads to California, to fulfill it. However, Honor doesn’t make it far, before she runs into Finn’s best friend, Rusty.

Against her wishes, to do this on her own, she ends up taking Rusty along with her. The two of them travel from Texas and all way to California, for Finn. Along the way, Rusty and Honor come across few obstacles, and find ways to share their los, over Finn. When shocking truth revealed towards end of trip, will they be able to handle it?

  I found myself enjoying In Honor, slightly more than Moonglass. To me, it seemed more powerful, more realistic. It was one of most emotional books I read. I found myself tearing up multiple times, especially when Honor would get upset, and I found myself distressed because Honor was one of my favorite characters in the book. I felt like I got to know Honor pretty well through the novel. I did feel bad for her, at time. Especially when Rusty was screaming at her, or bringing up her brother at most unexpected times. I did enjoy, the good memories that she remembered with Finn. Made me smile.

Wyatt, I loved that guy, it made me wish that all guys were like him. It also made me sad that Honor had to leave; it kind of made me wonder what could happened between them, if she did. I have a feeling that they could have something great. I could tell, that Wyatt truly cared about Honor, even if he knew her for short period of time. The way he took care of her, made sure she was okay after he found out that her brother died, way he looked and smiled at her. Way he held onto her hand when they went scuba diving, making sure she was all right down there too. Everything about relationship was sweet.

Rusty & Honor. First, I love both of their names, so unique. I had feeling that from moment he got into car, that this was going rough trip for them, considering that Rusty and Finn were no longer friends. Even though clearly he annoyed her, I knew she cared about him. So I wasn’t all that surprised that they kissed towards the end, what surprised me was when she told him she loved him at end, I think I was as surprised as Rusty was. I loved their relationship; I loved the fact that it was more of love/hate relationship, and saw way it progressed through the novel. Even though, Rusty wasn’t nicest towards Honor few times, I still liked him, enjoyed his attitude.

This book took my breath away, I had enjoyed it more than I expected to. Another amazing novel, by Jessi Kirby that I highly recommend, she has an amazing talent, a talent of writing,, keeping the reader’s attention through the entire book.

Jun 3, 2012

Hex Hall, Hex Hall, #1

Hex Hall.
Rachel Hawkins.
Publisher:Hyperion Book CH
Publication Date:March 2,2010.
Genre:YA Fantasy
Series:Hex Hall,#1.
Format|Pages: Paperback|336.


Hex Hall was one of novels I wished I read earlier. Actually, I came across the book over year ago, but haven’t had a chance to get it, till now. What captured my attention was fact that it was about witches, magic and I always been fascinated with that, ever since I read Harry Potter. Hex Hall had so much more, witches, demons, faeries, mystery and even murder. Every page had me on the edge of my seat. I’m eager to find what happens with Sophie next, what adventures, dangers she will face next.

 When Sophie was 12; she discovered she was a witch. The powers that only seem to get her into trouble. When a spell goes wrong, causing too much exposure to humans, Sophie’s father who is powerful warlock, as punishment sends her to Hex Hall, an isolated reform school. On first day, she manages to make three powerful enemies, who look like supermodels; crush on warlock who is also unavailable, and a vampire roommate, who is most hated person at Hex Hall.

Things turn for worse, when a mysterious predator begins attacking students. Jenna, who is Sophie’s only friend, instantly becomes number one suspect. Sophie attempts to try and prove Jenna’s innocence. But that least of her worries when she finds out that an ancient secret society, determines to destroy all prodigium, including her.

  First, I need point out how much I adore the cover for the book, it’s stunning and unique. It was unlike any other covers that I seen while reading a book, it’s the type of cover that will attract reader’s attention, that’s for sure. Now, the story in general kept me on the edge of my seat. This is another novel that I had a hard time putting down. It grabbed my attention from first page, and more I read, the more intense the got, and more curious I got, of what is going happen with everyone next. Sophie, I liked her from beginning, even if she did manage to get herself in trouble, constantly. The way she stayed such loyal friend, to Jenna even when everyone was accusing Jenna of being a killer. Also way she didn’t even hesitate in killing Alice at end.

Archer & Sophie. I thought the tension between them, in beginning and especially when Sophie realized her feelings for him, was what made it more interesting, fact that they didn’t fall in love right away. I could, that Archer truly cared for her, even when I found he was the bad guy, he had a chance to stab her, yet he didn’t. The fact that he was crying, indicated that he did care for her. I did not see that coming though, Archer being the bad guy, he just didn’t seem the type, which was shock to me. I am curious what Sophie would do; say if she did come across him again. Another surprise, was finding out that Sophie was a demon.

All through the book, I kept wondering who was killing the students, somehow I had feeling that it wasn’t Jenna. I enjoyed every aspect of this book, I would highly recommend checking it out.

Jun 2, 2012

Need, Need,#1

Carrie Jones.
Publisher:Bloomsbury USA
Publication Date:December 23, 2008.
Genre:YA Fantasy,Romance.


