Jul 30, 2018

I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter.

i am not your perfect Mexican daughter.
 Erika L. Sanchez.

Publisher  Knopf Books.
Publication Date: October 17,2017.
Genre:YA Fiction.
Format Reads.|Pages: Hardcover|344.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.


Perfect Mexican daughters do not go away to college. And they do not move out of their parents’ house after high school graduation. Perfect Mexican daughters never abandon their family.

But Julia is not your perfect Mexican daughter. That was Olga’s role.

Then a tragic accident on the busiest street in Chicago leaves Olga dead and Julia left behind to reassemble the shattered pieces of her family. And no one seems to acknowledge that Julia is broken, too. Instead, her mother seems to channel her grief into pointing out every possible way Julia has failed.

But it’s not long before Julia discovers that Olga might not have been as perfect as everyone thought. With the help of her best friend Lorena, and her first kiss, first love, first everything boyfriend Connor, Julia is determined to find out. Was Olga really what she seemed? Or was there more to her sister’s story? And either way, how can Julia even attempt to live up to a seemingly impossible ideal? 


A heartbreaking yet a gripping story about loss and grief.

I came across I AM NOT YOUR PEFECT MEXICAN DAUGHTER while I was at library, looking for a book to read. Both the title and the cover is what captured my attention first and I picked it up. I think that the cover itself captures the story of Julia, beautifully. The way she is looking out, as if she is trapped and doesn’t know what to do. Once I read the story, I know that is how Julia felt, trapped and reason that she wanted to go to college out of Chicago, because she needed escape. I can’t say that I don’t blame her. I wasn’t fond of how her mother, Ama tried to compare of how her sister, Olga did. It’s like as she tried to tell her that she was better than her. I could tell that in the beginning that she blamed Julia for her sister’s death. I understand that she was grieving but that’s not okay. I felt sorry for Ama, I did considering that she lost her child. A lot of times it was hard for me to like her due to how she treated her own daughter. Ama almost never gave her any breathing room, always critizing her, not listening to her. Ama wasn’t the only one who was grieving, Julia lost her sister too. Ama didn’t even seem to see how depressed Julia was until she end up in hospital. I know Julia didn’t make it easy on her by acting out. I do believe that she did that to get more attention and because she wanted to be heard, and she wanted more privacy. I don’t think I wouldn’t lasted as long as Julia had, I would gone crazy to wait that long to go to college.

The story was deep, and there were parts that were hard to read. However, that’s what grief is. I remember when my cousin and my best friend died suddenly, it was very hard for me. I know it’s bit different in Julia’s situation but at the same time, I knew the emotions she was going through. I believe that was one of reasons that she might wanted to find out what Olga was hiding. Maybe, but I am not too sure about that, it was closure for Julia. At least that is a feeling I got from reading the book. I AM NOT YOUR PERFECT MEXICAN DAUGHTER was filled with a lot of emotions. It was so well written that I felt as if I was going through the emotions along with Julia. Like her, I wanted to find out what Olga was hiding. I know that part of it had to do, was because she wanted for her parents to accept her for who she was. I know that she felt that her parents loved Olga more than they loved her. I feel like they were just grieving, but because Olga was so different, they didn’t know what to do with her. I do know they loved Julia too. I do wonder what they would think if they ever found out the truth about Olga, I feel like truth might destroyed them more. I think it’s the best if they never found out.

I AM NOT YOUR PEFECT MEXICAN DAUGHTER is a deep, emotional story. At the same time a story that you won’t be able to pull yourself from. A story that you will never forget. I didn’t. I am still finding myself thinking, what happened after? Once Julia went away to college? I can’t help but wonder what’s in store for Julia after. I just hope that she is finally happy.

Spectacular .

Jul 28, 2018

Taste Test.

taste test.
 kelly fiore stultz.

Publisher  Walker Children's
Publication Date: August 27,2013.
Genre:YA  Contemporary Romance.
Format Reads.|Pages: Hardcover|352.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.


