Jun 5, 2012

In Honor.

In Honor.
Jessi Kirby.
Publisher:Simon & Schuster.
Publication Date:May 8,2012.
Genre:YA Contemporary,Travel.
Format|Pages:E Book|240.
Challenge:Stand Alone.


Wow. Once again, Jessi Kirby took my breath away with her writing. You ever had books you had feeling you love? That is what In Honor & her debut, Moonglass did to me. I know this already, that she is going be one of authors I will keep reading. I felt like I could somehow relate to the novel, even though I didn’t lose anyone in army, I have friends in the army. This book was beautifully written. I enjoyed all adventures that Honor and Rusty came across on their trip. At each page, chapter, I found myself wanting to find what they will come across next. I look forward to Jessi Kirby’s next novel.

  Honor’s world comes crashing around her, when she finds out her brother Finn, died while on duty in Iraq. In her grief, loss of one person she looks up to, her future doesn’t look so bright anymore. Then, hours after his funeral, Honor receives his last, handwritten letter with a last request. Honor heads to California, to fulfill it. However, Honor doesn’t make it far, before she runs into Finn’s best friend, Rusty.

Against her wishes, to do this on her own, she ends up taking Rusty along with her. The two of them travel from Texas and all way to California, for Finn. Along the way, Rusty and Honor come across few obstacles, and find ways to share their los, over Finn. When shocking truth revealed towards end of trip, will they be able to handle it?

  I found myself enjoying In Honor, slightly more than Moonglass. To me, it seemed more powerful, more realistic. It was one of most emotional books I read. I found myself tearing up multiple times, especially when Honor would get upset, and I found myself distressed because Honor was one of my favorite characters in the book. I felt like I got to know Honor pretty well through the novel. I did feel bad for her, at time. Especially when Rusty was screaming at her, or bringing up her brother at most unexpected times. I did enjoy, the good memories that she remembered with Finn. Made me smile.

Wyatt, I loved that guy, it made me wish that all guys were like him. It also made me sad that Honor had to leave; it kind of made me wonder what could happened between them, if she did. I have a feeling that they could have something great. I could tell, that Wyatt truly cared about Honor, even if he knew her for short period of time. The way he took care of her, made sure she was okay after he found out that her brother died, way he looked and smiled at her. Way he held onto her hand when they went scuba diving, making sure she was all right down there too. Everything about relationship was sweet.

Rusty & Honor. First, I love both of their names, so unique. I had feeling that from moment he got into car, that this was going rough trip for them, considering that Rusty and Finn were no longer friends. Even though clearly he annoyed her, I knew she cared about him. So I wasn’t all that surprised that they kissed towards the end, what surprised me was when she told him she loved him at end, I think I was as surprised as Rusty was. I loved their relationship; I loved the fact that it was more of love/hate relationship, and saw way it progressed through the novel. Even though, Rusty wasn’t nicest towards Honor few times, I still liked him, enjoyed his attitude.

This book took my breath away, I had enjoyed it more than I expected to. Another amazing novel, by Jessi Kirby that I highly recommend, she has an amazing talent, a talent of writing,, keeping the reader’s attention through the entire book.


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