Aug 31, 2019

All The Feels.

all the feels.
danika stone.

Publisher  Swoon Reads.
Publication Date:June 7,2016.
Genre: YA | Contemporary Romance.
Format|Pages: Paperback|336.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.


College freshman Liv is more than just a fangirl: The Starveil movies are her life… So, when her favorite character, Captain Matt Spartan, is killed off at the end of the last movie, Liv Just. Can’t. Deal.

Tired of sitting in her room sobbing, Liv decides to launch an online campaign to bring her beloved hero back to life. With the help of her best friend, Xander, actor and steampunk cosplayer extraordinaire, she creates #SpartanSurvived, a campaign to ignite the fandom. But as her online life succeeds beyond her wildest dreams, Liv is forced to balance that with the pressures of school, her mother’s disapproval, and her (mostly nonexistent and entirely traumatic) romantic life. A trip to DragonCon with Xander might be exactly what she needs to figure out what she really wants. 


I loved everything about this book, and I felt as I could relate to most of it. Like Liv, I remember there were few characters through the years that died, that I did not expect to and like Liv, it devastated me. It might been extreme like Liv felt after Spartan is killed on, but I do remember all the emotions that went through me. I loved the way that emotions were portrayed in ALL THE FEELS, they were so real and I felt as I was there besides Liv, feeling all those emotions that she was going through at that moment. I wondered about the title from the start, and once I started reading the book, it all made sense and it fits the story perfectly. I was pulled into this story instantly, and if it wasn’t for my classes starting and work, I would finish it sooner than I had. Every time that I had put it down, I couldn’t wait until I could pick up again and see what happens. I couldn’t get enough of this book, and once I reached the end of it, I wanted to read it again. I have a feeling that ALL THE FEELS will be a book that I will be re-reading in the future.

I loved Liv; she reminded me a lot of me. When I was younger, I used to write fanfiction until I got into fiction writing. After reading ALL THE FEELS I want to try and go back to it, work on my old fanfiction stories. Like Liv, I also have anxiety, especially when it comes to talking to strangers and being in crowds. When I went to AwesomeCon last year with my friend, I was a bit overwhelmed but at the same time I remember how exciting it was. I felt as if I could relate to Liv in few different ways, and that made the book a lot more realistic for me. I am still curious what happened to Liv after the end of the book. I loved what she did, in order to try and bring Spartan back, now that is a dedicated fan and it paid off in the end of it. Xander, what is there to say about him? I loved him from start, besides Liv, he was my favorite. I had a feeling that Xander cared about Liv more than a friend, just the way he was around her and how he tried to cheer her up, always there for her. I was waiting for Liv to figure that out. I wanted for two of them get together. All through the book, I was rooting for them to.

I still cannot seem to get a hold of my emotions after reading this book. ALL THE FEELS is the second book that I read by DANIKA STONE and won’t be the last one. I am already excited to check her newest book out. How can I not be? She has me hooked already. There wasn’t anything that I didn’t love about this book. Once again I am in love. It makes me feel inspired to write, to finish my book. It was…magical, delightful debut novel. I already know that DANIKA STONE will be an author for years to come. If you love YA, this is a book that you should check out.

Aug 28, 2019

Dear Evan Hansen.

dear Evan Hansen.
Steven levenson
benj pasek(lyricist)
Justin pail(lyricist)

Publisher  Theatre Communications Group.
Publication Date:May 30,2017
Genre: YA | Play| Musical.
Format|Pages: Paperback|165.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.


An original musical that explores the poignant desire for human connection in the tumultuous life of one young man. Evan is shy, lonely, and bullied for it―teeming with the irrepressible emotions all too familiar with anyone who's ever been a teenager. After a tragedy strikes, Evan's life suddenly gets turned around, but is it ultimately for the better? 


Heartfelt, Astounding, Extraordinary.