If you can grill it, smoke it, or fry it, Nora Henderson knows all about it. She's been basting baby back ribs and pulling pork at her father's barbeque joint since she was tall enough to reach the counter. When she's accepted to Taste Test, a reality-television teen cooking competition, Nora can't wait to leave her humble hometown behind, even if it means saying good-bye to her dad and her best friend, Billy. Once she's on set, run-ins with her high-society roommate and the maddeningly handsome-not to mention talented-son of a famous chef, Christian Van Lorten, mean Nora must work even harder to prove herself. But as mysterious accidents plague the kitchen arena, protecting her heart from one annoyingly charming fellow contestant in particular becomes the least of her concerns. Someone is conducting real-life eliminations, and if Nora doesn't figure out who, she could be next to get chopped for good.

With romance and intrigue as delectable as the winning recipes included in the story, this debut novel will be devoured by all.


This was the first book I read by KELLY FIORE STULTZ and when I picked it up, I didn’t know what to expect. I love books about cooking, food and anything that involves cooking competitions, even watched few on TV. I love the fact that this was about teen cooking competition and I had a feeling that TASTE TEST would be a book which I would enjoy. It ended up being a book that I read in one day, and that was due to fact because I didn’t want to put the book back down, I wanted to see how the story would end. Of course I couldn’t help but wonder who would win. I felt like I was watching this on TV, watching all the characters cooking and I rooting for my favorite one, Nora. It’s not like I didn’t like other characters, but I felt as if Nora worked the hardest to show to judges and the other contestants that she has it what it takes. Nora worked so hard, and not once did she give up. Not after the accidents and not all the drama between her and Christian. I couldn’t help but root for her. I loved the unique names for the show, Taste Test it’s unlike anything I heard of before when it comes to food competitions. I got admit, while reading this book I started to get hungry just by reading what they were making, I could imagine it all.

Nora and Christian, the two of them didn’t seem to have a great start. Every time that the two of them started to get along, something got in their way. I believe that what made it more interesting and more realistic is that they didn’t like each other right away. I do wish that Nora realized how she felt and let Christian more before his accident. I understand why she didn’t, because if she let the feelings get in way, he would been a distraction and she might not done as well in the competition. I know that she was attracted to him, mostly the way she acted when he was around, or anytime that he flirted with another girl. Even her friends noticed it before she did. I know that Christian wasn’t always the nicest guy, but despite their drama he always seemed be there for her when she needed him. I know that the only reason they fought way they did, was because they liked each other, but didn’t want admit it at first, or possibly didn’t want everyone else to. I am curious what will happen with two of them after. I am curious about most of characters and wonder where they would be after the show ends. If they still end up chef’s sometime in the future.

There were few twists, few surprises through the book. However the one which was most surprising was fact that Gigi was the one responsible for all those accidents. Like Nora, I was sure that it was Holden Prescott. I was in shock. I had a feeling that Gigi was hiding something, just way that she became distant lately but that wasn’t what I expected. I liked her. After that, I wasn’t sure what to think. I know that her mother made her do it, but she could stopped after Angela’s accident, she could said no. One twist that I didn’t see coming in TASTE TEST . There is still part of me that doesn’t want to believe it. She could killed them all. I wonder what would happen to her now, and if Nora would ever be able forgive her. I know that I wouldn’t. I loved that about the book, the mystery, the suspense. Moment that accidents started to happen, I couldn’t help but wonder Why? and who is responsible. I love books with mystery, makes the book more interesting and keeps you on the edge of your seat. It’s why I read it in one day, just when I thought about putting down, KELLY FIORE STULTZ hooked me back in.

Astonishing, mysterious, unforgettable debut novel.

Jul 27, 2018

The Boyfriend Bracket.

the boyfriend bracket.
 kate evangelista.

Publisher  Swoon Reads.
Publication Date: June 19,2018.
Genre:YA  Contemporary Romance.
Format Reads.|Pages: Hardcover|240. 
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.


Stella has had a hopeless crush on Will, her older brother's best friend FOREVER, but now that Cam and Will have graduated and are going off to college, this year is her chance to really strike out on her own. Without her overprotective brother and his sidekick around to distract her, she can focus on having all the typical high school experiences that she's always dreamed of—starting with finding a boyfriend! With the help of her best friend Franklin, she comes up with the perfect plan to have a boyfriend by Christmas: The Boyfriend Bracket.

