Jan 24, 2012


Claudia Gray.
Publisher:Harper Teen.
Publication Date: Septemeber 13,2011.
Genre:YA Fantasy,Romance,Historical.


Fateful was Incredible book. It took me only a day to read because I didn’t want put it down till I finished it. I actually want to read it for a while, from a moment I saw it at bookstore a while back but had no money to purchase it. I finally got it from library and it was one of the best books that I have read. I love most of characters, I love the storyline. I always was Interested with Titanic and I loved the fact that this took place on Titanic. What made it more interesting and fact that it had supernatural twist to it.

is retelling story of Titanic with supernatural twist. For years, Eighteen year old Tess has been a maid/ servant in Lisle’s household in England. However Tess always hopes for better life for herself, especially since Lisles; expect the daughter never treated her well. Tess sees her opportunity to start over when the Lisle’s head to New York on RMS Titanic, taking Tess with them. Tess knows that it her chance to start over, in America.

While on ship, Tess meets a first class passenger, Alec Marlowe who saves her life, before telling her to stay away from him. Tess feels an attraction to him right away, even know she knows that nothing can ever happen between the two of them. Soon, Tess finds out a terrible secret that Alec had been hiding and the reason he wants for her to stay away from him. Despite the danger, Tess and Alec end up falling in love with each other. However they have other dangers, Mikhail, whose part of Brotherhood is stalking Alec, trying get him to join and soon comes after Tess. Alec & Tess don’t realize that they will face even more danger before the voyage of Titanic is over.

This story was filled with romance, mystery and twist of Supernatural and it had a lot of action within the book, there wasn’t a single dull moment, in Fateful there was always something happening, some sort of action. Either something happening with the Wolves, Tess or Lisles. I loved Tess right from beginning, she seemed so determined to get a fresh start once she reached America, and she worked really hard for it as well. Of course I hated how Lisles treated her, it’s like they didn’t even consider her as a person. Every time they mistreated her, I seriously wanted to punch them.

Of course I loved the relationship between Alec and Tess. I wasn’t too fond of how he treated her in beginning but that’s before I found the secret, then I could understand that he was doing it, to protect Tess. I think it’s more interesting when there is some sort of tension, drama from beginning. Through the book, I could tell that his feelings for Tess grew stronger, even when he told her to stay away from him; I could tell that he couldn’t ignore his feelings for her. No matter what happened, he always seemed to be there for her. I was happy when Tess found him; I was hoping she would find someone who make her happy, smile. After everything she been through, she deserved happiness.

I was afraid, once ship started sinking, once Tess was ship that it would end tragically, as it did in the movie. For a while, I did think that Alec didn’t make it but I was glad for happy ending. I won’t lie, this book had made me cry on multiple occasions, it also made me angry, mostly at lisle’s treatment of Tess and Mikhail, I just wanted him to leave her alone. I would recommend this book for everyone. Once you pick up this book up, you won’t be able to put down. I couldn’t. It was really impressive book with amazing twist and that’s why it made different from all those other supernatural novels. It’s worth reading.


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