Jan 3, 2012

Falling Home.

Falling Home.
Author:Karen White.
Publisher:NAL Trade.
Publication Date: November 2, 2010.
Genre:Romance /Family.

"Falling Home" is second Karen White Novel i read and i loved it. It got hard for me to put the novel down.
Cassie Madison had lived the past 15 years in Mannhatan, establishing new life and advertising with her fiancee, Andrew. Cassie hasn't spoken with her younger sister, Harriet since she ran off and married guy she loved, Joe. Till she gets a call from Harriet middle of the night informing that their father is dying. Forcing Casey to return to Walton, Georgia after years of absence. There she meets up with her childhood friend, Sam Parker who is nothing like he used to. Cassie Inherits the house which she hopes to sell soon, in hopes of returning back home to her fiancee. However, Sam and Harriet think that she should stay, that Walton is where she belongs.

Karen White did an amazing job. I loved the fact how she wrote the book in diffrent point of view. It didn't have a single moment where the book didn't capture my attention, the moment that i picked up the book, i didn't want to put it back down again. I fell in love with characters, especially Cassie, Sam & Harriet. The realthionship between Harriet & Cassie had so much tension in begnning, i could see that in begnning Cassie still haven't completly forgiven Harriet for taking the love of her life, away from her. As Novel progressed, especially when Harriet got sick, i saw the sisters getting closer and closer, especially when they started going through their father things.

I loved the realthionship between Sam & Cassie as well. I could tell that there was an attraction as well as tension between the two of them from very begnning. I was hoping that the two of them would get together, soon. I wasn't too fond of Andrew, i could tell that he wasn't the guy for her, from the moment he came to Georgia. All he seemed to care about was work, he didn't even try to comfort her after her father's death. Work seemed more important to him then Cassie, her hapiness.

This novel made me sad, it hit close to home. My grandma got diagnosed with breast cancer when i was 11 and died when i was 16. When Harriet died, it reminded me of my grandma and it made me cry, both for my grandma and because i loved Harriet. It was an emotional novel from begnning but there were also parts that made me smile. I recomend this novel to everyone. You won't be disspointed.


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