Or it seems like the perfect plan...right up until Will starts showing up again. How is she supposed to find the perfect boyfriend when none of her dates measure up to the one boy she can never have? 


THE BOYFRIEND BRACKET was a such cute story. It was easy book to read, and also a book that will hook you. I liked the idea of Boyfriend Bracket and wondered if it would actually work where Stella would be able to find a boyfriend, that liked her as much as she liked him. Most of all I was curious if Stella would be able to get through it without Will or Cam finding out. I knew that if her brother found out, it wouldn’t end well. Every page had me wondering, what would happen? Would she be able to get through it all? There is part of me that is curious who Stella might ended up with if it wasn’t for Will. I wonder if it would been Joey, out of all that she managed to go on dates, before it got interrupted, she seemed to like him the most. I can’t help but wonder, What if?

Will and Stella, I thought that their relationship was cute. Of course it felt like it wasn’t really a relationship at first, considering how they had to keep it a secret in the beginning. I know for fact that I wouldn’t be able to do it like Stella did. I wish that Stella talked to her brother, way she did before she even dated Will and maybe all of the drama could been avoided. I knew that they wouldn’t be able to hide it forever, it was in matter of time until Cam found out. There was part of me that wondered that for once he would actually be happy for Stella. I didn’t think he would react way that he did. I should expected from him considering how overproctive he was over Stella, especially when it came to guys she dated. It was clear to me, that Stella wasn’t like other girls to him, and I am sure he did that just to get his mind of Stella. He cared about her. He loved her. Way he was there when she needed him, supported her. He made her happy. I was smiling at the end, how could I not?

One character I had mixed feelings about was Cam. I understand that he promised his dad that he look out for. I’m pretty sure that what Cam was doing was not what he had in mind. I feel like he might taken that role too seriously. At same time, I thought it was cute how he was trying to protect his sister, making sure that she wouldn’t get hurt. Though a broken heart is not something you can protect from, even if you try. THE BOYFRIEND BRACKET is the first novel that I read by KATE EVANGELISTA and now that I have, I am eager to find out what other adventures she came up with.

Jul 25, 2018

Love Me, Love Me Not.

love me, love me not.
 s.m koz.

Publisher  Swoon Reads.
Publication Date: June 19,2018.
Genre:YA  Contemporary Romance.
Format Reads.|Pages: Hardcover|336. 
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.


When Hailey Brown is removed from her home and put into foster care, all she wants is a safe, comfortable place where she can finish school and move on with her life. It’s not easy adjusting to a new school and a new life, but Mr. and Mrs. Campbell and their teenage son, Brad, welcome Hailey with open arms.

As Hailey begins to adjust to her new life, she and Brad grow closer. For the first time, Hailey feels like she might have a real shot at a future. Soon, however, Hailey realizes her relationship with Brad has crossed the line from friendship into something more. But being with Brad would mean giving up the perfect life that Hailey has waited so long to have.

Can Hailey and Brad resist the feelings that are developing between them—or will they risk it all to be together? 


Such heartfelt story.

I wanted to read LOVE ME, LOVE ME NOT even before it came out. I remember reading the summary when it was selected on Swoon Reads and it sounded very interesting and there was part of me that wished that it was out already, so I can read it. This book was worth the wait, a story that should be read by everyone. It was an emotional a book, at least to me it felt like it was while I was reading it. I know that if I didn’t have to go back to work, I would finished it earlier than I had. I wanted to finish it, I needed to finish it, due to work I had limit myself to how much I could read at night. LOVE ME, LOVE ME NOT was the type of novel that didn’t have a good stopping point, usually one more chapter, turned to five, six more. S.M KOZ kept you on the edge of your seat, had you craving for more from beginning of story until then, and even there you wanted more. I did. I even wanted to go back and re -read it again despite fact that I just finished it. I wanted to know what’s to come with characters after, especially Hailey and Brad.