I could go on and on about how much I loved it. I heard about DEAR EVAN HANSEN for a while and even came across the novel when was a bookstore. I heard others talking about the Broadway show and how much they loved it. I had finally got around to getting the script at the library. I don’t read plays very often, but DEAR EVAN HANSEN was a lot more than a play, I loved the fact that the songs from the musical were included as well. Now that I read the script, I am hoping that the Broadway will come to my area so I can see it, because I would love to see it. It did not take for me long to fall in love with this story, and it felt so real to me, all the characters and the story in general. If it wasn’t for my classes staring, I know that I would read it faster than I had. I have this strong feeling that DEAR EVAN HANSEN is a story that a lot can relate to. I never been through it what happened in the story but there were parts of story that I could relate to. Plus all the emotions in the story, that while reading it, I felt as I was feeling all those emotions that Evan was. It was incredible.

I liked Evan from the start. I don’t agree with what he did, how he made Connor’s parents think that he was friends with Connor, and at the same time I understood why he did it. I believe that he did because he felt back for him and once he started, it was as if he didn’t want to stop. I know that what he did was wrong, but it seemed as it helped Connor parents, and it seemed to bring them closer together, and it made them happy knowing that Connor had a friend. I had a feeling that it wouldn’t last forever, if Evan didn’t tell the truth, I had a feel that it would get discovered at the some point. I had feeling that it wouldn’t end well for Connor, considering how many things he had about his and Connor’s friendship. There were few things that would get me suspicious, and I do wonder how Connor’s parents weren’t suspicious, and maybe because they were grieving or happy that Connor had a friend. I can’t even begin to imagine what they felt once they found out that it was a big lie. In a way, Evan gave them hope even if it was just for a little while. You will go through the emotions while reading this book.

DEAR EVAN HANSEN is a story you won’t forget, a story that will stay with you. Once I reached the ending, I couldn’t get out of my head for a while. I would highly recommend this book to everyone. A story that deserves a lot more than five stars. There wasn’t anything I didn’t love about it. Be ready for a thrilling, emotional roller coaster ride.

Aug 26, 2019

Match Me If You Can.

match me if you can.
tiana smith.

Publisher  Swoon Reads.
Publication Date:January 8,2019.
Genre: YA | Contemporary Romance.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|288.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.


Mia's best friend Robyn is known for her matchmaking skills, which is perfect, because homecoming is just around the corner. But Robyn refuses to set Mia up with the guy of her dreams, which forces Mia to take matters into her own hands. She uses Robyn's matchmaking service to make sure popular Vince Demetrius falls for her.

Vince asks her out, but Mia doesn't count on Logan, the persistent school newspaper photographer who seems to like her out of the blue. Now she has to choose between Vince - the guy she knows is right for her - and Logan, who insists that she give him a chance. And she needs to make sure Robyn doesn't find out that Mia's been matchmaking behind her back.

Mia has two weeks before homecoming. Can she fix the mess she made or will she have to kiss her perfect match goodbye forever? 

How have I not read this book earlier? It did not take me long to fall in love with this book. MATCH ME IF YOU CAN is everything that I love about Young Adult books. One of the reasons why I finished the book so fast, I couldn’t put down, I needed to see how it would end. I had a feeling when Mia responded to Vince’s email that something would go wrong, and I knew that Robyn wouldn’t be happy about when she found out and I had feeling that she would at some point. I saw from start that there was connection and attraction between Mia and Logan than there was between Mia and Vince, but Mia seemed stubborn about that there was something between her and Logan. It was awkward between Vince and Mia from the moment that Vince asked her out, and I feel as only reason he did was because of the email. When the two of them were hanging out, it seemed awkward, but at least Vince tried but Mia, it was as if she didn’t want to try from the moment that the two of them started dating. I feel as if Mia was more herself around Logan then she was when she was with Vince. In my opinion, she wasn’t being fair to either of them. I was hoping that she would figure out who she wanted to be with, before someone got hurt.

Elena, she was one character that I had conflicted feelings about. One minute I liked her and then she did something and then I didn’t like her as much. I liked her in beginning, up until she wrote that article about Mia. I know that she was jealous, but what she did because she was jealous was not okay. Then assuming Mia was lying afterwards. Their fighting got to the point where I wondered if the two of them would ever be friends again. I was glad when Elena finally apologize to Mia, I understand why she did it but I felt that she should talked to her about how she was feeling, not writing article about her and then picking fights with her. Of course I cannot help but wonder if their friendship would ever be the same again. There was a lot of drama in MATCH ME IF YOU CAN but that’s what I loved about it, there wasn’t a single chapter, page when it didn’t have your attention. Even as I reach the end of the book, I was still thinking about the story, the characters. All of the characters felt real to me and the story in general felt realistic to me.

