Jan 22, 2012

Haunting Violet.

Haunting Violet.
Alyxandra Harvey.
Publisher:Walker Children's.
Publication Date:June 21, 2011.
Genre:Paranormal Mystery,Historical.


Haunting Violet was an amazing book. The cover of the book is what made me pick the book; it seemed like the sort of novel I would enjoy. I was right; the book hooked me from first page. It has everything from ghosts, to mediums, to murder mystery, plus historic fiction added too, it just the sort of books I love. I fell in love with every character in book, especially Violet & Colin, I also loved Elizabeth. Every page made me wonder what is going come next. Haunting Violet was first novel I read by Alyxandra Harvey and won’t be last one; I plan to read rest of her novels.

 Sixteen year old Violet, a daughter of famous Medium, Celeste Willoughby but only Violet and her mother’s assistant and Violet’s friend Colin aware of the truth, that she’s a fraud, only doing it for the money. Especially since Violet & Colin been helping her with fraud from an early age. Violet was never the one to believe in Spirits, Ghosts till one day she sees a ghost, Rowena who had drowned the year before. However, Violet knows that is not the case, when she sees the bruises around her throat and on her wrists. At first, Violet tries to ignore her but when Rowena clearly won’t leave her alone, she goes to investigate.

Violet knows it’s best to keep her ability a secret, especially from her mother. As Violet begins to investigate, she starts to suspect that something is being hidden from her. Especially once she finds from Rowena that the killer is still alive. However, the more that Violet investigates, the more danger she seems to put herself in. Violet knows that she has find the murderer soon before he strikes again.

First, I loved the fact that this took place during Victorian time; I was always into historical fiction novels. Of course I loved the clothes that were described in the novel, I could actually imagine them. It was interesting reading about the way the fraud took place; how they did it and way that they did it, to make it others to believe that they were actually seeing sprits of their loved ones. I was actually surprised that they were able to pull it off for so many years. I’m pretty sure that they would be able to pull it off longer if Violet didn’t get distracted by Rowena that day. I hated the way Celeste treated her own daughter, it felt as she cared about herself, about the money then about her own daughter. I wanted to seriously punch her when she hit Violet, who does that to their own daughter? That why I didn’t even feel sorry for her when she got caught.

I Loved Colin and the relationship between him & Violet. I could tell that he really cared about her and that she did as well. It seemed as he was the one person who always seem be able to make her smile, no matter what. He always looked out for her, made sure she was all right. Colin was the one who came to her rescue when her mother hit her. Part of me wished that he would just punch her right there. The way he protected her, it made me smile, he was the only one who seemed to be always there for her. Even Xavier ditched her once her mother got caught; he seemed more concerned about his family status then her. I was happy when the two of them finally came to their senses and got together. The way two of them looked at each other, from moment they kissed the first time, I knew Colin was the one for Violet.

I was surprised to find Rowena’s killer was her own uncle. I was also afraid that he would actually kill Violet, he was really close. I was glad when Rowena helped her out. I thought having Violet be Rowena and seeing part of Rowena’s life as she was her during her investigation put a really interesting twist , and in way helped Violet with the investigation. I would recommend this to everyone, especially if you are into mystery, ghost and historical fiction. If I could give this book more than 5 stars, I would. I loved everything about it and can see myself reading it again.


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