Brad and Hailey, it wasn’t hard to determine that there was something between the two of them from the start, an attraction. I feel like that it was one of the reasons that two of them got close so fast. I wondered how long it would take them to confess the feelings. I’m not surprised that Brad was the first one to confess him. Hailey was trying so hard to ignore it, and even deny it when her friends asked her if she liked him. I understand why she tried to deny it. He was her foster brother, and she didn’t want get kicked out of another placement. I know that they wouldn’t actually kick her out but I also know that they wouldn’t be that happy about it either. I thought that it was cute. How Brad tried to convince her how they should give it a try, and he even gave her time to think about it. It’s clear how much he cares about her. I was rooting for them, and I was waiting for her to see that Brad and her belong together. Hailey needed someone like him, especially with everything that she had to go through. The way her mom treated her, the way Chase treated her. Brad and Campbell’s was one positive thing in her life and just what she needed.

Chase and Michelle, the two people I couldn’t stand in this book. It was imposible to like them, even if you tried to. I hated how Michelle treated Hailey, and what she did. Chase was worse, he only wanted her for one thing it seemed liked, and always got her kicked out of foster placement. That’s called abuse. Not just that, but didn’t even seem to trust her. He wanted to be in control seemed like, which included where she was placed. Despite that, I never imagined that he do what he did at the end. I had a feeling that there was something dangerous about him, even Hailey seemed afraid of him at time. Even I didn’t seem that coming. He got what was coming for him. At least now, Hailey will finally be safe. It is horrible that she had go through that in the first place. Michelle, I never imagined her helping him, but at same time I didn’t think she realized how dangerous he was, until she saw Campbell’s house after break in. I just hope that she got the help that she needs.

Not only the story, the characters were amazing, but did you guys see the cover? Gorgeous. Even if you don’t know what story is about, the cover and the title itself will capture your attention enough to pick it up. I fell in love with LOVE ME, LOVE ME NOT and I finished it few hours ago, and yet I still can’t get out of my mind. S.M KOZ has an amazing talent and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

Jul 20, 2018

Broken Beautiful Hearts.

broken beautiful hearts.
 kami garcia.

Publisher  Imprint.
Publication Date: February 6,2018.
Genre:YA  Contemporary Romance.
Format Reads.|Pages: Hardcover|407.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.


Her heart has to break before it can open.

When star soccer player Peyton Rios receives an offer from her first-choice college, senior year starts off exactly as planned. But when Peyton uncovers her boyfriend’s dark secret, she confronts him—and finds herself falling down a flight of stairs. Peyton’s knee—and maybe her dream of going pro—is shattered. Everyone is talking: Was she pushed, or did she fall? Peyton knows the truth, even if no one believes her.

He has to let someone in before it’s too late.

With her future on the line, Peyton goes to stay with her uncle in a small Tennessee town to focus on her recovery. Dating is the last thing on her mind—until she meets sweet, sexy Owen Law.

But Peyton doesn’t trust her heart, especially when she senses that Owen is hiding something. When their secrets are finally exposed, Peyton has to decide if love is worth fighting for.

BROKEN BEAUTIFUL HEARTS … I’m not even positive if I can explain in words at this moment. I just finished reading the book and there is emotions going all through me right now. I knew it was going be emotional and intense novel when I read the description of the book. I did not realize how intense this book would be. It dealt with a heavy, hard subject. That is something that nobody should have to go through it. I can’t even imagine have to deal with something this scary, not without having a complete breakdown. It was hard book to read at times, I felt scared for Peyton, I was scared that if Reed found her, he would not take No for answer and possibly end up hurting her again. To me, it was one of most heartbreaking novels that I read this year. Despite the subject, I couldn’t seem to be able to put this book down. BROKEN BEAUTIFUL HEARTS always had something going on, every page, every chapter. There were times I spent hours reading it because I just couldn’t stop, even if I wanted to.

