Feb 25, 2012

Someone Like You.

Someone Like You.
Sarah Dessen
Publication Date:May 11,2004
Genre:YA Friendship,Family,Romance.


Someone Like You was a first novel that I read by Sarah Dessen . I have heard, read good reviews about Sarah and I could see why so many people like her. The novel was very well written, it had a lot of action and Drama but just the right amount of Drama, I can see myself reading rest of her books. This book had everything, friendship, family relationships, romance, and teenage pregnancy. There wasn’t a single moment in the book that was boring; I actually didn’t want the book to come to end. I found myself wanting to know what would happen with them in the future.

Scarlett & Halley are best friends and had always been there for one another. While Halley is away at Summer Camp, Scarlett calling her, telling her that her boyfriend Michael died in motorcycle accident and Halley instantly comes, to comfort her best friend. Not long after Michael’s death, Scarlett discovers that she’s pregnant with his child, and to everyone’s surprise she decides to keep the baby. Halley stands by Scarlett’s side, during her pregnancy.

During that time, Halley starts get to know Michael’s best friend Macon more and even though two of them are complete opposites, the two of them bond and eventually begin going out. However it’s not long before Macon starts pressuring her about sex, and for a while she pushes away but knowing if she keeps pushing him away, that she will lose him. Within time Halley realizes that she had fallen in love with him but she’s not too sure if he loves her way she loves him. But the more she hangs out with Macon, the more she begins to change. 

 Scarlett & Halley : I just loved their friendship, No matter what happened, they were always there for each other, even when they got into that fight, about Macon, Halley was there for Scarlett when she went into the labor. Halley was one of the people who stood by Scarlett’s side through the entire pregnancy and was the one who supported her decision of keeping the baby. I could tell that they cared about each other; I know reason that she warned Halley about Macon was because she didn’t want for her to get hurt, and Halley, she left camp early, just to come to Scarlett, because she asked her, because she needed her. Now that’s a real friendship that is the kind of friendship that could last a lifetime.

Halley & Macon : I loved the two of them together, mostly because I liked how the two of them were so different, yet they still ended up falling in love with each other. Even though I wasn’t too happy with Macon for pressuring with Halley about sex and I couldn’t blame her for breaking up with him after accident. However, I knew that he really cared about her; I just had the feeling, especially after that scene at the dance. I was kind of rooting for them to get back together but was disappointed when they didn’t. I like the fact that their relationship was kind of forbidden romance relationship, and it was unlike other relationships I read about in other books.

I was kind of hoping that Halley & her mom would reunite in some way. I was glad to see that Scarlett and her mom did in way, and I was happy to see she found Cameron, I wanted to see her happy again, I knew how heartbroken she was over Michael but I did wonder if Michael actually loved her way she loved him.I thought it was sweet way everyone came together during Scarlett's labor, i did not expect for everyone show up in waiting room. In general, I really enjoyed this novel


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