Apr 14, 2012

Never Have I Ever, Lying Game, #2

Never Have I Ever.
Sara Shepard.
Publication Date:August 2nd,2012.
Genre:YA Mystery.
Series:The Lying Game,#2.
Format|Pages:Hardcover| 309.


Never Have I Ever is a second book in The Lying Game Series and even thought enjoyed The Lying Game, but Never Have I Ever captured my attention more and was more appealing for me to read. The story was filled with more exploration and there was mystery through the entire book, even at the end. Each page kept me on edge of my seat, keeping me wondering what’s going to happen with Emma next, if she finally resolve the mystery.

Never Have I Ever , takes place where Lying Game left off. Emma Paxton, still pretending to be her twin sister, Sutton Mercer and digs deeper into mystery of her sister’s murder. With help of Ethan, the only one who is aware of her identity. However, the deeper she digs, the more secrets she discovers about Sutton, about her friends. Soon, Emma feels as someone is following her, watching her every move.

When Emma discovers about Sutton’s prank on train tracks, which lands Gabby in the hospital, pretty sure that Twitter twins are out for revenge, the twins become Emma’s number one suspects. Will Emma be able to prove that they killed Sutton? Before she’s next?

Sara Sheppard did it again, just when you think that you know who killer is, only to find out that it’s only the beginning. I was a 100 % sure that Twitter Twins were Sutton killers, especially after the flashback that Sutton had, after the train tracks prank, way that Lilli texted Sutton, telling her she kill her if anything was wrong with her sister. I felt anxious anytime twins were around Emma, especially when they offered her a ride, I found myself holding my breath, positive that they were going do something. I did not see the end result coming, prank didn’t even cross my mind, I thought that would be end for Emma.

I could see how much Emma’s character developed since last book. It seemed as if she was more determined in figuring out, who Sutton’s killer was, even as it got dangerous for her. I also noticed that Emma got much better at pretending of being Sutton and actually bonding not just with Sutton’s friends but Laurel as well, and how we got see more of Sutton’s home life then in the last book.

I’m happy for Emma and Ethan, I could tell that he cares for her and I am glad she found someone, who’s aware of her real identity, which she can come to when needed. I did want talk some sense into Emma when she rejected Ethan, saying it be complicated if they got into a relationship. If she liked him, then she wouldn’t care about that, even if she was pretending to be Sutton.

Now, the ending, Wow. It was intense, I didn’t see that coming, I didn’t expected Thayer to come back and I had a feeling that there was something not right about him, something dangerous. It left with such Cliffhanger, making me eager to read Two Truths And A Lie , wanting find out what happens next, where Thayer been this entire time.


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