Mar 17, 2012

The Iron Daughter,Iron Fey, #2.

The Iron Daughter.
Julie Kagawa.
Publisher:Harlequin Teen.
Publication Date:July 27, 2010.
Genre:YA Fantasy, Adventure., Romance.
Series:Iron Fey,#2.


Wow, the Iron Daughter was amazing novel. Even thought I loved The Iron King, I thought that this book was even better, it was filled with more action, there was always something going on. Every page was a page turner, from the beginning of novel. I was on edge of my seat every page; I wanted to see what would happen with Meghan, Puck and Ash. I found myself rooting for characters.

Meghan Chase, a half fey of summer court, is prisoner to Winter Fey, Queen Mab. Only, what keeps Meghan going, is thinking of Prince Ash, that till he grows harsh towards her, abounded her. Then a tragedy strikes in Winter Court, causing a war between Winter & Summer court. Meghan is the only one, besides Ash who knows that Iron Fey is responsible, not Summer Court, but everyone refuses to believe her.

Meghan manages to escape winter court, with help of Winter Prince, and he promises to help her retrieve the Sector from Iron Fey, before going on his own. However, Meghan convinces Puck to help her, to set everything right. The two set out, to dangerous journey. Will they be able to reach Iron Fey in time? To stop the war between the courts.

This novel was more action filled. I think that it was one of reasons I found it more entertaining then The Iron King. Even in beginning, when Meghan was at winter court, where she was moping around for Ash, there was still suspense in the plot. I did think that Meghan was weak in beginning, as soon as Ash ditched, she seemed to lose all the courage she had in first book and just given up. Of course Ash, I wasn’t fond of him in beginning, way he treated her, even if I knew the reason he was doing it, I think he shouldn’t been that cruel. I wanted talk some sense, to both of them in those first few chapters.

I wasn’t surprised when Meghan figured out Puck’s feeling for her; I was only surprised that it took her that long to figure out. After all, Puck brought Meghan to Nevernever against his king’s orders, and then he went to Iron King with her, even I figured out by then, he was doing because he loved her. I was surprised when Puck kissed her and she actually enjoyed it, considering first time he tried to kiss her, she pulled away. I felt bad for Puck though, it must been tough loving someone who loved his enemy. Even though I’m Team Ash, I felt heartbroken for Puck when Meghan left him at end, to go after Ash. I’m hoping that possibly in next book, she find a way, to at least see him.

Ash kept surprised me, all through the novel. Most of novel, I was bit frustrated with him, for being so stubborn. That’s why it took me by surprise when he chooses Meghan over taking an Oath, promising never to see her again. I was positive that he would do it, especially considering fact how he kept telling that they could never be together, that they would always be enemies. I was as surprised as Meghan, Puck, the Queen, but happy at same time, especially when Meghan went after him. I am curious what’s going happen with them next, how Ash will adjust to Mortal life, and if they ever find their way back to Nevernever.

The Iron Daughter was thrilling read. Julie Kagawa has a way, of drawing you into the story, I felt as I was actually there, I love the fairy tale world she created. If you read The Iron King, I would recommend picking up copy of The Iron Daughter. I can’t wait till I read The Iron Queen, I want see what happens with everyone, especially with Meghan and Ash, and they are my favorites.


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