I been wanting to read Need since I came across it at Barnes & Noble, few months earlier. However, I didn’t have money to purchase it at the time. I finally had chance, to check out at the library, and I glad I did. I was hooked right from start, more I read; the more I wanted to see what happened next. The language, writing was beautifully written. I enjoyed reading the style that Carrie wrote in, it was unique. Every page kept me on edge of my seat; I’m looking forward, to rest of the series.


  Zara White suspects there's a freaky guy semi-stalking her. She's also obsessed with phobias. And it's true, she hasn't exactly been herself since her stepfather died. But exiling her to shivery Maine to live with her grandmother? That seems a bit extreme. The move is supposed to help her stay sane...but Zara's pretty sure her mom just can't deal with her right now. She couldn't be more wrong.

 Turns out the semi-stalker is not a figment of Zara's overactive imagination. In fact, he's still following her, leaving behind an eerie trail of gold dust. There's something not right - not human - in this sleepy Maine town, and all signs point to Zara.

What I found unique about the novel, was way Jones listed phobia’s, at each chapter. I even came across some that I didn’t think existed. It fit the story as well, since Zara seemed fascinated with them most of the book. Zara. First, I completely love that name, it’s different. I loved the character right from the start, even though I did feel sorry for her in beginning, because of her father, of her mother sending her away. Through the book, I could see how she changed, how much more she matured, especially towards the end, when they trapped the faeries. She has courage.

Zara & Nick. I loved their relationship, I had feeling that he cared about her, right from start. Just the way he helped her at start, and way that he kept on helping her after that. Actually, I couldn’t understand why Ian disliked him; Nick seemed like decent enough guy. He even came to Issie’s defense when she was being picked on. That was sweet. He always seemed there, when Zara needed him, and the way he tried to protect her, make sure nobody would hurt. I found myself smiling when they finally kissed, and whenever they would kiss, it put smile on my face. Their relationship had so much tension, desire.

The faerie stalker put a mystery to it. Even after I found out its faerie, I was still curious who he was, and why he kept following Zara. I did not expect it to be Zara’s father that was unexpected. That was only time I wasn’t happy with Nick; he acted like such ass, after he found out. I was surprised as Zara was thought. It was a great twist though. I also enjoyed that not all shape shifters were Werewolves but different animals, made it more interesting. I didn’t expect for Zara’s grandmother to be one though.

Need, is filled with tons of action, mystery and even has quite bit romance, it’s worth reading. I’m eager to find out what happens with Zara, Nick and her friends next.

Jun 1, 2012

You Are So Undead To Me, Megan Berry, #1

You Are So Undead To Me
Stacey Jay
Publication Date:January 22,2009.
Genre:YA Urban Fantasy.
Series:Megan Berry,#1.


You Are So Undead To Me was one of most engaging paranormal books I read this year. I loved every aspect of this book. The Action, the romance, the plot. If I could give this book more than 5 stars. I would. It’s the 2nd Zombie book I read, but my favorite. Once I picked it up, it got hard for me to put it down. I didn’t want to put it down till I finished it. Stacey Jay has a way of capturing the reader’s attention. I’m going be checking out rest of series, I’m curious to see what happens with Megan next.

 Fifteen year old Megan Berry, is a Zombie Settler. All Megan wants, was to have a normal teenage life. Go to homecoming, date, hang out with friends. However, it’s hard when all of that keeps getting interrupted by Zombies, which keeps showing up, at most unexpected times.

Just when Megan’s starting to get a hang of her training, stuff get more complicated. Not only is she crushing on her tutor, Ethan. Top of that someone in school is performing dark magic, turning undead into flesh eating Zombies. Now it’s up to Megan to stop it.

This is unique book, even though I read Zombie book before, this has actual Zombies. Also Zombie Settlers is something I haven’t even considered till I came across this series. Honestly, title was actually was what attracted my attention, when I came across it at the library. I’m glad curiosity got to me and I checked it out. I would never guess that Zombie settlers would need training and that there are different levels to it. I found fascinated, about learning about all of those spells that Megan was learning about, when she was getting tutored by Ethan, even if I couldn’t pronounce half of them.

Ethan. Now, what is there not to love about that guy? Even though he was an ass to Megan in beginning, but then I couldn’t blame him. There was also times where I wanted to talk some sense into him, like when he went for Monica, right after he kissed Megan. I was curious why he went after Monica so fast though. I loved the tension between him and Megan, there was chemistry between two of them, from beginning. I was hoping that something would happen between the two of them. I loved the way Stacey ended the book, it made me smile, especially when Ethan told her he loves her. It made me even more curious what would happen between them in next book.

Jess. I did not see the ending coming, I was positive that she actually wanted to catch Monica in act, I realized that something was off, about the same time Megan did. I seriously didn’t see her like a witch; she just didn’t seem the type. I actually liked her, up till end anyways. I also didn’t see her being with Beth, considering how Beth was acting towards Megan when she went out with Josh. I was glad that she got caught, I didn’t even feel bit sorry for her.

  In general, this was worth reading it. Stacey Jay brought book to life for me. I saw myself imagining everything going on, including the Zombie stuff. Everything, it amazed me. I can’t wait for the next book in series, to find out what happens next.

Story For Dessert Published @ 2014 by Ipietoon