Jan 3, 2012

The Pledge.

The Pledge.
Kimberly Derting.
Publisher:Margret K. Mceldery.
Publication Date: November 15, 2011.
Genre:YA Dystopian,Romance.
Series:The Pledge,#1

The Pledge was a first novel I read by Kimberly Derting, actually the cover was what had attracted my attention in first place. When I read the back, it was unlike any novel that I had read and somehow I had feeling that I was going to enjoy this novel. I ended up getting The Pledge for Christmas, from my brother. I wasn’t disappointed, this book even turned out better than I expected it to be. The storyline for The Pledge was unique, unlike other Dystopian novels that I read in past. I can’t wait to read next novel, to see what happens with Charlie next.
Seventeen year old Charlaina Charlie, who lives in Kindom Ludania that is ruled by cruel, strict Queen. All of the people are divided by classes and languages they speak. Understanding, and even looking the higher class, will result in death. Charlie has a secret, the secret that she kept hidden most of her life, the fact that she can understand all of the languages. She must never let anyone find that she can understand.

Then Charlie attracts attention of newcomer, Max at the club, when she hears him speaking a language that she had never heard anyone else speak. Soon Charlie senses that Max knows that she understands his language, and she tries to stay away from him even though she knows there’s an attraction between them. She’s afraid if she gets close to him, her secret will be revealed. The more time the two of them spend together, the stronger her attraction grows to him

I had actually heard about this book for someone on Facebook, and I was glad that I did. From the moment I picked up the book, read the first page, I was hooked. I loved Charlie right from the beginning, I felt bad at her at times when she had pretend not to understand the language, I could feel that she wanted to say something when they were insulting her, and her friends. I think that I wouldn’t be able just stand there and not say anything, I would have to say something. I was curious and at same surprised how Max figured out so fast that she could understand his language. I was wondering, from beginning, how long Charlie would actually be able to keep it a secret, of course I was glad that it was Max who discovered and not someone else, who would get her killed instead.

Relationship between Max and Charlie was special; I could tell it right from the moment that two of them met at the Club. I knew that he cared for her deeply, otherwise he would turn her in from moment that he found that she could understand other language, but instead he wanted to protect her. It was obvious, especially after the attack when he neglected his duties, till he was sure that she and her sister Angelina were safe. I wanted to talk some sense into Charlie, tell her it doesn’t matter that he knew her secret; it was obvious he cared about her. I was as surprised as Charlie was thought when I found Max was royalty; I did not see that coming.

I loved relationship between Charlie & Angelina; it was obvious that Angelina looked up to Charlie. I loved fact how much Charlie cared about her sister, how she wanted to make sure that she was safe first, Angelina came first to her, and how she could understand her even though she didn’t talk. It did make me wonder if Angelina would speak or remain silent through the entire book. The ending made me want for more, see what would happen next with Charlie, Max. How Charlie would handle being the Queen. After reading this book, I definitely plan on reading rest of her novels.


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