Jan 11, 2012

Bite Club, Morganville Vampires, #10.

Bite Club
Rachel Caine.
Publisher:NAL Hardcover.
Publication Date:May 3,2011
Genre:YA Paranormal Romance|Fantasy
Series:Morganville Vampires, #10


"Bite Club", the 10th novel in Morganville Vampires starts with guys finding out about the new gym opening, which is Vampire owned. Shane gets excited when he learns that that gym also offers Martial Arts classes, while Michael doesn't think its such good idea. Shane loves the idea of fighting vampires, it something that he been wanted to do for a very long time, ever since his sister and mother's death. However the more time he spends there, the angrier he seems to get and not just with any vampires but even with Eve and his girlfriend, Claire. Shane ends up signing up for fight, in front of live audience when he's offered money and a way out, of Morganville. The Sudden change in Shane's attitude causes Claire and her friends to investigate what is going on.

I got say, out of all Morganville books that I have read so far; this is one of my favorites. I loved that this book was both from Claire & Shane's point of view. However, I could tell even from beginning that this book was mostly about Shane, I loved that because he's one of my favorite characters. I loved to see what he was thinking, especially when he was fighting. At times, I did pound some sense into him, especially when he started picking fights with his friends and Claire. When Shane & Claire had that big fight, I even got a little sad, for Claire, I could actually feel how she was feeling and they are my favorite couple in series as well.

I could tell through this book that Claire would do anything for Shane. Even thought Shane was an ass to Claire, most of the book, I knew that he loved her. Mostly because I knew he wasn't doing just for the money but for Claire, so that he could take her with him and get her out from Morganville, not like I couldn't blame. I was glad that Michael & Eve finally tied the knot, but I kind of knew that it was coming, eventually. The ending, I LOVED the ending, it was so sweet, and I loved that scene between Shane & Claire. I was actually happy when Claire gave up MIT for Shane, but I had feeling that she would have anyways. Out of all the endings through the series, this was my favorites. If you
into paranormal, vampires, as well as action, I would recommend this book. Once you pick it up, you won't be available to put back down. I can't wait to read the next book in series.


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