I loved Peyton, I felt horrible what she had to go through with Reed, which ended in her losing her best friend. Peyton was strong, she didn’t take him back like I know others would have. She knew that what Reed did was wrong. I do believe that she should at least put restraining order against him, but at the same time I understood why she didn’t. I was glad that she had her cousins, Cameron and Christian, Grace, Owen by her side. I am glad that Tess finally believed her, it horrible that having Reed hurt her is what took her to understand that he needs help. I knew that he did, from minute that he pushed her down the stairs and then convinced everyone that she fell down. I loved how Peyton wouldn’t give up on her knee, how hard she kept on training so she can play soccer again. I won’t lie, I was scared for Peyton when Reed showed up again and found out that he been spying on her all this time, it’s scary. I’m just glad that she at least told Grace ahead of time about Reed. I’m glad she was surrounded by people at the time, I was afraid of what he might done if she wasn’t. I think that the last few pages of book were the hardest to read.

Owen, of course I loved him from start. It’s not hard to see that there was attraction between Owen and Peyton from the start. Even if they had a slight conflict between two of them at beginning. I know that Peyton was attracted to him, but I also know reason she did not do anything sooner because of what happened with Reed. It’s not that she thought that Owen would hurt her, she was afraid. If something like that happened to me, it would be hard for me to get into relationship afterwards. It did not take long for me to see that she couldn’t fight those feelings anymore. I did have feeling that Owen was hiding something, based on way he acted sometimes but I never figured it be something so life threatening. I got attached to the characters and like Peyton, I was scared for Owen, especially when he wanted go fight Reed. I had feeling that it wouldn’t end well. I was glad and happy when Reed was arrested. I had feeling that things would be okay now. I was happy that two of them could finally be together.

I loved the twins, Cameron and Christian. For me, they made things a bit more fun between their jokes. I know that sometimes they got a bit overprotective over Peyton, but I know it’s because they were just trying look out for her. I know that’s why she was told about Owen’s condition because they didn’t want to see her get hurt. I love the bond that they created with Peyton. I think that she needed people like that and she needed someone who believe her. Despite how hard this book was to read at times, it was beautifully written and with so much emotion. KAMI GARCIA created another astonished story.

BROKEN BEAUTIFUL HEARTS is a story that every teen should read. It’s heavy subject but something that could happen to anyone. A story that will remain with you long after you reach the end.

It’s Extraordinary.

Jul 19, 2018

The Lovely Reckless.

the lovely reckless.
 kami garcia.

Publisher  Imprint.
Publication Date: October 4,2016.
Genre:YA  Contemporary Romance.
Format Reads.|Pages: Hardcover|384. 
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.


Seventeen-year-old Frankie Devereux would do anything to forget the past. Haunted by the memory of her boyfriend’s death, she lives her life by one dangerous rule: Nothing matters. At least, that’s what Frankie tells herself after a reckless mistake forces her to leave her privileged life in the Heights to move in with her dad—an undercover cop. She transfers to a public high school in the Downs, where fistfights don’t faze anyone and illegal street racing is more popular than football.

Marco Leone is the fastest street racer in the Downs. Tough, sexy, and hypnotic, he makes it impossible for Frankie to ignore him—and how he makes her feel. But the risks Marco takes for his family could have devastating consequences for them both. When Frankie discovers his secret, she has to make a choice. Will she let the pain of the past determine her future? Or will she risk what little she has left to follow her heart?


I loved this story. It was heart aching, suspenseful. A story that you won’t be able to put down, not until you reach the ending. From first page until last, I was on the edge of my seat, wanting to see what would happen next. I think that out of entire book, the ending was the most intense moment in the entire book. While I was reading, my heart was pounding and there was only one question that was on my mind, What’s going to happen? Will she be able to escape? I’m glad that she remembered who killed her boyfriend, but at the same time I was scared for her, having do what she didn’t want to, knowing what would happen if she didn’t. Frankie was smart and I was glad that she came up with plan, in a way an escape plan. I was scared for her though. Frankie, despite what she had to go through, she had courage and it also told me how much she loved Marco. I’m kind curious of what happened to her after, to both her and Marco.

