Jan 26, 2012

Remembrance, Transcend Time, #1.

Michelle Madow
Publisher:Dreamscape Publishing.
Publication Date:July 25,2011
Genre:Ya Fantasy,Romance, Historical.
Series:Transcend Time,#1


Remembrance was an amazing debut novel by Michelle Madow. I had first discovered the novel when I came across the author where it stated that her novel was inspired by Taylor Swift’s music video “Love Story”, I knew that I had to read it and the description sounded really interesting. I finally purchased the book in January and I wasn’t disappointed. The book drew me in from very first page. Part of me didn’t want it to end but another part of didn’t want to put down. Michelle made the story come to life.

Remembrance tells a story about a high school student, Lizzie Davenport whose life changes when she meets Drew Carmichael. From the moment that Lizzie meets him, something happens to her and she feel an instant connection to him, having feeling as if she had met him somewhere before. However, anytime she tries talking to him, he makes it clear that he wants nothing to do with her. However, he seems to know more about her than anyone else.

Things start to get more complicated when Drew starts dating her best friend, Chelsea. Lizzie can’t seem thinking about Drew, and the more cold he acts towards her, the more her heart seems to break. When Lizzie starts to get flashes of her and Drew in Regency Era, England, she starts to get confused. Causing her to realize that maybe she was given another chance and that her and Drew belong together, now how she get for Drew to see that?

I loved Lizzie from very beginning, and having story from her point of view worked very well. I could actually imagine what she was feeling, especially when she started getting all those confusing feelings about Drew. I did feel sorry for Lizzie though, mostly because the way both Drew & Jeremy treated her. It seemed as people were hurting over again and it seemed as some people were trying to make decisions for her. When Lizzie broke up with Jeremy, it seems as if Chelsea wouldn’t give up till they got back together, it seemed as nobody wanted to listen to her reasoning.

Drew, in beginning I wasn’t too fond of his character but it was mostly because the way he treated Lizzie. Of course that’s what made the story more interesting when there is some sort of conflict between the characters. I could see his mixed feelings for Lizzie through the story. I knew for fact that he cared for her when he showed up at Halloween dance and instead going for Chelsea, he went for Lizzie. I loved that scene, the dance scene between Lizzie and Drew, there was so much emotion there, and Michelle described that scene very well. I was hoping that after that scene Drew would come to his senses.

I loved Lizzie’s drawings, and the masks. The way that Michelle described them, I could actually picture them. I loved how she mentioned Pride & Prejudice in the book, and I could see how in way it fit with what was going on with Lizzie and her feelings. I think what Chelsea did with Drew was wrong in my opinion; I think she should just talked to Lizzie about it, instead of hurting her. I could see why she did it though, she was hurt and I could tell when towards the end, when they were talking about him that she really cared about him. I just wish the two of them worked it out. I’m kind of hope that they do work it out in the next couple books.

The ending was extreme, I was afraid that Lizzie was going to die. I was glad when she found a solution, even though she knew it would hurt Jeremy in the end. I loved the very ending, glad that Drew & Lizzie finally got to be together. I can’t wait for the next book. I want see what happens with Drew & Lizzie. I’m also interested to see what happens with Chelsea and Jeremy as well, if they find a way to work things out, or not.

I can see myself reading this book multiple time. Michelle has a bring career ahead or her, and she’s a complete sweetheart as well, with a lot of talent. This book, she actually inspired me to finish my own book I been writing. This is one of best love stories I have read, I would recommend it to everyone. You won’t regret it.


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