I was rooting for Logan and Mia from beginning. From start it was clear that there was something between the two of them, and I hoped that Mia would realize that it was Logan that she belonged with. This book is filled with emotions and you will go through all the emotions that Mia went in this book, I did. Plus it’s inspiring, once I read it, it had me wanting to work on the book that I am writing. If you love young adult, romance with some drama, be sure to check out MATCH ME IF YOU CAN. I already have feeling that TIANA SMITH will be an author I will read for years to come, I am eager to read her next book already.

Breathtaking, beautifully written debut.

Aug 24, 2019

The Chelsea Girls.

the Chelsea girls.
Fiona davis.

Publisher  Dutton.
Publication Date:July30,2019.
Genre: Historical Fiction.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|368.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.


From the dramatic redbrick facade to the sweeping staircase dripping with art, the Chelsea Hotel has long been New York City's creative oasis for the many artists, writers, musicians, actors, filmmakers, and poets who have called it home—a scene playwright Hazel Riley and actress Maxine Mead are determined to use to their advantage. Yet they soon discover that the greatest obstacle to putting up a show on Broadway has nothing to do with their art, and everything to do with politics. A Red scare is sweeping across America, and Senator Joseph McCarthy has started a witch hunt for Communists, with those in the entertainment industry in the crosshairs. As the pressure builds to name names, it is more than Hazel and Maxine's Broadway dreams that may suffer as they grapple with the terrible consequences, but also their livelihood, their friendship, and even their freedom.

Spanning from the 1940s to the 1960s, The Chelsea Girls deftly pulls back the curtain on the desperate political pressures of McCarthyism, the complicated bonds of female friendship, and the siren call of the uninhibited Chelsea Hotel. 

Outstanding, Delightful, Memorable, Captivating.

This story… A lot of emotions are going through me at this moment. THE CHELSEA GIRLS captivated me from start until the end. I came across the book on goodreads a few months earlier, the cover was what caught my attention and I was curious about it. Finding that it was historical fiction, I knew that I had to check out. My only regret is that I didn’t read it sooner. THE CHELSEA GIRLS was beautifully written and a story that will stay with you long after you finish it. I was thinking about it for some time afterwards. Maxine and Hazel were both wonderful characters and I loved reading their stories. It’s a story about friendship, betrayal. When Hazel first met Maxine, I felt as she wasn’t fond of her and I didn’t think that the two of them would end up best friends. I am glad that they did, and I felt that their friendship was something special, both Hazel and Maxine went through so much and I think that having each other, helped them through it. Once I found Maxine’s secret, which even I didn’t see coming, I hoped that Hazel never found out about out, knowing that it wouldn’t end well if she did. My heart broke of how their friendship came to end, though there was a part of me that hoped that they could reunite and that their friendship would go back to how it used to be.

THE CHELSEA GIRLS was the first book that I read by FIONA DAVIS and I have heard a lot of good things about the author, and now that I read her book, I know why. Now that I have read one of her books, I am eager to check the rest of her books out. THE CHELSEA GIRLS is mysterious as well and it has twists that even I didn’t see coming while I was reading it. I liked most of the characters, expect for Arthur and I feel as he was the one that broke her. I do wish that she got away from him, but at the same time I understood why she didn’t. Arthur was the one character that I couldn’t like what he did to Maxine and how he treated her, I was actually afraid for her. You will go through a lot of emotions while reading THE CHELSEA GIRLS . This was written about era that I didn’t read about before and I have read a lot of historical fiction. I felt as I learned a lot just from reading the book.

That ending, it was unexpected. I was in shock. Of course, I couldn’t help but wonder what happened to the characters after. THE CHELSEA GIRLS is a book that will have you thinking, and it will inspire you. It inspired me. If you are fan of historical fiction, theater that will have you on edge of your seat, pick up copy of THE CHELSEA GIRLS, you will be glad that you did.

Aug 21, 2019

What If It's Us.

what if it's us.
Adam silvera

Publisher  HarperTeen.
Publication Date: October 9,2018.
Genre: YA |LGBT| Contemporary Romance.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|448.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.


