Jun 12, 2012

Keep Holding On.

Keep Holding On.
Susane Colasanti.
Publisher:Viking Juvenille.
Publication Date:May 31,2012.
Genre:YA Contemporary,Drama.
Format|Pages:E Book|224.


To me, Keep Holding On was a powerful book. Even thought I wasn’t bullied the way Noelle was, I still was bullied while I was in school, so in way I could relate to this novel. I could relate how Noelle felt when she got bullied daily. I thought I had it bad, but then realized how much worse kids can have it. Susane presented very good subject, a subject that everyone should be aware of. It’s also type of subject that a lot of teenagers can relate to, and it something every adult should be aware of. This is 2nd book I read by Susane and it was my favorite.

 Keep Holding On, tells a story about a girl, Noelle who gets constantly bullied at school, even her best friend isn’t aware how bad it is for Noelle at school every day. Her situation at home, that nobody is aware of, isn’t any better where Noelle is being neglected by her own mother. Noelle barely has enough clean sock and food at home.

Noelle keeps a lot about herself hidden, including her home life. So when Jullian Potter starts take a notice of her, she becomes terrified and pushes him away. Noelle is sure that the two of them don’t belong together. Then when a classmate’s commits suicide, due to bullying, Noelle realizes that it’s time to stand up for herself and keep holding on.

  First, I wanted to mention how stunning the cover is. Bullying would be last though on your mind, if you saw the cover, before reading the summary. The girl looks happy in cover, which is far from what Noelle. That’s what I enjoyed about this book, even thought there was some romance, with Matt & Jullian, it mostly focused on bullying, and neglect. It focused on the issue, which is something that should be done about more, bullying. I won’t lie; this book was hard to read at times, I found myself on verge of tears, multiple times. I also felt myself angry towards bullies, and some of teachers and other students, I want to tell them to do something. It made me feel, like they didn’t actually care.

 Noelle , even if I didn’t got nearly as horrible bullying way she did, I felt myself able to relate myself to her, relate way she was feeling, like she had no place to escape, sometimes I felt that way at school. But at least I had loving parents, she didn’t have that. I couldn’t believe any parent could treat their own child, the way Noelle’s mother treated her. I truly thought that she didn’t care about her at all, till her breakdown. At least that shook some sense into her. Through entire book, anytime I read scenes with her mother, it made me angry. I loved the bond between her and Sherae, they have the kind of friendship, which will last a lifetime, and they were always there for one another. Their loyalty to one another, made me smile each time. Julian, he was special too, even though I wasn’t sure how to feel about him after he started ignoring her after he found out about her and Matt, but in end he came through. I found myself proud of Noelle when she finally stood to herself, at school and to her mother, which took courage.

I believe this is a novel that everyone should read. It sends a strong message. It lets other bullied victims to Keep Holding On. It was one of books that I will remember for years to come.


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