Mar 10, 2012

Vengeance, Transcend Times, #2.

Michelle Madow.
Publisher:Dreamscape Publishing.
Publication Date:December 6,2011.
Genre:YA Paranormal Romance,Historical Fiction.
Series:Transcend Times,#2.
Format|Pages:E Book|65.
Source: Michelle Madow sent me a copy, in exchange for review.


First, I wanted to thank Michelle Madow, for sending me copy, for review. Vengeance is a second novel in Michelle Madow’s Transcend Times Saga, told from Chelsea’s point of view. I loved Remembrance, the first book in series, and was excited for this one. This book was more of short story, but I enjoyed every part of it. I felt as I could relate with Chelsea after reading this book. All through the book, I kept on wondering what Chelsea would do, if she actually go through it. If I could rate this book more than five stars, I would.

 How far would you go to get revenge?
When Chelsea discovered that her ex boyfriend dumped her, to be with her longtime best friend Lizzie, she never felt more betrayed, crushed. All she wants to do now is find a way to get Drew back, make him realize that he made mistake, and get revenge. Then, Chelsea’s new friend, Shannon tells her that she can help her, help Chelsea set things right again.

However, Chelsea has her doubts when she’s told that she shared a past life with Drew, and the measures that she should take, in order to get everything way it was. Yet, she knows there is no other choice. How far is Chelsea willing to go? In order to get revenge?

 Vengeance was a great and enjoyable read. I’m not sure how others felt about Chelsea, but I had felt sympathetic for her after Drew dumped her. I actually knew where Chelsea was coming from, she wasn’t wrong about what she said to Lizzie, she did know how she felt about Drew. I enjoyed reading from her point of view, I felt as I got to know more about her, more about her feelings. Ever since Drew dumped her, it did keep me on wondering of how Chelsea was feeling. The first chapter, especially the beginning was heartbreaking for me; I could tell how heartbroken she was, and it actually made me angry at both Lizzie and Drew even if I like them both.

I was glad for Shannon reaching out to Chelsea in this book, especially after Chelsea lost Lizzie. I could tell even though she hated Lizzie for stealing Drew, she missed her. I could tell after the past between them was revealed, it must been really hard for her after everything that two of them been through. She even hesitated for moment when the revenge plan was made. It made me wonder if she actually change her mind right there, I was kind of hoping that she would.

There was one thing I didn’t agree in this book, is Chelsea’s actions. I know that she was hurt and angry, but I felt as she only thought about what she wanted, she didn’t think about the fact that this could possibly harm not only Lizzie but Drew. To me it felt as she only cared about herself, not about others and how this could affect them. The ending was intense; I didn’t actually think Chelsea would go through it because she didn’t believe in it.

I would recommend this book to everyone, this book is a must read. It will give readers a chance to get to know Chelsea better. I can't wait for the final book in series. I'm curious what will happen with everyone, especially with Chelsea, will her wish come true or will Drew end up with Lizzie? I have a feeling that it be as thrilling.


J. B. Kantt said...

I really want to read this series...the story behind how Ms. Madow got inspired to write Remembrance from Taylor Swift's song is so inspiring!

New follower!!! :)

Michelle Madow said...

Thank you for the awesome review! I"m so glad you enjoyed Vengeance :)

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