I loved the relationship between Marco and Frankie, and I loved how hard Frankie tried to fight for it. That told so much, I could tell how much she loved him. They had unusual relationship, and I could see that there was attraction between the two of them from beginning. I saw that Frankie was attracted to him right away, even if she tried to deny it at first. I believe the reason that she tried to deny it is because of her boyfriend’s death, even if it has been few months she was still grieving his death. I can’t even imagine having watch your boyfriend getting beaten to death. She’s stronger that me, I don’t think that I would been able to handle it, to move past it. Not the way that she is. I know that Marco played a big part of that. I feel that she didn’t plan falling for him, and the more time that the two of them spend together, harder it was for to not fall for him. Once they kissed, I knew that both of them were in trouble after that. I hated how her father wouldn’t let her see him, I understand why he did but did not like how he did it. I loved fact that not once did Frankie give up. She even stop seeing him just so that her father would release him. If that’s not love that I am not sure what is. I loved the two of them together. I think in a way, both of them helped each other.

I read KAMI GARCIA before, when she wrote Beautiful Creatures series with MARGARET STOHL and I loved her them and when I came across the book, I knew that I had to read it. THE LOVELY RECKLESS was a beautiful novel about love, friendship, grief. I couldn’t get enough of this story. I’m still thinking about it. KAMI GARCIA hooked me into it, to the point that it was almost impossible for me to put it down. I can’t wait to see what adventures are in store for me. A must read. A story that deserves all the stars.

It’s magical.

Jul 14, 2018

The Brightsiders.

the brightsiders.
 jen wilde.

Publisher  Swoon Reads.
Publication Date: May 22,2018
Genre:YA  Contemporary Romance.
Format Reads.|Pages: Hardcover|336. 
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.


As a rock star drummer in the hit band The Brightsiders, Emmy King’s life should be perfect. But there’s nothing the paparazzi love more than watching a celebrity crash and burn. When a night of partying lands Emmy in hospital and her girlfriend in jail, she’s branded the latest tabloid train wreck.

Luckily, Emmy has her friends and bandmates, including the super-swoonworthy Alfie, to help her pick up the pieces of her life. She knows hooking up with a band member is exactly the kind of trouble she should be avoiding, and yet Emmy and Alfie Just. Keep. Kissing.

Will the inevitable fallout turn her into a clickbait scandal (again)? Or will she find the strength to stand on her own? 


I’m in love. This novel was…astonishing, heartbreaking, magical. Once I reached the end, I wanted to go back to beginning and re-read it again. I don’t think that there was anything about this book that I didn’t love. There are characters you can’t help but love (Expect few) the storyline that will hook you from the first page, to the last. I got to say Swoon Reads has some amazing writers, I had read few books and fell in love with most of them. I love the title, THE BRIGHTSIDERS which has such a nice ring to it, and the cover, I’m in love with the cover. I believe the cover itself and I love how the hair color is three different colors. I think that the cover fits the story perfectly. I have heard of the author before and THE BRIGHTSIDERS was the first book that I have read by JEN WILDE and now that I have, I can’t to wait to read the others that she written. I’m sure that they will be as amazing as this one.

I love Emmy and I felt bad, for what she had go through, what she had to deal with. I wanted to give her a big hug. If I were her friend I probably would have. I don’t think I hated a character in book like I hated Jessie and Emmy’s parents. They were controlling, abusive. Who takes video of her own child fighting with her girlfriend and sell it for money? It’s impossible to like them when they do something like that. It’s no wonder that Emmy left those months back, they don’t even treat her like a daughter. Jessie, she’s another story. I don’t even think she even loved her, she just said that to make a scene. I think that she mostly dated her because she was famous, I know that Emmy was right about that. The way she treated her, tried to control her and have Emmy feel bad about herself, that’s abuse right there. I was glad when Emmy finally coming to her senses and broke up with her, even if that did end how she thought that it would. Emmy’s parents and Jessie I don’t think I would be able to handle them way that Emmy did.

