Jan 11, 2012

Soul Surfer.

Soul Surfer.
Bethany Hamilton.
Publication Date:October 5, 2004


I wanted to read Soul Surfer for a while, even since I heard that Bethany wrote a book about her experience. However I haven’t got a chance to, till summer 2011. From a moment I picked up the book, I didn’t want to put it down till I finished it.

Soul Surfertalks about experience Of Bethany Hamilton, A surfer till one day while she is in water; she gets attacked by Shark which causes her to lose an arm. However even after the attack, it’s about Bethany’s journey of getting back on board, to keep on going, with support of both her family and her friends.

This was one of most memorable books I have read. It takes courage to do what Bethany did, and write a book about it as well. I don’t think that I would be able to do what Bethany did, if something like that happened to me. I don’t think that I have as much courage as she did. The book was written with so much emotion, especially how she felt after she was attacked, while she was at the hospital. I could tell how hesitant she felt about getting back to surfing with one arm, the challenges she had overcome after she came home. I had a feeling that she might not got back to surfing if it wasn’t for her love of surfing and support of both her family and her friends.

I knew that if I was in her situation while shark attacked me, I would have panicked. I probably wouldn’t be able to swim back to shore, the way she did. I was actually surprised that the Shark didn’t come after her again, with all of that blood. This was very inspirational novel and I would recommend it for everyone, to read this novel. You won’t be disappointed.


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