Jan 5, 2012

The Lying Game.

The Lying Game.
Author:Sara Shepard.
Publication Date: December 7, 2010.
Genre:YA Mystery.

The Lying Game”, a story about two twins: a foster kid, Emma & Sutton. Emma stumbles across Sutton by accident when her foster brother shows a video of Sutton, being strangled. Afterwards, Emma gets curious, finding her and sending her a message and gets message back from Sutton or who she things is Sutton, and they set up a place to meet. However Sutton never shows up. It’s not till later that she learns of her sister’s murder, and she tries figure out what happened to her, who killed her while pretending to be Sutton.

This book started out a bit slow but then it picked up, and from that point on, there wasn’t a single moment that didn’t capture my attention. I seen few eposides of Lying Game show but after reading the book, I preferred the book so much more. Even though Sutton & Emma are twins, I loved the fact how both of them were so different. I wasn’t completely found of Sutton before she was killed, mostly because I disliked the way that she treated other people, but on the other hand, I loved her attitude. I was suspicious of her friends, especially of Charlotte; she always seemed to be around whenever Emma & Garrett were together. Madeline, I had a feeling that she was hiding something, that day they went to spa, after she left so quickly. I wasn’t really suspicious of Laurel, till the flashback, with necklace.

I thought it was pretty cool that they had Sutton in background, commenting and seeing how awful she was, to her friends, her sister. I think it made her realize that it was reason that any of her friends might wanted to kill her, because of way she treated others. I think that it was what made her change towards end of the book.

I loved the relationship between Ethan & Emma. I could tell that there was attraction between the two of them, especially when the two of them went to play tennis together and the way that Emma kept bumping into Ethan, I had a feeling that she did that on purpose. I hope that their relationship develops even more, now that he knows the truth.

I can’t wait to read the other books, I want see what happens next with everyone. I also want see who the killer is, and why he/ she killed Sutton. I wonder what happens with Emma once truth is revealed though. This book has a lot of mystery, action. It’s worth reading it.


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