Arthur is only in New York for the summer, but if Broadway has taught him anything, it’s that the universe can deliver a showstopping romance when you least expect it.

Ben thinks the universe needs to mind its business. If the universe had his back, he wouldn’t be on his way to the post office carrying a box of his ex-boyfriend’s things.

But when Arthur and Ben meet-cute at the post office, what exactly does the universe have in store for them?

Maybe nothing. After all, they get separated.

Maybe everything. After all, they get reunited.

But what if they can’t quite nail a first date . . . or a second first date . . . or a third?

What if Arthur tries too hard to make it work . . . and Ben doesn’t try hard enough?

What if life really isn’t like a Broadway play?

But what if it is? 


Beautifully written. Extraordinary love story.

I have been hearing about this book ever since it came out. It has been on my to read list for a while. When I saw it when I was at library last time, I decided to check out. I am happy that I did, because it didn’t take me long to fall in love with the story. As I started to read it, I found myself wishing that I read it sooner. I have read books by ADAM SILVERA and BECKY ALBERTALLI previously and I loved them. I loved that the wrote this book together, and it was one of those love stories that you will think about afterwards, and think about the characters and what happens to them next. I have read few books in LGBT genre before, but I have never read a story like Arthur and Ben’s story, and it was one of the things that I loved about this one, it was different. I could tell from the moment that Ben and Arthur ran into each other at the post office; there was a connection between the two of them, even if the two of them just met. It hooked me right in. When the two of them went their separate ways, I wanted for them to find each other again, and I hoped that they would. I did wonder which one of them would take the first step in trying locating one another. I was rooting for the two of them, to reconnect. Once they did, I was smiling.

WHAT IF IT’S US was beautifully written, and the emotions in this book, they were real. Reading the emotions, I found myself feeling the emotions that both Arthur and Ben were feeling in the story. WHAT IF IT’S US is not a type of book were you won’t go through the emotions, and you will even after you reach the ending. I finished before work and I still cannot get out the story, the characters out of my mind. I had a feeling that it was going be a book that I would enjoy when I picked up, but I did not realize how much I was going to love it. I loved reading the story from both Arthur and Ben’s point of view and enjoyed learning about their friends, families. Having the story from both of their point of view fit the story so well, and that way I got to know each character so well. I think if I were asked which is my favorite, I wouldn’t be able to pick because I loved both of the characters. I thought it was unique that they kept calling their dates do over, and there were part of me that wonder if they would ever get to their second date. I do believe that they were destined to meet at that post office, to come into each other’s lives. That ending thought, I was kind hoping that the two of them would find their way to one another again. I am glad that they could still remain such close friends. Yet, I can’t help but wonder what happened afterwards, if they ever reunited. I am kind of hoping that they did.

I can go on about how much I loved this book. I know for fact that this is the book that I will come back to in the future. I hope that ADAM SILVERA and BECKY ALBERTALLI will write more books together in the future. I would highly recommend this book to any romance, LGBT and YA Fans. You will find yourself wishing that you read it sooner. A story that deserves a lot more than five stars.

Aug 20, 2019

Whisper To Me.

whisper to me.
nick lake.

Publisher  Bloomsbury Children's.
Publication Date:May 3,2016.
Genre: YA |Mental Health| Contemporary. 
Format|Pages: Hardcover|535.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.


Cassie is writing a letter to the boy whose heart she broke. She’s trying to explain why. Why she pushed him away. Why her father got so angry when he saw them together. Why she disappears some nights. Why she won’t let herself remember what happened that long-ago night on the boardwalk. Why she fell apart so completely.

Desperate for his forgiveness, she’s telling the whole story of the summer she nearly lost herself. She’s hoping he’ll understand as well as she now does how love—love for your family, love for that person who makes your heart beat faster, and love for yourself—can save you after all. 


Beautiful, heart aching, extraordinary story.