Emmy and Alfie, don’t you love that name? It’s unique in my opinion. I saw the bond between the two of them even before they started kissing, before they realized how the two of them feel about each other. The two of them had a special bond, he was always the first person that she went to when her parents were giving her hard time. The two of them could always count on each other. I love the friendship between the two of them. I had feeling that once they kissed that first time, things would change. It did not take to see how much the two of them cared for each other. Alfie was the one that Emmy needed, not Jessie. I noticed that when he was around, she was happy, he made her happy. I was rooting for two of them, and seeing when the two of them come to their senses and realize that they belong with each other. I loved the ending, it was amazing and I actually teared up reading it. I couldn’t get enough of two of them. They are what they needed, what they were missing in their life.

A beautiful story about love and friendship. You will fall in love. A story that you won’t forget.

The Way You Make Me Feel.

the way you make me feel
 maurene goo.

Publisher  Farrar,Straus and Gioroux.
Publication Date: May8,2018
Genre:YA  Contemporary Romance.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|336. 
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.


From the author of I Believe in a Thing Called Love, a laugh-out-loud story of love, new friendships, and one unique food truck.

Clara Shin lives for pranks and disruption. When she takes one joke too far, her dad sentences her to a summer working on his food truck, the KoBra, alongside her uptight classmate Rose Carver. Not the carefree summer Clara had imagined. But maybe Rose isn't so bad. Maybe the boy named Hamlet (yes, Hamlet) crushing on her is pretty cute. Maybe Clara actually feels invested in her dad’s business. What if taking this summer seriously means that Clara has to leave her old self behind?

I have been hearing a lot about this book, even before it came out. Plus isn’t the cover for THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL gorgeous? I fell in love with it when I saw it. I put it on hold at the library. Once I started to read it, I couldn’t stop and I think if it wasn’t for work, I wouldn’t have. It was funny, breathtaking. THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL is everything that I love about YA Contemporary books. I also think that the humor in this book, also made it more fun to read. Reading it, I wished that I had read it sooner that I had. I couldn’t seem to get enough of Clara, Rose and Hamlet’s story, I needed to see what would happen with them. There was also a part of me that didn’t want to reach the end, because I didn’t want it to end. It didn’t take me long to fall in love with the story, I was hooked only a few pages in. THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL is a type of story that once you start reading it, you feel as if you are part of story, at least that’s how I felt. The ending meant that I have to say goodbye to everyone and I didn’t want to do that, it felt as if I was saying goodbye to friends. I got attached to the characters, especially Clara.

The friendship between Rose and Clara was different, considering that the two of them started out as enemies. When they were told that they both had to work at KoBra truck together and I had a feeling that it couldn’t end well. When the two of them started fighting constantly, I never imagined that the two of them ending up as good friends as they ended up. I am glad that they did, I think that Clara needed someone like that. I think Rose did as well, and in way I do think that it helped Rose, working at the food truck and bonding with Clara. By middle of the book, you would never guess that the two of them used to dislike each other. Even after Clara took off to see her mother. I could see that Rose was happy to see her. I have a feeling that this friendship will go a long way. In way I can relate to Rose, since I have anxiety myself so when she got anxious, I knew how she was feeling because I been there. I think the one time she did and Clara was there, in way it helped her and it does help, having friends or someone around when it does happen.

Hamlet, first isn’t that a cool name? I think it is. You can’t help but love him from beginning, he seems to be such funny, happy guy. Even I could tell that he liked Clara, even before Rose told her. I think the way that he asked her out, was cutest way. I loved how happy he was anytime that he was around her. I know that Clara was hesitant about him at first, but I was hoping that a guy like Hamlet, you shouldn’t let him go. I believe that any girl would dream of someone like Hamlet. I found myself smiling most of time when Hamlet was around, when they were together. After finishing the book, I did wonder what’s in store for the two of them next, Rose too and Clara’s father. After finishing THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL you will find yourself thinking, and wondering of possibility what will happen with everyone after.

THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL was the first novel that I read by MAURENE GOO and now that I have, I can’t wait to read her others. Reading this one, it inspired me a lot and I actually wanted to work on my book afterwards and I did for while. I think that THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL is a book that everyone should read. I have feeling that it will be a book that I will end up re -reading multiple times.

Beautifully written.


Story For Dessert Published @ 2014 by Ipietoon