Jun 9, 2012

So Much Closer.

So Much Closer.
Susane Colasanti.
Publication Date:May 1,2012.
Genre:YA Contemporary,Romance.


I have seen, heard good reviews about Susane Colasanti novels. I actually have been wanting read them, for while. I had came across few of her novels, at bookstore and read parts of books. Couple weeks ago, I finally purchased So Much Closer, which was one of her novels that I been wanting to read. Ever since I read the summary, it seemed like my type of a book. I found me enjoying the book more then me though then I would. The writing was beautiful, and it got hard for me to pull away from the book. It was one of books I’m glad I discovered. I will be checking out rest of Susane’s books.

  Brooke will do anything, to capture the heart of Scott, a guy she believes she belongs together with. Brooke’s plan seems to fall apart when she finds out Scott is moving, to New York. So Brooke does the unexpected, she follows him to New York, moving in apartment with her father, who she haven’t had touch with, in years.

Now, all Brooke has do is to convince Scott, that the two of them belong together. However, her plan starts to fall apart when she discovers that Scott has a girlfriend already, but Brooke is not ready to give up. Thanks to Brooke’s new friends, and the big city, she learns to navigate and learn about herself, discovering that true love comes at most unexpected time.

I was hooked from first page. I truly thought that Brooke was going to tell Scott, right there. Honestly I wanted to tell her not to. I mean, what kind of person tells someone they barely know, that they belong together, that she loves him? I kind of felt like April did, against it. I was pretty shocked that she followed him all way to New York, and moved in with father she been angry with, all these years. Probably that what surprised me the most, that she was willing to live with him, in order to get closer with Scott. I was actually surprised she was able to establish friendship with Scott; honestly, I didn’t even think he would notice her. I felt bad for her when everything went downhill for her though, with her dad never being home, her relationship with Scott.

Sadie. Even though she was bit hyper, I loved that girl. I loved her attitude, and the way she wanted to help other. Especially loved her warm fuzzy notes. Sadie sounds like some of my friends so in a way I could relate to her. She’s type of person that everyone should have, for a friend. Brooke was the last person I thought end up friends with, especially since she didn’t even seem to like her that much, in beginning. I was glad that two of them became friends; honestly I thought that she was more of best friend, then April was to Brooke. Unlike April, she was always there for me, and didn’t ditch her. I loved seeing how their relationship grew through the novel.

John & Scott. John, now who wouldn’t love him? Why can’t all guys be like him? He’s sweet, adventurous. I loved how he showed Brooke New York; make her discover things, not only about New York, but herself. I had no idea he liked her though, not till she showed up with Scott, and announced that they were together, the way he looked, so heartbroken, my heart actually broke for him. I wanted talk some sense in Brooke, make her see how great of guy John was. Too bad, it took her towards end, to see that. Now Scott, honestly I am not sure how I felt about Scott, part of me liked him, and another part not so much. I loved the friendship he established with Brooke in beginning, but then way he didn’t even consider her feelings when she told him, how she felt, how she thought their relationship wasn’t moving forward. I was surprised that they actually got together, I actually didn’t think it happen.

Susane is author worth checking out. I’m looking forward to reading her other works.


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