There is a lot I could say about this book, and you while experience a lot of different emotions while reading WHISPER TO ME . It’s a type of book that you will find yourself wondering how it will end, but at the same time don’t want it to end. When I came across the book at the library, I knew that it was going be intense, but I don’t think that even I realize how extreme it would get. There were times that I had to pause and think about what I read, and once I reached the end of the book, it was almost impossible for me to get the story out of my mind. I loved the way it was written, in a letter format, I thought that it was a great way to tell a story. You will get hooked from the first sentence, and you will wonder what happened, and how and why she broke his heart. Through the years I have read a lot of books about mental illness, but nothing like this. I feel as this was the most realistic one that I have read, at least so far. Once you read it, your emotions will be everywhere for a while. I couldn’t get it out of my mind, for a few days after I reached the ending.

Once Cassie started to hear a voice that wasn’t there, I knew that she was in trouble. I did wonder if Cassie had an actual mental illness, or if it was due to the traumatic experiences that she went through, like post-traumatic stress disorder. I cannot imagine having to go through what she went through, her mother’s death that she saw, then finding someone’s foot. To be honest, I don’t think that I would be able to handle it. I am not that surprised that she started to hear a voice. I do believe that the voice that she started hearing was her voice, the angry part of her. I think if I was in her situation, I would be terrified. I know that she did what voice told her because she believed it was real and that someone would get hurt if she didn’t do what the voice told her to. I do know that Cassie needed help, I was afraid that she would seriously hurt herself or someone that she loved, if she didn’t get help. Even her father realized before she did, that hearing a voice, talking to herself all time isn’t normal. I got so into this story, that there were couple nights that I ended up reading late without realizing it. WHISPER TO ME was intriguing.

WHISPER TO ME was the first book that I read by NICK LAKE and now that I have, I cannot wait to check the rest of his books. This book represents mental illness beautifully, and to me, it was realistic. I did feel as if this book was a bit too long, otherwise I couldn’t get enough of this story. I did wonder what happened after the ending, if he got her email and if he met her afterwards. You cannot to help but wonder what happens afterwards, after an ending like that one. I would highly recommend this book to everyone. Once you pick up, you won’t be able to put down, each page will have you craving for me. Be prepared for an emotional, and a thrilling ride.

Stealing Home.

stealing home.
becky wallace.

Publisher  Page Street Kids.
Publication Date:July 9,2019.
Genre: YA | Contemporary Romance.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|320.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.


Fight for your dreams, even if it means breaking a few rules.

Seventeen-year-old Ryan Russell has life perfectly planned. If she keeps up her hard work, one day she’ll take over the family business: owning the Buckley Beavers, a minor league baseball team, and become one of the only female General Managers in the sport.

But when the newest member of the Beavers, child-phenom Sawyer Campbell, shows up, Ryan’s carefully laid plans are thrown a major curveball. Sawyer is far more charming than the arrogant jocks she usually manages, his ambition rivals her own workaholic nature—and he’s completely out of bounds. Fraternizing is against every rule in the Beaver’s handbook.

Then Ryan’s divorced parents butt heads over the future of the Beavers, and her mom plans to sell her shares to a business group known for relocating teams. If this happens, Ryan’s dreams of becoming GM disappear. In a bid to save her future, she partners with Sawyer to use his star power to draw in sponsors who will keep the team in Buckley. But the more time she spends with him, the more impossible it becomes to play by the Beaver’s rules, and she can’t afford a strikeout on the path to her dreams.

Full count with two outs, Ryan’s one pitch away from losing the whole ball game. 


I had always loved books about sports, especially baseball. I had never played baseball but I am always watching it and a big fan of the game. I love reading books about baseball, and when I found that this book is about baseball, I knew that I had to check out. It was different from the other books that I read in the past that involved baseball, but it a good way. STEALING HOME was the type of book that didn’t take me long to get into the story, and there wasn’t anything that I didn’t love about this book. Baseball, romance, drama, family. All of those are everything that I love about YA. Once I started reading it, was hard for me to put the book down, and if it wasn’t for work, I wouldn’t have. There was something about this book, the way it was written and the story, the character that the more I read it, harder I fell in love with the story. I also love book about sports romance, I have a friend who writes those and I can’t get enough of them. STEALING HOME was the book that I am glad that I came across.

