Feb 27, 2012

Charlotte's Web.

Charlotte's Web.
E.B White
Publisher:Harper & Publishers
Publication Date:June 15,1952.
Genre: Children's,Friendship.


Charlotte’s Web had always been one of my favorite books during childhood. My mom had read it to be when I was little and I read it once I learned how to read. I have read it in Russian the first time then once again when I learned English. However it had been few years since I have read the book. I did notice there were few slow parts in the books that I didn’t seem to notice when I read those years ago. Yet, I still love it as much as I had those years ago. I can see why so many children love this book. It has a lot of action within the book.
Charlotte’s Web tells a story about a Pig, Wilbur who gets rescued by girl, Fern when he’s about to get killed shortly after his birth because he’s smaller than the other pigs. Fern takes care of Wilbur, forming a special bond with him. After a while, Wilbur is relocated to her Uncle Zuckerman’s barn. Even thought Fern visits Wilbur at farm, as she gets older, her visits decrease and Wilbur starts to get lonely.

Eventually, Wilbur meets a grey spider, Charlotte who becomes his best friend. Charlotte is the one who ends up saving Wilbur from being killed, by writing messages in her web, which attracts attention from everyone all over, causing Wilbur to become famous

I loved the friendship between Wilbur and Charlotte from very beginning. I had feeling from their very first meeting that the two of them would have a special bond. The friendship that the two of them have is a true friendship. Considering what Charlotte does, in order to save Wilbur and the way that she’s always by his side when he gets upset. She was my favorite character and I did get pretty sad when she did eventually died.

Templeton, that’s another character that I enjoyed, mostly because he was so different from other characters and his attitude. The Stubborn attitude that he had. Yet, he was still willing to help Charlotte when she asked him too, even though he complained in beginning, he still came through for her, in the end.

I think this is very good book, for children and I even enjoyed it, after reading it again, after so many time. It shows a true meaning of a friendship.


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