Jan 3, 2012


Author:Laurie Halse Anderson.
Publication Date:April 1, 2001.
Genre:Young Adult/Realistic Fiction.

"Speak" is a novel of a rape victim, Melinda who becomes sudden outcast after she calls police on the party. Nobody is aware the real reason that she called police, to begin with. Once Melinda starts high school, she refuses to talk to anyone, she just keeps things to herself. Her only escape is the art class that she takes upon entering high school.

I first read this book back in 2006 in High School for my English Class, that was the book that we were reading and discussing. I got into the book from very begnning and i would finished it faster if it wasn't for other homework. I was the first one out of everyone in class to finish it though. Laurie Henderson did an amazing job with this novel, i can see how it became so popular. Writing it from Melinda's point of view, i could actually feel, imagine what Melinda was feeling and the writing style in general was unnique.

I was not happy with her new found friend, when she just ditched her for popular girls. That's not what friends are for, that's not what real friends do. Real friends try to help one another, not bail on them when they are depressed.

I loved her friendship with her art teacher from very begnning. In way, i think art was one of things that helped her deal with this more, especially considiring fact that Melinda had no friends. I could tell that her art teacher was the one person, the one adult who seemed to care about her, feel concerned for her.

This is one of my favorite books. I have read if few times and i see myself reading it few more times, it's one of those books that will keep you on reading every time.


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