Jan 1, 2012

Three Weeks With My Brother.

Three Weeks With My Brother.
Author:Nicholas & Michan Sparks.
Publication Date: January 3, 2006.
Genre:Memoir / Family / Travel.

Nicholas Sparks has been my favorite author from moment I read “A Walk to Remember” back in 2003. I had been wanting read “Three Weeks with My Brother” for a while now; I wanted to find out more about one of my favorite authors, about his life. Once again, Nicholas didn’t disappoint me and I had learned much more about Nicholas. From the moment that I picked up this memoir, it was hard for me to put it back down. I wanted to see what was going to happen next, where he and his brother would travel next. I was also curious how he got into writing to begin with. I knew that he and Micah were only survivors from family but I had no idea how they died.

Honestly, I thought that this book was going be about him and his brother traveling world in three weeks but it was so much more. This memoir was both adventurous; I loved reading about where they traveled. However this memoir was really emotional, it seemed as he went through a lot of bad things, the death of his parents, sister and diagnosis for his son, Ryan. I loved his relationship with his brother, even though they had their downs through the years; they always were there for one another. I also loved his dedication, both his and Cathy’s when their son got diagnosed, the way he worked with him, never giving up on him. The way he was always there for his sister, him and his brother both when she got sick. I loved the way book was written as well, in present tense and the past tense. I loved looking at all the pictures in book through the years of Sparks guys growing up.

This book made me cry quite few times. The death of his parents, sister, reminded death of people in my family who I been close to. It also reminded me to appreciate the people I have now in my life, that anything can happen. I loved learning process of writing of his books and I thought it was really sweet and sad at same time that he wrote Walk To Remember, for dedication of his sister. I would recommend this book to all Nicholas Sparks fans and even if you haven’t read any of his books, I highly recommend this one. It’s worth it.


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