Apr 21, 2012

The Iron Knight, Iron Fey, #4.

The Iron Knight.
Julie Kagawa.
Publisher:Harlequin Teen
Publication Date:October 26,2011
Genre:YA Fantasy,Romance,Adventure.
Series:Iron Fey,#4.


The Iron Knight was amazing end to Iron Fey series. I’m sad that it had reached its end but glad that I had discovered it, it was one of best series I have read, it had became one of my favorites and I see myself reading other Julie Kagawa books. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how much I would like this book since it’s from Ash’s point of view, but ended up loving as much as the other books in series. I felt like I got to know Ash even more and see how much he changed through the entire journey and besides Meghan, he been my favorite character. The ending made me smile, what an epic ending to amazing fairytale. This series is worth checking out; you won’t be able to put it down till the end.

  Ash, the prince of winter court, gave up everything for one girl, Meghan Chase, his title, his loyalty for court and his home. So that he could be with Meghan, but now she’s Iron Queen in Iron realm where Ash couldn’t go without getting sick. Only way that Ash can be with her is to get a soul, to become mortal.

With unwelcome company Puck, and Grimalkin, they set out to reach end of the world, to undergo series of tests, in order for him to get a mortal body and soul, tests that nobody had lived through before. But Ash will do anything to be with Megan, to keep his promise.

Out of all Iron Fey books, I believe that this one was most intense. It was filled with adventure and so much more challenges then the other novels. I saw how much Ash grew up just by reading The Iron Knight, how he changed from uncaring, cold prince of winter court to someone who would do anything to be with Meghan, even if that included becoming Mortal so he can be with her. All through his adventures, his tests I wanted for him to succeeded, I wanted for him to find his way to Meghan again.

I felt as I got to know Ash more, just by his thoughts, I was always curious what Ash was feeling. I was curious when Arielle came in picture again if he would still go through it or if he would stay with Ariella, way Meghan told him he should when they met through dream. I loved that scene between Ash and Meghan but I did feel sad for Ariella, I could tell that she still loved Ash. It made me cry when she sacrificed herself at end so Ash could get a soul.

I was glad to see Puck and Ash’s feud come to end, and as much as they denied it, I knew that they cared for one another. Just by the way they stood side by side on the journey; even if they had their moments and I was surprises that neither of them killed one another, I was sure by end of journey Puck or Ash would end up killing one another.

  Ending was epic, it made me smile and the fact that Ash wasn’t completely mortal was amazing. Perfect ending for them. Yet when I turned the last page, I was sad for it to come to end. Julie Kagawa created such magical world, even thought I know it wasn’t real to me it felt real, she brought it to life. I know that I am going miss the characters and reading about their adventures.


Rose VAcademy said...

Can't wait to read this one..I read Ash's letter to Megan and it was really beautiful..Jenia I'm following you..Pls follow back..

Jenia. said...

I did

Linny @ Linnys Literature said...

I read the first 3 books, but I still need to read the Summer's Crossing novella and this one. So I'm glad to see that you thought it was good, with even more action too! I was pretty wary about it being from Ash's perspective too, so good to know it didn't end up bothering you. Thanks for the review!

P.S. I'm a new follower here! *waves* I found you on GoodReads. :)

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