Jan 27, 2012

You Know You Love Me, Gossip Girl, #2.

You Know You Love Me.
Cecily Von Ziegesar. 
Publisher:Little Brown & Company.
Publication Date:January 1, 2002.
Genre:YA Friendship,Romance.
Series:Gossip Girl,#2
Genre:YA Friendship,Romance.


Another great book. Gossip Girl turning out to be one of my favorite book series. I did however like You Know You Love Me bit more then I liked the first book, if I could give it more than 5 stars, I would. The second book seemed to have more action then the first one. It felt to me that I got to know more about the characters in this novel, especially about Blair. Even though she’s not the nicest one, I still love Blair in the book, especially after I found more about her in the book.

 You Know You Love Me Second book in Gossip Girl series, Blair’s seventeen birthday is coming up and she knows the one thing she needs and want, is Nate, plus getting into Yale. However her plans don’t go as planned when her mother announces that her wedding, to Cyrus Rose will take place on Blair’s birthday. Top of that Nate seems to have been ignoring her. Blair unaware that Nate had been spending all of his free time with a ninth grader, Jenny Humphrey. Meanwhile, it’s time for college interviews, Yale for Blair, Brown for Nate, Dan & Serena that doesn’t end up as well as hoped.

In this book, I kind of felt sorry for Blair, nothing was going as planned for her. First, the wedding, the interview and Nate ignoring her. I’m not fond of Nate in this book at all, I thought maybe he actually make it work with Blair this time but it seems as he doesn’t even care. I got a feeling if he cheated on Blair, Twice; it won’t be any different when he ends up with Jenny. I’m pretty sure that when Jenny finds out that he still was with Blair all this time he was with her, she won’t be happy with him. Yet, I’m curious what’s going happen with him and Jenny.

Dan, that’s another character I’m not too fond of, he seems too depressing and he is bit obsessive of Serena but that’s what makes the book interesting as well. I’m glad that he finally figures out that it’s Vanessa he needs to be, towards the ends. Wonder if the two of them would actually last. It did seem as two of them were pretty happy towards the end though.

Serena & Blair, I was happy to see them bonding towards the end of the book. I wanted for them to make up. I could tell that after everything that happened, way Blair treated Serena after she came back, they still got each other’s back. I was glad that Blair at least had Serena after what happened with Nate, someone to lean on. I wonder if two of them remain friends, wonder if Blair mention to Nate what she saw, if Nate will end up dumping Blair over Jenny, it did seem like he really liked her. I can’t wait to read the rest of books, to see what happen with everyone, if any of them will change, or stay the same and who will stay together, friends. This one series I’m glad I discovered.


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