Jan 29, 2012

How To Save A Life.

How To Save A Life.
Sara Zarr.
Publisher:Little Brown Books For Young Readers.
Publication Date:October 18, 2011.
Genre:YA Family, Friendship.


How to Save a Life was amazing and touching novel. I came across it while I was at library, getting some books. Actually the cover was what had attracted me first but after reading the description, I had the feeling that it’s kind of book I’ll love. I love books that deal with family, love, friendships. I was right, from moment I picked it up, I was finished within couple days. After this book, I’m planning on reading rest of Sara Zarr’s novels.

Jill’s life hasn’t been the same since her father’s death, she hasn’t been the same, she had distanced herself from her friends, telling them to leave her alone, and has strained relationship with her on and off boyfriend, Dylan. Jill is only months from graduation. When her mother announced that she’s adopting a baby, she’s completely against it. Especially when she finds that the baby’s mother will be staying with them till the baby arrives. Jill feel as if her mother is trying to replace her father with the baby, which makes her angry.

Mandy wants to get out of Omaha and comes to Denver, after arranging an open adoption with Robin, over the Internet. Mandy wanting a better life for her baby that she didn’t have and that she knows she can’t provide for her, but Robin can. When Mandy gets there, she realizes that her daughter doesn’t have the same feelings, and no matter what she does, Jill doesn’t seem to like her

This novel is set in two points of view, Jill’s & Mandy’s. Having the book in both of their point view’s, suits the story, that way we can see and feel what each girl is thinking. It took me a while to like Jill though. I understand that she’s still not over her father’s death but it like she only cares about what she wants, not her mother. I was pretty sure that half of time she didn’t even care how Mandy was feeling, how scared she was feeling; even when Dylan pointed it out to her. I would think that she would at least try to be nice to Mandy for her mother’s sake. As I read it, I was hoping that she would come to her senses, give Mandy a break. I hated the fact that one time she was nice to her was because she wanted to find more information about her. Of course I couldn’t really blame Jill, especially after I found that Mandy hasn’t been honest about some things, made me wonder what else she lied about, I would be curious too.

Mandy, even thought I wasn’t too fond of her when I found she lied, about some things. I also wasn’t too happy when she tried to leave, I think that she should at least tried to talk to Robin about what she was doing, or even possibly Jill. I was however glad that she found friendship with Dylan, few times I wondered if something more would happen between then till I realized how much he cared for Jill. I admired her for her strength thought; I don’t think I would be able do what she did if I was in her position. I would never be able to leave; actually I don’t think I could even give my baby away. I also admire how much she tried to earn Jill’s trust as well.

Dylan, now I think he was my favorite besides Ravi, His personality and just everything about him. Even though Jill treated him like crap since her father’s death, he was always there for her; I could tell that he really loved her. I wish Jill just let him in more and appreciated him more then she actually did. He was the only person who seemed to accept Mandy for who she was, not judge her even when he found that she planned on leaving, he helped her. The book was emotional most of way. I was surprised at end, I did not that see coming but I was glad that Mandy finally got the family, the Mother that she never had. I would recommend this book for everyone, this is a must
read. You won’t regret it.


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