My favorite character, which is a hard one for me. I loved both Ryan and Sawyer, who were both unique in their own way. Ryan, you could tell how much she loved baseball and I couldn’t help but wonder how her mother didn’t see, how she didn’t see how passionate she was about running the team one day. I was sure that she would see it, when she would see how hard she was fighting to make sure that her mother wouldn’t sell her part of team. I loved how passionate Ryan was about the team, and how she tried to come up with ideas, to make sure that her mother didn’t sell the team. I was angry with Ryan’s mother, for not at least hearing her out. I don’t blame for Ryan being angry with her. I do admit that the ending did surprise me, but I feel that her mother finally realized how much the team meant to Ryan. I loved the relationship that Ryan has with her father, and how both of them worked together. Their relationship reminds me a lot of relationship with both of my parents.

Sawyer and Ryan, it was clear how much Sawyer cared about Ryan. Considering how he wanted to help her with trying to save the team, and the ideas that they both came up with. I think that the both of them made an amazing team. It didn’t take long for me to notice how the both of them felt about each other. I couldn’t help if Sawyer and Ryan would end up together, or if she would keep pushing Sawyer away due to her rule. I was sure that at some point she might push him away too much. I was rooting for both of them through the entire the book. Once I reached the ending, I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen next. STEALING HOME is a story that you will find yourself wondering about long after you reach the last page. I highly recommend this book to all YA, Sports and romance fans.

Aug 10, 2019

Wherever You Go ( Brookstone Brides, #2)

wherever you go.
Brookstone Brides, #2
 tracie peterson.

Publisher Bethany House Publishers.
Publication Date: June 4,2019.
Genre: Historical Romance| Western.
 Format|Pages: Hardcover|384.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.


Mary Reichert is one of the best sharpshooters in the country, and in the Brookstone Wild West Extravaganza her skills are on display in every performance. But unless the man responsible for her brother's death is brought to justice, Mary's fame and accomplishments seem hollow.

She feels helpless in the face of the murderer's money, power, and connections. The only bright spot in her days is the handsome journalist who keeps attending their shows. 


A Must Read.

I think that it’s safe to say, I am in love with this series. I didn’t finish it that long ago, and already craving for the next book in the series. I loved the first one, WHEN YOU ARE NEAR but I loved WHEREVER YOU GO even more and I am not sure if it’s just me, but felt like there were a lot more going on. I loved that it has a bit mystery added to it, one that kept reader wondering what was going to happen next. There wasn’t a moment in the book where it didn’t keep my attention. Just when I thought about putting it down, there was a major twist that I didn’t see coming, which made it harder to put the book down, when I had to. Especially everything that happened with Jason. I knew that he liked Lizzy, but I had no idea how far he would go to get her. What he had wasn’t love, it was obsession, and when he started come up with all those plans, I knew that he needed help. I actually worried for her, worried that he would hurt her, to get what he wanted. That was one of the twists that even I didn’t see coming. I love twists like that, because it makes you wonder as a reader, what will happen afterwards.

I loved Mary since she was mentioned in the first book, and I wanted to find more about her. I loved reading about the tricks that she did. I could picture it all, and I was amazed by her talent. I also felt bad for her, about her brother. I hope that she can find a way, to put her brother’s murders behind bars. It was clear from beginning, the attraction that was between Mary and Chris. I could tell just by the way that the two of them seemed to connect from the start. I do wish that Chris didn’t try to push her away, but I understand why he did. I cannot even imagine, having to live with that guilt all those years. I think having Wes as a friend helped me, who helped him accept god and understand why Chris was hesitant at first about it, considering everything that he went through. I could tell that Mary cared for Chris deeply, the way that she tried to help him, to have him open up at her. I did feel that sometimes she pushed a bit too much. I was rooting for two of them, I wanted for them to end up together. They deserved happiness, and I could tell how happy they were when they were together.

Now that I read these books, I know why a lot of people like TRACIE PETERSON and I cannot wait to read her other books. I am eager to read Ella’s story, who one of my favorites in WHAT COMES MY WAY , but not sure if I can wait until October to see what happens. I am kind of curious of what going happen to Jason, if they will find them. I love the covers in this books, they are so stunning. That’s what captured my attention in first place, the cover and the title is what made me want pick up the book and check out and I am so glad that I did. These books also wants me to read more western books. Do you enjoy historical fiction, with mix of western and some suspense? Check these books out, you won’t regret it. You will fall in love.


Story For Dessert Published @ 2014 by Ipietoon